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Installing The Tv; Enclosed Area - Sony NSX-32GT1 Reference Guide (PDF) Reference Manual

Internet tv.
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• When attaching the Table-Top Stand
again, be sure to fasten the screws
(previously removed) to the original
holes on the rear of the TV.
Using a Wall-Mount
Your TV can be mounted on a wall
using a Wall-Mount Bracket (not
supplied) out of the box as
packaged. If the Table-Top Stand
is attached to the TV, the TV may
require detaching the Table-Top
Stand; see "Detaching the
Table-Top Stand from the TV"
(page 7).
Prepare the TV for the Wall-Mount
Bracket before making cable
For product protection and safety
reasons, Sony strongly
recommends that you use the
Wall-Mount Bracket designed for
your TV and the installation should
be performed by a Sony dealer or
licensed contractor.
• Follow the operating instructions
supplied with the Wall-Mount
Bracket for your model. Sufficient
expertise is required in installing
this TV, especially to determine the
strength of the wall for withstanding
the TV's weight.
• Be sure to use the screws supplied
with the Wall-mount bracket when
attaching the mounting hooks to the
TV set.
The supplied screws are designed
so that they are 8 mm to 12 mm in
length when measured from the
attaching surface of the mounting
The diameter and length of the
screws differ depending on the
Wall-mount bracket model. Use of
screws other than those supplied
may result in internal damage to the
TV set or cause it to fall, etc.
8-12 mm
(supplied with the
Wall-mount bracket)
Mounting Hook
Hook attachment on
rear of TV set
• Be sure to store the unused screws
and Table-Top Stand in a safe
place until you are ready to attach
the Table-Top Stand. Keep the
screws away from small children.
• Read page 2 to 6 for additional safety

Installing the TV

Against a Wall or

Enclosed Area

Make sure that your TV has
adequate ventilation. Allow
enough space around the TV as
shown below. Avoid operating the
TV at temperatures below 41 °F
(5 °C).
Installed with stand
Leave at least this much space around the set.
Installed on the wall
Never install the TV set as follows:
Air circulation is blocked.
Air circulation is blocked.
• Inadequate ventilation can lead to
overheating of the TV and may cause
damage to your TV or cause a fire.
Pairing the keypad
with the TV
Make sure that the batteries
are correctly inserted.
Press the CONNECT button on
the TV for two seconds or more
to display the pairing screen.
Hold down the Fn and Enter
keys following the instructions
on the screen until the pairing
screen disappears.
How to Care for
Your TV
Safety is very important, please
read and follow the safety
documentation (page 2 to 6).
Unplug the TV and other
connected equipment from the
wall outlet before you begin
cleaning your TV.
Leave at least
• Wipe the LCD screen gently with a soft
this much space
around the set.
• Stubborn stains may be removed with
a cloth slightly moistened with a
solution of mild soap and warm water.
• If using a chemically pretreated cloth,
please follow the instruction provided
on the package.
• Never use strong solvents such as a
thinner, alcohol or benzine for
• Do not plug in the TV into the wall
outlet until the moisture from cleaning
has evaporated.
The TV should also be placed on a
stable surface to prevent it from
toppling over (see page 4). If you
have young children or pets at
home, check regularly to insure the
TV is securely fastened.


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