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Sealey IR3000 Instructions
Sealey IR3000 Instructions

Sealey IR3000 Instructions

Short wave infraredpanel?dryer


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thank you for purchasing a sealey product. manufactured to a high standard this product will, if used according to these instructions
and properly maintained, give you years of trouble free performance.
IMPORTANT: PLEAsE rEAd thEsE instrUCtions CArEfULLY. notE thE sAfE oPErAtionAL rEQUirEMEnts, WArninGs And CAUtions. UsE
thE ProdUCt CorrECtLY And With CArE for thE PUrPosE for WhiCh it is intEndEd. fAiLUrE to do so MAY CAUsE
dAMAGE And/or PErsonAL inJUrY And WiLL inVALidAtE thE WArrAntY. PLEAsE KEEP instrUCtions sAfE for fUtUrE UsE.
1. sAfEtY instrUCtions
 WArninG! It is the responsibility of the owner and the operator to read, understand and comply with the following:
You must check all electrical products, before use, to ensure that they are safe. You must inspect power cables, plugs, sockets and any other con-
nectors for wear or damage. You must ensure that the risk of electric shock is minimised by the installation of appropriate safety devices. A
residual current circuit Breaker (rccB) should be incorporated in the main distribution board. We also recommend that a residual current
device (rcd) is used. It is particularly important to use an rcd with portable products that are plugged into a supply which is not protected by
an rccB. If in any doubt consult a qualified electrician. You may obtain a residual current device by contacting your sealey dealer.
You must also read and understand the following instructions concerning electrical safety.
1.1.1. the Electricity at Work Act 1989 requires all portable electrical appliances, if used on business premises, to be tested by a qualified
electrician, using a Portable Appliance tester (PAt), at least once a year.
1.1.2. the health & safety at Work Act 1974 makes owners of electrical appliances responsible for the safe condition of those appliances
and the safety of the appliance operators. if in any doubt about electrical safety, contact a qualified electrician.
1.1.3. ensure that the insulation on all cables and on the appliance is safe before connecting it to the power supply. see 1.1.1. and 1.1.2. and
use a Portable Appliance tester.
1.1.4. ensure that cables are always protected against short circuit and overload.
1.1.5. regularly inspect power supply cables and plugs for wear or damage and check all
connections to ensure that none is loose.
1.1.6. important: ensure that the voltage marked on the appliance matches the power supply
to be used and that the plug is fitted with the correct fuse - see fuse rating at right.
1.1.7. do not pull or carry the appliance by the power cable.
1.1.8. do not pull the plug from the socket by the cable.
1.1.9. do not use worn or damaged cables, plugs or connectors. Immediately have any faulty
item repaired or replaced by a qualified electrician. When an AstA/Bs approved uK
3 pin plug is damaged, cut the cable just above the plug and dispose of the plug safely.
fit a new plug according to the following instructions (uK only).
a) Connect the GrEEn/YELLoW earth wire to the earth terminal 'E'.
b) Connect the BroWn live wire to the live terminal 'L'.
c) Connect the BLUE neutral wire to the neutral terminal 'n'.
d) After wiring, check that there are no bare wires, that all wires have been correctly
connected, that the cable outer insulation extends beyond the cable restraint and that the restraint is tight.
double insulated products, which are always marked with this symbol
to rewire, connect the wires as indicated above - do not connect either wire to the earth terminal.
1.1.10. If an extension reel is used it should be fully unwound before connection. A reel with an rcd fitted is preferred since any appliance
plugged into it will be protected. the cable core section is important and should be at least 2.5m².
GEnErAL sAfEtY instrUCtions
 WARNING! If a fuse blows, identify and rectify the fault, ensure it is replaced with a fuse of identical type and rating.
 WARNING! Ensure there is nobody in front of the lamp when it is switched on.
disconnect the panel dryer from the power supply before servicing, changing accessories, or
performing any maintenance.
ensure that the panel dryer is in good condition before use. If in any doubt do not use the unit
and contact an electrician.
familiarise yourself with the application and limitations of the panel dryer.
check that lamp guards are in place, undamaged and firmly attached.
Keep tools and other items away from the panel dryer when it is in use.
Keep the work area clean and clear of unnecessary items.
remember that the lamp panel will get hot, allow to cool after use.
 maintain the panel dryer in good condition. use authorised agent for servicing.
 Keep the dryer clean, but do not use solvents.
 use only genuine parts and accessories. Unauthorised parts and accessories may be
dangerous and will invalidate your warranty.
do not use this product to perform a task for which it has not been designed.
do not use the panel dryer outdoors, or in damp, or wet locations, and do not operate within
the vicinity of flammable liquids, gases or solids.
 WARNING! Never use in explosive situations.
Keep children and unauthorised persons away from the work area.
When not in use, store the panel dryer carefully in a safe, dry, childproof location.
2. introdUCtion
the Ir3000 has three 1kW high output short wave lamps, fitted into three individual cassettes. lamps emit short wave infrared heat ideal for
optimizing drying of water-borne paints. this flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of
the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage.
Height adjustment is made using the high performance locking gas strut, offering a near weightless movement to the cassette support arm.
InstructIons for:
short WAVE infrArEd PAnEL drYEr
, are fitted with live (brown) and neutral (blue) wires only.
Original Language Version
Yellow & Green
Earth Wire
fUsE rAtinG 13 AMP
Issue: 2 - 14/04/10



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Summary of Contents for Sealey IR3000

  • Page 1 2. introdUCtion the Ir3000 has three 1kW high output short wave lamps, fitted into three individual cassettes. lamps emit short wave infrared heat ideal for optimizing drying of water-borne paints. this flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage.
  • Page 2: Swivel Head

    (2) and guard (3) to complete the assembly. 4. oPErAtion Note: The IR lamps are fragile and therefore it is important that the IR3000 is not subjected to any unnecessary shocks or vibration and is not moved when the lamps are on.
  • Page 3: General Applications

    CoAts: top coats vary depending on the paint finish and colour, dark colours tend to heat rapidly and should always be used with flAsH at just under half power - an average cure time is around 12min. refer to tHe seAleY PAInt dAtA GuIde for full InformAtIon. Original Language Version...
  • Page 4: Maintenance

    Original Language Version Ir3000 Issue: 2 - 14/04/10...
  • Page 5 It Be necessArY to cHAnGe A lAmP PleAse folloW InstructIons In sectIon 3.2. Before use perform a visual safety check to ensure the Ir3000 is in good working order. Pay particular attention to electrical fittings. for any other form of maintenance or electrical adjustments to your Ir3000 machine refer to an authorised dealer.