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Supra boat user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for Supra SUPRA

  • Page 1

    Trademarks Supra, the Supra Logo, Comp 20, Sunsport 20V, Sunsport 22V, Sunsport 24V, Launch 20, Launch 20SSV, Launch 21, Launch 21V, Launch 22SSV, Launch 24SSV are registered trademarks of Skier’s Choice, Inc. All other product names are copyright and registered trademarks/trade names of their respective owners.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Cleaning, Care & Storage Section XII Winterization & Dry Storage Section XIII Technical Information Section XIV Trailering Your Boat Section XV Supra Warranty Section XVI Index Boat Information Hull Identification Number:______________________________________ Date of Purchase:_____________________________________________ Dealership_______________________________________________________ Dealer’s Phone Number:________________________________________ Registration Number:__________________________________________...

  • Page 3: Introduction

    Should service problems arise, remember that your Supra dealer knows your boat best and is interested in your total satisfaction. Thank you for purchasing a Supra boat. We hope your ownership results in an enjoyable and rewarding boating experience. Be safe and enjoy the fun! 3 —...

  • Page 4

    • Drain Plugs (Securely in place?) • Life-Saving Devices (One for every person on board?) • Drain Plugs (Securely in place?) • Steering System (Working smoothly and properly?) • Fuel System (Adequate fuel? Leaks? Fumes?) • Battery (Fully charged? Cable terminals clean and tight?) •...

  • Page 5: Boating Safety

    US Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Safety Course The purchaser of a new 2006 Supra boat is entitled to a USCGA Boating Safety Course that Supra will pay for. Please see the Certificate in your owner’s packet or your dealer for more details.

  • Page 6: Safety Equipment

    — 6 Safety Equipment Your Supra has been equipped at the factory with most of the federally required safety equipment for inland waters (Class 1, 16’-to-26’). This equipment includes: - UL-approved Marine Fire Extinguisher, Type A-BC (2 lbs.), good for solids, liquids, and electrical fire...

  • Page 7

    General Safety Precautions Failure to adhere to these precautions may result in severe injury or death to you and/or others. - Improper operation is extremely dangerous. Operators must read and understand all operating manuals supplied with the boat before operation. - Remain seated at all times while boat is in motion.

  • Page 8: Product Misuse

    Ski Pylon Extensions The use of a ski pylon extension or extensions in excess of 7-feet vertical is not recommended by Supra on our products. If you elect to use merchandise such as these, be aware that they could create excessive stress on your boat and subjectively cause damages not covered by the warranty.

  • Page 9

    Proper Seating Proper seating is an important element of boating safety. Proper seating consists of sitting with your buttock in full contact with a seat anytime the boat is underway and using hand holds and grab handles to secure oneself and prevent loss of balance.

  • Page 10: Warning Plates And Labels

    If your warning decals should become damaged in any way, please contact your Supra Dealer or write to Skier’s Choice, Inc., 1717 Henry G. Lane Street, Maryville, Tennessee 37801 to request replacement warning decals. The decals will be provided free of charge.

  • Page 11: Emergency Procedures

    Reprinted from “Fishing and Skiing Boats Owner’s Manual” with permission from the NMMA. The time to think about emergencies is before they happen. Plan ahead. Know what to do before you encounter any of these situations. Wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) when boating.

  • Page 12

    Grounding (continued) Basic Guidelines • Inspect damage to hull, propulsion and steering systems. • Check for leaks. If water is coming in, stopping the flow takes priority over getting free. • Determine water depth all around the boat and type of bottom (sand, mud, rocks, etc.).

  • Page 13: Visual Distress Signals

    Person Overboard (continued) • Keep person overboard on helm side so operator has the person constantly in sight. • Approach from downwind and move alongside into the wind for pickup. • When almost alongside, stop the engine in gear to prevent dangerous propeller “windmilling.”...

  • Page 14: Audible Distress Signals

    Visual Distress Signals (continued) boats participating in organized events, and manually propelled boats. • If you are required to have visual distress signals, at least three safety-approved pyrotechnic devices in serviceable condition must be readily accessible. They must be marked with a date showing the service life, which must not be expired.

  • Page 15: Boating Rules

    Basic Boating Rules You should be aware of these rules and follow them whenever you encounter another vessel on the water. The rules presented in this manual are condensed and have been provided as a convenience only. Consult your local U.S.

  • Page 16

    When two power-driven vessels are crossing each other’s path close enough to run the risk of collision, the vessel that views the crossing vessel to the starboard (right) side must give-way. If the other vessel is to the port (left) side, maintain your course and direction, provided the other vessel gives you the right-of-way as it should.

  • Page 17

    17 — © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 18

    Notes — 18 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 19: Boat Specifications

    Comp 20 Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform Overall Length w/Platform Overall Length w/Trailer Width (Beam) Draft Weight - Boat Only Weight - Boat & Trailer Capacity - Passenger Capacity - Weight Capacity - Fuel Engine © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc. Sunsport 20V Boat Specifications: 20’...

  • Page 20

    Sunsport 22V Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform Overall Length w/Platform Overall Length w/Trailer Width (Beam) Draft Weight - Boat Only Weight - Boat & Trailer Capacity - Passenger Capacity - Weight Capacity - Fuel Engine — 20 Sunsport 24V Boat Specifications: 21’...

  • Page 21

    Launch 20 Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform Overall Length w/Platform Overall Length w/Trailer Width (Beam) Draft Weight - Boat Only Weight - Boat & Trailer Capacity - Passenger Capacity - Weight Capacity - Fuel Engine © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc. Launch 20SSV Boat Specifications: 20’...

  • Page 22

    Launch 21 Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform Overall Length w/Platform Overall Length w/Trailer Width (Beam) Draft Weight - Boat Only Weight - Boat & Trailer Capacity - Passenger Capacity - Weight Capacity - Fuel Engine — 22 Launch 21V Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform 21’...

  • Page 23

    Launch 22SSV Boat Specifications: Overall Length w/o Platform Overall Length w/Platform Overall Length w/Trailer Width (Beam) Draft Weight - Boat Only Weight - Boat & Trailer Capacity - Passenger Capacity - Weight Capacity - Fuel Engine *Ballast included in capacity calculation. ©...

  • Page 24

    Notes — 24 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 25: Operating Information

    Break In Period Taking care to properly break in your new engine will pay off in the long run. In our years of field testing, we have proven that an Indmar engine, when properly broken in according to our simple procedures, will last longer, run better and have fewer repairs over its lifetime.

  • Page 26: Maximum Capacities

    Maximum Capacities In compliance with United States Coast Guard Regulations, Supra Boats meet or exceed all safety standards designed for recreational boats. To ensure safe handling and performance, each Supra boat displays a maximum capacity sticker (see sample), stating the maximum total weight load allowable.

  • Page 27: Starting & Operation

    A standard pre-starting procedure should be always be followed before the first start-up of the day. 1. Check the engine oil level. 2. Check for gasoline fumes in bilge or engine compartment. 3.Operate engine blower for 4 minutes before starting the engine to remove any fumes. 4.

  • Page 28

    Engine Warm-Up Always let engine warm up to normal operating temperature before accelerating. — 28 Throttle Lever The throttle lever controls both the throttle and the transmission. The idle position (normally vertical) is the zero throttle position and the neutral position for the transmission. A safety ring (umbrella) keeps the lever from being accidentally moved to engage the transmission.

  • Page 29: Rear Drain Plug

    The drain plug should be secured in place using a wrench. NOTE: Not all Supra models have center drain plugs. DO NOT start engine until center drain plug is checked and secured in place. DO NOT try to install center drain...

  • Page 30: Before Fueling, While Fueling

    Fuel Precautions Use a gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89. The H.O. engine should use a minimum octane rating of 91. See engine owner’s manual for more information. DO NOT use gasoline containing methyl alcohol (methanol). Methanol can damage your boat’s fuel system.

  • Page 31: Instrument Panel, Instrument Panel & Controls, Speed Calibration

    Section VIII Instrument Panel & Controls Speed Calibration Speed may be checked using a stopwatch and a standard slalom course. Adjust the speedometer needle by turning the adjuster buttons. Location of the adjuster buttons vary by model. On the Launch Series they can be found directly under the dash, while on the other models they can be found to the left of the 12 volt receptacle on the inside of the panel as shown above.

  • Page 32: Temperature Gauge

    Speedometer The speedometer indicates the water speed of the boat in miles per hour. It is recommended that the speedometer be checked for accuracy periodically. Tachometer The tachometer registers the operating speed of the motor’s shaft output and may be used as an alternative to speedometer if weight and water conditions permit.

  • Page 33: Fuel Gauge, Speedometer Paddle Wheel

    Fuel Gauge This gauge indicates the approximate quantity of fuel remaining in the tank when the ignition is in the “ON” position. NOTICE: DO NOT run the tank to empty. To prevent condensation from forming in the tank, it is recommended that the tank be filled when the gauge indicates 1/4 tank of fuel remaining.

  • Page 34: Depth Sounder

    Depth Sounder Setting Units The depth sounder can display depth in either standard or metric units. Perform the following steps to change the display units: 1.Simultaneously press the up and down buttons. Either the FT or M units indicator display text will flash. THEN...

  • Page 35

    Out of Range Display If the display indicates three horizontal bars as shown, the depth sounder indicates an out of range, inaccurate or incomplete data condition. An out of range condition occurs when the depth reading is less than 2.5 feet (3.0 Meters) or greater than 200 feet (60.9 Meters).

  • Page 36

    Stereo Please refer to your stereo owner’s manual for proper operation instruction. NOTE: Stereo unit is connected to the Stereo switch on the switch panel. The “Stereo” switch must be in the “ON” (lighted) position before the stereo can be turned on.

  • Page 37

    37 — © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 38

    — 38 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 39: Ignition Switch, Blower Switch, Horn Switch

    NOTICE: If the blower fails to operate, reset the circuit breaker. If the blower still does not operate, notify your Supra dealer. Failure to operate the blower in accordance with the Coast Guard Recommendation could result in an explosion.

  • Page 40: Circuit Breaker Panel, Tilt Steering

    The V-Drive transmission in your Supra is equipped with a “low pressure” warning light. This light is located by the dash. Do not operate your Supra if the warning light remains on, whenever the engine speed is above, 1,200 RPM (+/- 400 RPM).

  • Page 41: Dc Outlet

    Gravity Ballast System The optional Gravity Ballast System is an electronically controlled ballast system that can be operated from the driver’s seat. The Gravity system is available in a 1 or 3 position system. The switch panel to the 3 position system is located directly below the shifter mechanism, and the 1 position system is operated from a switch on the dash.

  • Page 42

    The Gravity Ballast system utilizes a manifold and a solenoid valve to independently fill each bag or tank. The solenoid valves have a small toggle switch that can manually override the opening of the valve. The manual toggle switch needs to be in the “down”...

  • Page 43: Equipment & Options, Fuel Cap Key

    © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc. To prevent tampering with fuel system, your Supra is provided with a gas cap, which may be opened only with a special key. NOTICE: The gas cap is sealed by a rubber O-ring.

  • Page 44

    Never open the Motor Box while the boat is moving! Some Supra models DO NOT have mechanical devices to hold the motor box cover in the open position. Please use caution to prevent accidental closing.

  • Page 45: Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher A standard United States Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher is provided with your Supra boat. The fire extinguisher is usually located under the observer’s seat cushion, however, locations vary by boat. You should know the exact location of your boat’s fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

  • Page 46

    Rad-A-Cage If your Supra model has been equipped with an optional RAD-A-CAGE towing tower, please review this section for details on it’s usage, maintenance and storage. The cage is designed as a stable tower to enhance wakeboarding. It is NOT intended to be used to tow skiers, barefoot skiers, or multiple wakeboarders.

  • Page 47: Stern Light

    The light is green on the starboard side and red on the port side. Some Supra models are equipped with stern lights. The stern light is located at the center of the transom below the rub rail.

  • Page 48: Lifting Rings, Ski Platform, Bow Eye

    Lifting Rings Two lifting rings are located on the transom. Bow Eye The bow eye is located at the front of the hull below the rub rail. It is the point of the attachment to lead the boat onto the trailer and to secure the boat to the trailer or to tie-off when docking.

  • Page 49: Bilge Inspection Plate, Ski Locker

    Ski Locker Ski storage, depending on the model of Supra you own, is located either between the observer’s seat and driver’s console on most v-drives or can be found under the sun deck of inboard models.

  • Page 50: Double-up Seating, Triple-up Seating

    It is strongly recommended that your Supra dealer be notified before changing the propeller. In general, changing to a lower pitched propeller may increase acceleration, but will decrease top speed.

  • Page 51: Glove Box

    Hydraulic Wake Plate The hydraulic wake plate allows the driver to control the running attitude of the boat. It can be controlled by the switch on the dashboard. Trim Switch & Gauge This switch controls the optional hydraulic wake plate. The gauge indicates the position of the plate.

  • Page 52: Walk-thru Windshield

    Optional Boat Heater The boat heater is a forced air heater that uses hot engine water as a heat source. To use the heater, simply turn the heater switch to the selected fan speed. In order for the heater to work, the engine must be at operating temperature. One of the features of the heater are the snorkel vents, which can be pulled out direct heat to specific areas.

  • Page 53: Battery Box

    The Supra Dual battery option features a Voltage Sensitive relay which always monitors the engine starting battery so that your engine will always restart.

  • Page 54: Wakeboard Racks

    Cooler Some Supra models offer built-in coolers. They are foam insulated and have drain holes that drain water into the bilge. Be sure to thoroughly clean the cooler and allow it to dry after each use to prevent mold and mildew.

  • Page 55: Mooring Cover

    Mooring Cover Your Supra boat cover is made from the finest canvas and webbing to ensure that your boat will be protected in the off season. The cover has been designed to fit securely around each boat. Use the following procedure when covering the boat: 1.

  • Page 56

    Optional Stereo Amp The stereo amplifier is an optional piece of stereo equipment that is designed to increase the wattage of the signal going to the speakers while minimizing distortion of this signal. Please see stereo amplifier owner’s manual for more information. Using a stereo amplifier without boat engine running may drain the battery to the point where the boat will not restart.

  • Page 57: Fresh Water Cooling System

    Optional Walk-Through Curtain Some Supra models offer an optional Walk-through curtain that snaps into the front walk-through to help prevent cool air from flowing into the cockpit area.

  • Page 58: Fuel Tank, Fuel Vent

    Fuel Precautions Sparks while fueling could cause an explosion! Before Fueling: 1. Turn off engine. 2. Turn off all electrical systems. 3. Extinguish cigarettes or any open flame. While Fueling: 1. Keep fuel hose nozzle in contact with fill pipe to provide grounding.

  • Page 59: Docking Lights, Automatic Fire Suppression System

    Docking Lights The optional docking lights are designed to help you dock, load and unload your boat in low light or at night. NOTE: Docking lights are not to be used as running lights at night. USCG regulations mandate that a boat under power after sunset must display a 360 degree white light and a red/green bow light.

  • Page 60

    Notes — 60 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 61: Service & Maintenance

    Engine hours or elapsed time determine when service is necessary. It is recommended that any replacement parts used during maintenance or for repair be supplied by an authorized Supra dealer.

  • Page 62: Cooling Systems, Fuel Filter

    Cooling Systems FRESH WATER COOLING SYSTEM The standard cooling system for Supra boats is an open circulation cooling system with intake water. This is preferred for lakes and reservoirs with low salt content. If the engine is occasionally operated in salt water, the cooling system should be flushed with fresh water periodically and always before storage.

  • Page 63: Oil Level Check

    Engine Oil and Filter V-Drive Remote Oil Filter V-Drive remote oil filter is mounted in the engine compartment for convenience. Oil Level Check Engine oil level should be checked at regular intervals (such as every 5 engine hours). To obtain a true reading, when the engine is at operating temperature and turned off, check the oil level showing on the dipstick.

  • Page 64

    Transmission Level Check Use only automatic transmission fluid type “A” in transmissions with 1:1 drive train. Refer to Engine Owner’s Manual. Change Frequency Change transmission fluid every year, using only Dextron-III Mercon automatic transmission fluid. Maintaining Fluid Level Transmission fluid level should be checked regularly and fluid added if necessary.

  • Page 65: Shaft Log Packing Nut

    Amp hour discharge rating so it can handle low electrical drawdown cycle. Your Supra electrical system is a negative ground type. The negative battery cable is grounded to the engine block. The positive battery cable is connected to the starter solenoid.

  • Page 66

    Notes — 66 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 67: Cleaning, Care & Storage, Rub Rail Care, Fiberglass Care, Washing Your Boat, Windshield Care

    Fiberglass Care Washing and waxing the boat hull and deck regularly will extend the life and beauty of your Supra. It is a good routine to rinse your boat with fresh water after each day’s use. It is recommended that the hull and deck be cleaned and waxed after every 25 hours of use.

  • Page 68: Upholstery Care

    (See Washing Instructions). Boat Hull Protection If your Supra is to remain in the water for an extended period, the hull below the water line should be painted with a marine bottom paint. Boats left in the water for extended periods of time without bottom paint may experience blistering or discolorization.

  • Page 69: Winterization & Dry Storage

    It is extremely important to follow the proper winterizing procedure. The engine must be correctly winterized for safe storage in your climate. This should be done by a professional. Your Supra dealer will know exactly what must be done to ensure the longest possible life for your boat.

  • Page 70

    Temporary Hoisting Correct Hoisting If the boat ever needs to be hoisted, special attention should be given to the following recommendations: - Hoist the boat using a horizontal lifting bar only. - Never attempt to lift the boat by means of a cable sling from bow to stern lifting eyes.

  • Page 71: Technical Information

    Identification Number The hull identification number is located on the upper right hand side of the transom below the rub rail. © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc. Technical Information Hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced during normal battery operation or charging. Sparks or flames can cause this mixture to ignite and explode if it comes near the vent openings.

  • Page 72

    — 72 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 73: Trailering Your Boat

    Read the trailer towing section of your vehicle owner’s manual before towing your trailer. All Supra trailers require a 2” ball and a five (5) pin marine grade trailer wiring connector. The standard height from the ground to the top of the hitch ball should be about 20 inches.

  • Page 74: Trailer Alignment

    Prolong Trailer Life The following guidelines will prolong the life of the boat and trailer: 1.Always secure the boat to the trailer with tie-downs. Do not place straps around fenders or lights. 2.Always verify that the winch hook is securely in the bow eye, the strap is tight and the winch handle locked in place before trailering.

  • Page 75: Unloading Procedure, Loading Procedure

    Should the vehicle slip into the water, the driver can escape through open window. NOTE: Because your Supra is a direct drive inboard, when backing up, the stern will have a tendency to drift left or right depending on propeller rotation.

  • Page 76: Boat Buddy, Gold Series" Oil Bath Bearings

    Boat Buddy Your Supra trailers come standard with a trailer Boat Buddy. This feature makes loading your boat on the trailer much easier. Loading Place the trigger in the “SET” position. When the bow eye contacts the Boat Buddy, the pin will latch, securing the boat.

  • Page 77: Second Axle Disc Brakes, Spare Tire Bracket, Aluminum Step Plate

    Tandem Axle Some models come standard with a tandem axle trailer and with some it is an option. Second Axle Disc Brakes This optional second axle disk brakes give the trailer more stopping power. Some states required brakes on both axles. Be sure to check your local laws.

  • Page 78: Led Package, Aluminum Wheels, Laser Cut Steps

    LED Package The optional LED lighting package replaces the traditional trailer lights with LED lights. The LED lights are brighter than the traditional lights. NOTE: Vehicles with trailer light monitors may not function properly with LED lights due to the low resistance of the LED lights.

  • Page 79: Supra Warranty

    Taking care of our product after it becomes yours has always been “standard policy” at Skier’s Choice, Inc., the proud manufacturer of the Supra line of boats. And to further prove our point, we offer the following limited warranty. TERMS OF WARRANTY During the applicable Warranty Period (as defined below), Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 80: Other Limitations

    Equipment installed by anyone other than authorized factory personnel at the Company’s production facility. Equipment replaced at an Authorized Supra Facility pursuant to this warranty agreement remains under warranty until the expiration of the Limited Warranty period.

  • Page 81: Customer Assistance

    Owner’s Responsibility Before operating your Supra, it is necessary to read and fully understand this Owner’s Manual and all other information delivered with the boat. It is the owner’s responsibility to take the boat to an authorized Supra dealer to obtain warranty service.

  • Page 82

    Notes — 82 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 83: Index

    Accessory Power Switch Air Inflator—Sunsport 24V Ballast System - Gravity (Optional) Battery & Cable Installation Battery Box Battery Specifications Bilge Area Drain Plug Bilge Inspection Plate Bilge Pump Switch Bimini Top (Optional) Blower Switch Boating Rules Boating Safety Boat Specifications Body Lubrication Bow Eye Bow Light...

  • Page 84: Table Of Contents

    Index (continued) Safety Lanyard/Engine Shut-Off Switch Safety Equipment Satellite Radio (Optional) Seat Adjustment Service & Maintenance Shaft Log Packing Nut Ski Locker Ski Platform Ski Platform Detachable Brackets Ski Pylon (Inboard & V-Drive) Slalom Course Speeds Speedometer Speed Calibration Speedometer Paddle Wheel Starting &...

  • Page 85

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  • Page 86

    Notes — 86 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 87

    Notes 87 — © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

  • Page 88

    Notes — 88 © 2006 Skier’s Choice, Inc.

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