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Panasonic CS-RZ25VKRW Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions
Air Conditioner
Model No.
Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Single Split
* Outdoor Unit
Multi Split
Operating Instructions
Air Conditioner
Before operating the unit, please read these operating
instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference.
The included Installation Instructions should be kept and read
by the installer before installation.
Remote control is packaged in the indoor unit and removed
by the installer before installation.
* Kindly consult authorised dealer for connectivity validity.



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  • Page 1 Operating Instructions Air Conditioner POWERFUL POWERFUL POWERFUL Model No. Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit CS-RZ25VKRW Single Split CS-RZ35VKRW CU-RZ25VKR CS-RZ42VKRW CU-RZ35VKR CS-RZ50VKRW CU-RZ42VKR CS-RZ60VKRW CU-RZ50VKR CS-RZ71VKRW CU-RZ60VKR CS-RZ80VKR CU-RZ71VKR CS-MRZ16VKR CU-RZ80VKR CS-MRZ20VKR * Outdoor Unit Multi Split CU-2Z52VBR CU-3Z54VBR CU-4Z71VBR Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 Provides maximum comfort with optimal energy saving methods. Flexibility to connect Single Split System or Multi Split System Air Conditioner to suit your needs. For complete product features, please refer to catalogue. Use remote * Remote control display control within 8 m and functions may from the remote vary depending on the...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing Panasonic Air Conditioner. Table of contents Safety precautions ……… 4-11 How to use ……………………12-13 To learn more …………… 14-15 Cleaning instructions ……… 16 Troubleshooting ………… 17-19 Information…… Back Cover Accessories • Remote control • AAA or R03 batteries × 2 •...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions To prevent personal injury, injury to others or property damage, please comply with the following: WARNING Incorrect operation due to failure to follow instructions below may cause harm or damage, the seriousness of which is classifi ed as below: This appliances is not intended for accessibility by the Indoor unit and outdoor unit general public.
  • Page 5 If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, service agent CAUTION or similarly qualifi ed persons in order to avoid a hazard. Indoor unit and outdoor unit It is strongly recommended to be installed with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) Do not wash the indoor unit with water, or Residual Current Device (RCD) to prevent benzine, thinner or scouring powder to avoid...
  • Page 6 Safety precautions Must always ensure that foreign matter (oil, water, etc.) does not enter the piping. Also, WARNING when storing the piping, securely seal the opening by pinching, taping, etc. (Handling of R32 is similar to R410A.) This appliance is fi lled with R32 •...
  • Page 7 f) Precautions shall be taken to avoid 2. Servicing excessive vibration or pulsation to 2-1. Service personnel refrigerating piping. • The system is inspected, regularly supervised g) Ensure protection devices, refrigerating and maintained by a trained and certifi ed piping and fi ttings are well protected service personnel who is employed by the against adverse environmental effects person user or party responsible.
  • Page 8 Safety precautions 2-3. Checking for presence of refrigerant 2-7. Checks to the refrigerating equipment • The area shall be checked with an • Where electrical components are being appropriate refrigerant detector prior to and changed, they shall be fi t for the purpose and during work, to ensure the technician is aware to the correct specifi...
  • Page 9 3. Repairs to sealed components 6. Detection of fl ammable refrigerants • During repairs to sealed components, all • Under no circumstances shall potential electrical supplies shall be disconnected from sources of ignition be used in the searching or the equipment being worked upon prior to any detection of refrigerant leaks.
  • Page 10 Safety precautions 8. Removal and evacuation 9. Charging procedures • When breaking into the refrigerant circuit • In addition to conventional charging to make repairs – or for any other purpose procedures, the following requirements shall – conventional procedures shall be used. be followed.
  • Page 11 e) If a vacuum is not possible, make a manifold • The recovery equipment shall be in good so that refrigerant can be removed from working order with a set of instructions various parts of the system. concerning the equipment that is at hand and f) Make sure that cylinder is situated on the shall be suitable for the recovery of fl...
  • Page 12: How To Use

    How to use To adjust airfl ow direction To adjust airfl ow direction (CS-RZ25/35/42VKRW, CS-MRZ16/20VKR) Upper direction AIR SWING POWERFUL Indicator • Do not adjust the fl ap by hand. POWER TIMER POWERFUL CS-RZ25/35/42VKRW, • For lateral direction, it is manually CS-MRZ16/20VKR 6/ 0 adjustable as shown.
  • Page 13: To Learn More

    See "To learn more..." for details. To save electrical power consumption • Save power consumption at unoccupied room by adjust set temperature up to 3°C automatically. • Brightness of all indicators will be dimmed. To set the timer 2 sets of ON and OFF timers are available to turn ON or OFF the unit at different preset time. •...
  • Page 14: To Learn More

    To learn more... Single split system Single Multi split system Multi Operation mode • It is possible to operate the indoor units individually or simultaneously. The priority of operation is placed on the fi rst unit that turned on. • During operation, HEAT and COOL modes cannot activate at the same time for different indoor units.
  • Page 15 Operating conditions Use this air conditioner in the temperature range indicated in the table. Indoor Single split outdoor unit Multi split outdoor unit Temperature °C (°F) Max. 32 (89.6) 23 (73.4) 46 (114.8) 26 (78.8) 46 (114.8) 26 (78.8) COOL Min.
  • Page 16: Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning instructions To ensure optimal performance of the unit, Indoor unit cleaning has to be carried out at regular (Unit may vary depending on the model) intervals. Dirty unit may cause malfunction and you may see error code “H99”. Please consult Anti-bacterial fi...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following symptoms do not indicate malfunction. Symptom Cause POWER indicator blinks before the unit is • This is a preliminary step in preparation for the switched on. operation when the ON timer has been set. • When ON Timer is set, the unit may start earlier (up to 35 minutes) before the actual set time in order to achieve the desired temperature on time.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting When... ■The remote control is missing or a malfunction has occurred (CS-RZ25/35/42VKRW, CS-MRZ16/20VKR) (CS-RZ50/60/71VKRW, CS-RZ80VKR) AUTO OFF/ON AUTO OFF/ON 1. Raise the front panel. 2. Press the button once to use in AUTO mode. 3. Press and hold the button until you hear 1 beep, then release to use in forced COOL mode.
  • Page 19 How to retrieve error codes If the unit stops and the TIMER indicator blinks, use the remote control to retrieve the error code. Press for Press until you hear beep 5 seconds sound, then write down the error code TIMER TIMER CANCEL CANCEL...
  • Page 20: Information

    Operation Instructions and/or Installation Instructions. Installation Instructions. Panasonic Corporation 1006 Kadoma, Kadoma City, Osaka, Japan Website: © Panasonic Corporation 2019 ACXF55-22390 Printed in Malaysia FC0319-0...