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LG RM2 Owner's Manual page 10

High power speaker system
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y If you use a tripod, use the tripod only for
y Before buying a tripod, check the
specifications for maximum bearing load of
the center column.
(Unit' s net weight : about 12.3 kg)
y Use tripod as below :
(A) From tripod' s center to tripod' s leg :
above 600 mm.
(B) From top of tripod to bottom of tripod :
below 900 mm.
(C) Tripod net weight : over 3.9 kg
y For safe use set the tripod as low as
y You should pull the center column to the
maximum only in case of need.
y Mount only one unit on each tripod.
y Do not try to extent the tripod legs beyond
it' s allowed range.
y Make sure the tripod is correctly assembled
and all its components are tightly
y Do not try to assemble the tripod if parts
are missing or defective.
y After installation, make sure the unit is set
up firmly on the tripod.
y Do not place the unit on anything unstable
where it might accidentally fall over.
y Add weight such as sand bags around the
tripod legs to prevent the tripod from falling
35 mm
y You should limit people around the unit
while its on a tripod. Otherwise it may result
in an accident and may cause personal injury
and/or property damage.
y Standing on the stool to reach unit' s control
panel is risky and might lead to injuries.
y Do not put or attach other objects on the
y Do not shake or push the unit when the
tripod is installed.
y Refrain from moving around the tripod after
unit is installed.
y Remove all connected cables to the unit
on the tripod before moving the tripod or
adjusting its height.
y When transporting or moving the unit,
always use two or more people.
y When you use the tripod, use an extension
cord. Always be careful with the movement
of the cable.
y It is prohibited to use this unit outside.
(Indoor use only)
y Do not expose the unit to excessive dust,
vibrations, extreme cold or heat (such as in
direct sunlight or near a heater) to prevent
the possible disfigurement of the panel or
damage to the internal components.
y When using the external input cable (Mic,
etc.) after installing the unit on the tripod,
external input cable can cause the unit to
fall down.
y Watch out because people can trip over the
input cable (Mic, etc.) connected the unit.
y Always be careful not to trip over the unit.



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