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LG RM2 Owner's Manual page 16

High power speaker system
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y When using Bluetooth technology, you have
to make a connection between the unit and
the Bluetooth device as close as possible and
keep the distance.
However, it may not work well in certain
situations as described below :
- There is a obstacle between the unit and
the Bluetooth device.
- There is a device using same frequency
with Bluetooth technology such as a
medical equipment, a microwave or a
wireless LAN device.
y If Bluetooth connection does not work well,
try pairing it again.
y To connect a new Bluetooth device,
disconnect the currently connected
Bluetooth device and connect a new
Bluetooth device.
y The sound may be interrupted when the
connection has interference from other
electronic devices.
y Depending on the type of the device, you
may not be able to use the BT(Bluetooth)
y You can enjoy wireless system using phone,
MP3, Notebook, etc.
y The more distance between the unit and the
Bluetooth device, the lower the sound quality
y Bluetooth connection will be disconnected
when the unit is turned off or the Bluetooth
device gets too far from the unit.
y When Bluetooth connection is disconnected,
connect the Bluetooth device to the unit
y When a Bluetooth device is not connected,
Bluetooth icon on the display window blinks.
y When you use the BT(Bluetooth) function,
adjust the volume to a proper level on the
Bluetooth device.
y If you change the function, the Bluetooth
device is disconnected.
y When entering BT(Bluetooth) function, this
unit automatically connect to Bluetooth
device which is connected the last or
playbacked the last. (Auto connection
may not be supported depending on the
connected device specifications.)



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