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Bread box bread maker.
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Bread Box
Use and Care Guide
Models 1195
WARNING: A risk of fire and electrical shock exists in all electrical appliances
and may cause personal injury or death. Please follow all safety instructions.
Bread Maker
Before Contacting Your Retailer Call
TOLL-FREE 1-800-947-3744
and talk to one of Toastmaster's
Bread Box


   Summary of Contents for Toastmaster 1195

  • Page 1

    WARNING: A risk of fire and electrical shock exists in all electrical appliances and may cause personal injury or death. Please follow all safety instructions. Bread Maker ™ Before Contacting Your Retailer Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-947-3744 and talk to one of Toastmaster’s ?? QUESTIONS ?? Bread Box Experts. ™...

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    • Do not use the appliance for other than the intended use. • This product is intended for household use only. • Use accessory attachments only if recommended by Toastmaster Inc. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS THIS PRODUCT FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY Caution: A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risk of personal injury resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.

  • Page 3: Before Your First Use, Important Safety Tips

    BEFORE YOUR FIRST USE Carefully unpack the breadmaker and remove all packaging materials.To remove any dust that may have accumulated during packaging, wipe the bread pan, kneading blade and the outside of the breadmaker with a clean, damp cloth.Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners on any part of the breadmaker.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 5: Welcome To The Toastmaster Bread Box, Major Features

    WELCOME TO THE TOASTMASTER BREAD BOX Thank you for purchasing your newTOASTMASTER BREAD AND BUTTER MAKER.Your new breadmaker is an exciting appliance because it mixes, kneads and bakes the bread by itself. All you need to do is measure and add the ingredients in the correct order. You can also use the butter churn feature to churn fresh butter from cream in minutes.

  • Page 6: Names And Functions Of Parts

    NAMES AND FUNCTIONS OF PARTS When a bread maker is packaged for shipment, a clear plastic film is placed over the control panel as a form of protection.This film may be removed or left on when you begin using your breadmaker.

  • Page 7: Control Panel Names And Operation

    CO N T ROL PANEL NAMES AND OPERAT I O N Be sure to press the pad until a beep is heard .

  • Page 9

    KNEAD During the first knead, the dough ingredients are mixed together for a few minutes with the kneading blade pulsing on/off. D u ring all knead stages, the dough is m a n i p- u l a t e d c o n t i nu o u s l y. Kneading develops the gluten (elastic substance deve l o p e d from protein when wheat flour is combined with liquid) that gives yeast bread its char- acteristic cellular structure.

  • Page 10: How To Use Your Breadmaker

    DOUGH SETTING- Immediate Start (page 15), or BAKE and DOUGH SETTINGS-Delayed Finish (pages 15 and 16) to complete the process. 1. Choose a recipe from the Toastmaster Recipe Book. Read it thoroughly before you begin to bake. 2. Before adding ingredients, remove the bread pan by pulling the handle straight up.

  • Page 11

    4. Measure accurately for successful breadmaker bread loaves. Mismeasuring, even slightly, can make a big difference in your results. Measure each ingredient precisely before placing it into the bread pan. • To measure liquids, use a see-through glass or plastic liquid measuring cup. Read the measurement at e ye level.

  • Page 12

    7. Close the lid. 8. Plug the breadmaker into a 120 volt 60 Hz AC outlet. • When the breadmaker is plugged in, the display window will flash “0 00.” 9. Select the desired setting. • Press the SELECT pad until the number of the desired setting appears in the display windo w.

  • Page 13: A. Bake Settings – Immediate Start

    A. BAKE Settings-Immediate Start This section explains how to set the breadmaker using one of the various BAKE settings. Make sure that the setting you select is the correct setting for the recipe you are making. Follow steps 1 through 9 on page 10 through 12. 10.

  • Page 14

    12. Remove the bread. • Be sure to use pot holders when removing the bread from the bread pan. • Turn the bread pan upside down and shake it several times to remove the bread. • Place the bread on a wire rack and allow it to cool. •...

  • Page 15: B. Dough Setting – Immediate Start, C. Bake And Dough Settings – Delayed Finish

    B. DOUGH Setting-Immediate Start To set the DOUGH setting: Follow steps 1 through 9 on pages 10 through 12. 10. Press the START pad. • The SELECT pad has been pressed, and the machine changed to the “9”- Dough mode. Press the START pad. •...

  • Page 16

    For example: Let’s say that it is 9:00 pm and you would like a loaf of bread to be finished by 6:30 am the next morning.First, select the Basic (light) Setting by pressing the SELECT pad.The number “1” will appear in the display window. There is a 9 hour, 30 minute difference between 9:00 pm and 6:30 am.

  • Page 17

    Congratulations! You have just acquired a Toastmaster Bread and Butter Maker. Toastmaster Inc. has become a household name you can count on as has RED STAR ® Yeast.The Home Economists at RED STAR ® Yeast and Toastmaster have combined their efforts to provide the exciting recipes in this cookbook.

  • Page 18

    market bread flour. The packages are labeled bread flour and are readily available at grocer y stores. Wheat is the only grain that contains the type of protein that becomes elastic when kneaded. Other flours, such as r ye, barley, oats, soy, rice and buckwheat, add flavor and fiber to breads , but do not add structure to the dough.

  • Page 19

    LEMON JUICE: DOUGH ENHANCER Lemon juice contains acidic acid, a natural dough enhancer. The addition of lemon juice (or vinegar - which also contains acidic acid) may help improve the overall structure of your loaf of bread. SALT: REGULATES YEAST ACTIVITY Salt is necessary to control the activity of yeast, disciplining it to work slow and steady.

  • Page 20: Bread Mixes

    If additional assistance is needed, expert help is available from Toastmaster (1-800-947-3744) or from RED STAR ® YEAST (1-800-445-4746 #4). ⁄ cup per egg.An egg white is equal to ⁄...

  • Page 21

    FREEZING OF BAKED YEAST PRODUCTS: When freezing a baked yeast product, it is important to have it completely cooled befo r e w ra p p i n g to prevent moisture from making the product soggy. Do not frost before freezing. Freeze cooled unwrapped product one hour to harden.

  • Page 22

    Sugar One half the amount of sugar will produce both a slightly smaller loaf and a much lighter colored crust. Honey may be substituted for sugar in equal proportions.You will need to reduce the liquid by the same amount of honey you add. Brown sugar may be substituted for white sugar in equal proportions.

  • Page 23

    BUTTER CHURN Most people would agree: it’s hard to beat the taste of homemade bread, served fresh and warm, straight from the breadmaker. But now Toastmaster has created a way to top even that– with freshly churned butter. Although based on the old-fashioned churning method–which used to require a lot of time and elbow grease–making butter in your Bread Box Bread &...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Guides

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE- BREADMAKER Problem Solution Flour spilled out of Unplug unit and allow to cool, wipe out inner case with a clean cloth. bread pan into inner Use care when cleaning around heating element. case For BAKE setting, use a maximum of 4 DOUGH setting, use a maximum of 4 Bread not baking Check kneading blade mounting shaft for free rotation.If the...

  • Page 25

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE- BREAD LOAVES Problem Causes • Not Baked in Center Can happen with recipes calling for moist ingredients such as applesauce and yogurt or with heavier flours such as whole wheat or bran. • Reduce the liquids by 1 tablespoon the next time you make the recipe. •...

  • Page 26: Proper Care And Cleaning

    This appliance should be serviced by properly trained appliance repair technicians. Consult your local phone directory yellow pages under “Appliances—Household—Small—Service and Repair” for your nearest Toastmaster authorized service center or call 1-800-947-3744. If an authorized service center is not available locally, your appliance may be returned postage prepaid to our National Service Center at the address shown on the back of this book.

  • Page 27: Commonly Asked Questions

    • Remove the bread pan with kneading blade from the inner case and wipe with a damp sponge or dish cloth making sure the kneading blade mounting shaft is also very clean. The bread pan interior can be wiped with soapy water, but do not submerge bread pan in water.

  • Page 28: Specifications

    Can I use my favorite bread recipes in my breadmaker ? You can if you are willing to ex p e ri m e n t .U n fo rt u n a t e l y, there is no tri e d - a n d - t rue fo rmu l a for doing this because bread recipes va ry.The recipe needs to be scaled down to fit the flour restrictions of your breadmaker (4 s e t t i n g ) .

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  • Page 31: Limited Warranty

    This wa r ranty is the only written or express w a r ranty given by Toastmaster Inc.This wa r ra n t y gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state. ANY OTHER RIGHT...

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