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GE Mentor Visual iQ Quick Start Manual page 2

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Quick Start Guide
1 – LCD Touchscreen
2 – DisplayPort Output (2.1), USB 3.0 Client Micro B Port (2.2), Two USB 3.0 Host Type A Ports (2.3), 3.5 mm
Headset/Microphone Jack (2.4).
Accomplish most actions using either the touchscreen OR key presses and joystick movements.
3 – Touch the lower left corner of the display screen to open the Global Menu. The selected item in any menu
or list is identified by this blue outline. Tap the display screen to select another item or to launch the selected
item. Alternatively, use the joystick to select another item by moving the blue cursor, then short-press the
Enter key to launch. Note that a short press of the Enter key accepts or launches most selected choices
or actions.
4 – Tap the display to toggle between the upper and lower softkey bar (double-tap to hide or show the softkey
and status bars).
5 – Tap anywhere on a displayed Live Image to freeze and unfreeze it. Position two fingers on the display
screen and move them apart to zoom in on a feature of the display (perform the opposite action to zoom out).
6 – Select any feature in the Soft Key Bar by either touching that feature on the display screen (for instance,
touching the box containing the term Zoom) or pressing the corresponding soft key.
7 – Two-hour Lithium Ion Battery
8 – Back Key: short press moves back one screen, long press for live screen. Also use to POWER ON.
9 – Save Key: short press launches a Quick Save, long press opens or closes the Save Options Menu.
10 – Joystick Controls Articulation and Menu Navigation (push the joystick left/right/up/down to navigate
menus and sub-menus).
11 – Enter Key: short press toggles between frozen and live frames and selects Done / Accept, a long press
performs a 3DPM Capture.
12 – Menu Key: short press opens or closes the Global Menu, long press toggles between first and second
level soft button rows.
13 – Trigger Key 1 (Upper): provides the same function as
the Enter Key. Trigger Key 2 (Lower): short press toggles
the articulation mode between steer-and-stay mode and
steering mode. When in steer-and-stay mode a lock icon
appears. A long press returns the articulation system to the
neutral (home) position.
14 – Interchangeable VideoProbe (Note: Includes Insertion
Tube/Camera assembly)
Selecting the Operating Language
Follow the selection sequence shown here to navigate the
Global Menu and select the Operating Language.
Windows Lisc.
Password Label



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