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How To Use - Black & Decker RC880C Use And Care Book Manual

24-cup rice cooker
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Cool-touch carry handle
2. Lid
. Lid release button
† 4. Condensation catcher (Part# RC880-1-4)
. Steam vent
† 6. Serving scoop (Part# RC400-6)
7. Serving scoop holder
† 8. Cooking bowl with water-level markings (inside) (Part# RC880-21)
† 9. Rice measuring cup (Part# RC400-)
† 10. Steaming basket (Part# RC400-7)
11. Warm button
12. Cook and Warm indicator lights
1. Cook button
Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/removable parts

How to Use

This appliance is for household use only.
1. Before first use, wash all parts as instructed in the CARe And CleAnIng section.
Note: Please go to to register your warranty.
2. Place unit on a flat, stable surface.
Note: As the rice expands and cooks, steam will come out of the vent in the
condensation catcher. Do not place the rice cooker directly underneath your
cabinets or too close to a wall.
3. open the lid by pressing the lid release button (A).
4. Measure desired amount of rice with the rice
measuring cup provided.
Note: The rice measuring cup provided is based on 6 oz.
(170 g). Your rice cooker can make up to 10 rice
measures of dry rice — yielding approximately 20-24
cups of cooked rice.
Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, cook only
in the removable cooking bowl provided.
5. Place rice in the cooking bowl and add water. You can also use any liquid, such as
broth, stock or fruit juice as part or all of the liquid for cooking the rice.
6. Use the water-level markings inside the cooking bowl as a guide for adding the
exact amount of water. For example, for 4 measures of uncooked rice, fill with
water to water-level marking 4. Be careful not to add too much water as it may
cause the unit to boil over.
Note: Taste/hardness will vary depending on the quality/type of rice, amount of liquid
and length of time it is cooked. Follow the instructions in the RICe CookIng gUIde
on pages 7 - 8. For softer, fluffier rice, add a little more water. For firmer, crunchier
rice add a little less water. You may need to experiment to suit your taste.
7. Before placing the cooking bowl into the rice cooker, be sure the heating plate
and outside surface of the cooking bowl are clean and dry. do not let loose rice
or particles fall into the rice cooker.
8. Insert cooking bowl into rice cooker. You might have to turn it slightly to the left
and right to ensure proper contact with the heating plate.
Note: do not place the rice cooker directly under your cabinets or too close to a wall.
9. Close the lid. Press down until you hear a click.
Note: Always keep the lid closed while cooking.
10. Plug unit into a standard electrical outlet. The WARM light will come on.
11. Press the Cook button to begin cooking (B). As the
rice expands and cooks, steam comes out through
the steam vent on the condensation catcher.
Caution: Do not put your hand over the steam vent as
you may get burned by the hot steam.
12. once the rice is cooked, the rice cooker
automatically switches to the WARM cycle.
Important: The unit will stay in the WARM cycle until it is unplugged. Do not try
to prevent the rice cooker from switching to the WARM mode. Do not immediately
press the COOk button again after it has begun the WARM cycle.
13. After the unit switches to WARM, leave the lid closed for at least 15 minutes to
further cook the rice.



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