Installation Overview; Installing Repeaters - GE Quik Bridge 60-841-43 Installation Instructions Manual

Euro repeater saw
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Overview of
Quik Bridge® Euro Repeater SAW Installation Instructions
DIP Switches
There are 8 DIP switches (numbered 1–8 from left to right) on the repeater circuit board (see Fig-
ure 3). DIP switch functions include:
Setting the repeater identification number
Enabling (or disabling) jam detection and AC power failure
Configuring the repeater to work with your panel.
A DIP switch is "ON" when flipped left (toward the word "ON")
or "OFF" when flipped right. The repeater will only "read" the
DIP switches upon power-up.
LED Indications
The purpose of the LED is to indicate certain actions of the repeater. Table 1 describes all possible
LED indications.
Fuse Replacement
The fuse holder is located above the terminal block (see Figure 2). To replace the fuse:
1. Unscrew the top of the fuse holder with a standard screwdriver. Remove the fuse.
2. Insert the new 5 x 20 mm, 32 mA, 250 V fuse into the top of the fuse holder.
3. Insert the fuse and top into the holder and reattach by pressing down and turning clockwise.
Install this repeater by completing these steps in the following order:
1. Perform a Dealer Sensor test to determine which transmitters need a repeater.
2. Connect the antenna.
3. Set the DIP switches on this repeater:
a. Set the repeater identification number.
b. Configure the repeater to work with your panel.
4. Connect power.
5. Program the repeater into the panel.
6. Choose a location and temporarily mount the repeater.
7. Perform a Dealer Sensor Test between the repeater and the panel (or the receiving repeater).
8. Perform a Repeater Reception Test between the repeater and the transmitters (e.g. sensors,
touchpads, or a transmitting repeater).
9. If both tests are successful, permanently mount the repeater. If either test fails, go back to step
Perform a Dealer Sensor Test
The first step of the installation is to determine which sensors and touchpads are "distant." Distant
sensors are outside the range of the control panel, so they need a repeater to re-transmit the alarm
and supervisory signals they generate.
To determine which sensors and touchpads need a repeater:
1. Mount the sensors and touchpads in the desired locations.
Table 1: LED Indications
Repeater is powered up and passed
Repeater is not powered or failed to
power up.
Repeater received a signal from a Learn
Mode transmitter.
Figure 3. Setting DIP Switches



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