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Motorola PMNN4439 Manual page 4

Apx radios aa lithium/ aa alkaline replaceable battery pack

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This unit has been optimized for 1.5 V
Lithium Primary AA Battery and 1.5 V
Alkaline Primary Battery. The use of
other battery chemistries is not
The use of 3.6 V Lithium Primary AA
Battery could create permanent damage
to the system. Additionally, the unit has
been tested and optimized with the
following battery manufacturer:
The Motorola APX Radios AA Lithium
Replaceable Battery Pack is compatible
with Motorola APX Radio.
Use only 12 pieces 1.5 V Lithium
Primary AA Batteries or 12 pieces 1.5 V
Alkaline Primary Batteries, mixed
chemistry battery could cause system
malfunction. Battery-Type-Selector
switch should be toggled to the position
according to the type of battery
chemistry used.