Using Your Radio - DeWalt DXFRS220 Owner's Manual

Walkie talkie two-way radio
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Caring for Your Radio
Your radio will give you years of trouble-free service if cared for properly.
Handle the radio gently. Keep the radio away from dust. Never put the radio in
water or in a damp place. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
Battery Information
The battery is not charged before delivery, so please charge the battery for
your rst use. If the battery is not used for a long time or the battery is used up,
please charge it before use. Charge / discharge for twice or three times
alternately to achieve its optimal performance.
• Do not cause any short circuit on the battery or throw the battery into re.
• When charging, please make sure the radio is powered off to guarantee it
can be fully charged.
• Unplug the charging cable after it is fully charged. Unnecessary constant
charging will shorten the battery life.
• Do not put the fully-charged battery to re-charge, or it may shorten the
battery life.
• Please try to keep the battery in an indoor environment at around 25°C. The
battery may get easily spoiled after being kept in the environment below
-10°C for a long time.
• In temperatures higher than 35°C or below -10°C, the dischargeable power
of the battery may decrease due to the physical property of lithium battery.

Using Your Radio

For charging radio(s):
1. Insert the micro-USB cable into jack located at the bottom of radios.
2. Plug the cable into USB compatible power port.
3. It will take around 5 hours for a full charge.
4. LED indicator
Power Off the Device during charging
Battery Charging
Battery Charged
WALT recommends your radio be turned off while being charged.
Quick Start
1. Press and hold Power/Menu button for 4 seconds to turn the radio
on or off.
2. Select a desired channel.
Both radios must be tuned to the same
channel/privacy code to communicate.
3. Press and hold the Talk button while speaking into the microphone.
4. When nished talking, release the Talk button and listen for a
Solid Red (No ash)
Solid Green (No ash)

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents