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I Keep the cord away from heated sur-
I Never block the air openings of the
appliance or place it on a soft surface,
such as a bed or couch, where the air
openings may be blocked. Keep the air
openings free of lint, hair, and the like.
I Never drop or insert any object into
any opening or hose.
I Do not use outdoors or operate where
aerosol (spray) products are being used
or where oxygen is being administered.
I Do not direct hot air toward eyes or
other heat-sensitive areas.
I Attachments may be hot during use.
Allow them to cool before handling.
I Do not place appliance on any surface
while it is operating.
I While using the appliance, keep your
hair away from the air inlets.
I Do not use with voltage converter.
For a dual voltage hair dryer:
I Be sure dual voltage selector is in cor-

How To Use

Drying Basics
Towel dry hair to remove excess water.
Section hair. Using the dryer along with
your styling brush, direct hot air through a
section of hair. To avoid overdrying, do
not concentrate heat on one section for
any length of time. Keep dryer moving as
you style. Direct air flow at hair not scalp.
For quick touch ups, dampen hair with a
mist of water before styling with the
dryer. When using your dryer to create
curls and waves, dry hair almost com-
pletely on a warmer temperature setting,
then finish styling with cooler air. Use
the concentrator attachment when you
need drying power in a small area (such
as a curl or a wave) or when you want
to relax curly hair.
rect voltage position before operating.
Before plugging in, read the informa-
tion about dual voltage contained in
the instruction section of this manual.
Electrical Information
This appliance is intended for household
use only. Use on Alternating Current (50/60
hertz) only. For special dual voltage dryers,
see "Additional Information." For 1800 Watt
models: Use of this dryer on the same cir-
cuit or fuse with other electrical products
or appliances may trip a 15 amp circuit
breaker or blow a 15 amp fuse. NEVER
replace the fuse with one rated higher than
the capacity of the circuit. Doing so could
result in an electrical fire.
What to do if hair dryer accidentally falls
in water:
I Be sure to unplug the hair dryer from
I Remove from water. Return the dryer
to a service center. DO NOT USE the
hair dryer after it has fallen in the
water until it has been serviced.
Body & volume – For extra volume, bend
head upside down while drying. Position
the air flow toward the roots for maxi-
mum lift. When hair is dry, toss head
back and brush hair into place.
Straightening – Work with hair in sec-
tions. Using a large 2" (5 cm) round
brush, hold hair taut in each section and
bend ends slightly under as you dry.
Making waves – Tousled, natural look-
ing waves are easily created by grasp-
ing hair at the roots and scrunching
between fingertips while drying,
Cool shot – (Model HD400) After styling
with hot or warm air, press the Cool Shot
Button. It shuts off the power to the
heating element and allows cool air to
be pushed through the fan.



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