Swann SW111-WIP User Manual

Wireless network camera.
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IP-3G ConnectCam 1000™
Wireless Network Camera
Version 1.0

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    IP-3G ConnectCam 1000™ Wireless Network Camera SW111-WIP SW211-WIP USER MANUAL Version 1.0...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction...2 Installation ...3 Using Ultra View ...6 To launch the program...6 Item features...7 To add a camera...12 To remove a camera...15 To link to the Web page of the camera...15 To record video...16 To configure the recording settings ...18 To playback the recorded video...20 To set up motion detection options...21 Information...23...

  • Page 3: Introduction

    NTRODUCTION This Software User Guide provides detailed instructions on operating Ultra View, a customized software application with a user-friendly interface allowing you to access and control your camera(s). You can connect up to 16 cameras to monitor different places and record events for each camera. With Ultra View, you can also change some basic settings of the camera, such as schedule profiles and motion detecting.

  • Page 4: Installation

    NSTALLATION Firstly, insert the Installation CD-ROM into your CD drive to initiate the Auto-Run program. The Auto-Run screen provides the following options: Quick Guide Advanced Guide Software Manual IP Finder Install Software Browse Exit To begin installation: 1. Click Install Software and then select Ultra View. The setup wizard appears to help you complete the installation step-by- step.

  • Page 5

    2. When the welcome screen appears, click Next. 3. Click Browse to select the destination location to install the software or click Next to use the default settings. - 4 -...

  • Page 6

    4. Click Next again to confirm installation. The setup wizard starts to install the software and the progress bar indicates the installation is proceeding. 5. When installation is complete, click Close. - 5 -...

  • Page 7: Using Ultra View, To Launch The Program

    SING LTRA To launch the program This section describes the user interface and operating instructions of Ultra View. To launch the program, click Start > Programs > UltraView > UltraView; the main screen will appear as below: NOTE Please set the resolution to 1024x768 or above on your computer while using Ultra View;...

  • Page 8: Item Features

    Item features The following describes the function of each item on the main screen: CONTROLS Panel - SETTING: Click to enter the Setting screen of Ultra View. Click again to return to the main screen of Ultra View. - PLAY: Click to play the recorded video file using the media player on the computer (for example, Windows Media Player by default).

  • Page 9

    VIEW SELECTION Panel - View mode buttons: Ultra View provides multiple view modes, including 1/4/9/16 windows and Full screen mode. - SCAN: When you connect multiple cameras, click this button to display the video views as the main window in turn.

  • Page 10

    CAMERA Panel - TRIGGER OUT: Click to turn on the trigger out connector of the camera. This button is available only when the connected camera supports the trigger out connector, which is used to control the external device connected to the camera, such as a light.

  • Page 11

    SYSTEM Panel This panel displays the current date and time. PAN-TILT CONTROL Panel (optional) When you connect a pan/tilt camera, the system will detect the camera’s function automatically and the PAN-TILT CONTROL buttons will become functional. Otherwise, these buttons are displayed as grayed out buttons. - Direction/Home buttons: Click these buttons to adjust the camera’s viewing angle to Up ( ) / Right (...

  • Page 12

    Video View Window and Camera List - Video View Window: This window displays the video view of the selected camera, which can be divided into 4/9/16 windows according to your selection in VIEW SELECTION panel. - Camera List: This list displays the information of the connected camera(s).

  • Page 13

    To add a camera 1. Click SETTING in the CONTROLS panel to display the Setting screen. 2. Click Add New Camera. - 12 -...

  • Page 14

    3. In the pop-up Add New Camera dialog window, you can: Select the Search tab if you are not sure of the camera’s IP address. Click Search camera to search the available camera within the network. Once the camera is found and is shown in the list, select it and click Add Camera.

  • Page 15

    4. Enter the User name and Password for the camera, and then click OK. The connected camera will be displayed in the Camera List. 5. Click SETTING to return to the Video View Window. The video view of the selected camera will now be displayed. - 14 -...

  • Page 16: To Remove A Camera, To Link To The Web Page Of The Camera

    To remove a camera 1. Click SETTING in the CONTROLS panel to display the Setting screen. 2. Select a camera from the list and click Delete Camera. Select a camera To link to the Web page of the camera Click SETTING > Camera List > Camera Configuration and then Link web page to launch the Web browser that displays live view image and Web Configuration of the selected camera.

  • Page 17: To Record Video

    To record video Ultra View provides three methods to record video clips; one is to click the RECORD/ALL RECORD button to record manually; the second is to record by motion detection; the third is to set the recording schedule in Setting > Recording Configuration > Schedule Recording Configuration.

  • Page 18

    Schedule recording This recording method will work after you have completed the required settings in Schedule Recording Configuration. The recording schedule can be defined by Dates or Days. - Dates: First, select the camera from the pull-down list. Then, click Add to set the Start/Stop date and time and then click OK to add the recording schedule to the list.

  • Page 19: To Configure The Recording Settings

    - Days: First, select the camera from the pull-down list and select Days tab. Then, select the weekday from the day buttons and then set the time period. Click Apply to save the settings. To configure the recording settings To configure the recording settings, including the storage folder and storage options, click SETTING >...

  • Page 20

    Reserved HDD space for each camera: This option allows you to set to reserve the storage space on the hard disk drive for the recording of each camera. Before setting the reserve space on the hard disk drive, you can check the available storage space that is displayed in the HDD Free space field.

  • Page 21: To Playback The Recorded Video

    To playback the recorded video The recorded video clips are saved ro your computer, and can be played using the media player on the computer, such as Windows Media Player. To start playback, simply click the PLAY button on the CONTROLS panel, and the following dialog screen will appear, allowing you to select the file to playback.

  • Page 22: To Set Up Motion Detection Options

    To set up motion detection options When the motion detection function of the selected camera is enabled, you can set the Motion Options by selecting Alarm, Recording, Send e-Mail, and Trigger Out under SETTING > Motion Configuration. Alarm: Select Beep or Music to alert you for the motion detected.

  • Page 23

    - Mail Server: Enter the mail server address. For example, mymail.com. - Mail From: Enter an email address of the user who will send the email. For example, John@mymail.com. - Mail To: Enter the email address of the user who will receive the email.

  • Page 24: Information

    Information Click SETTING > About to display the information of the software application. - 23 -...

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