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Bluetooth Connection - LG SL10YG Simple Manual

Wi-fi sound bar
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Voice command
• Plan your day
"Tell me about my day. "
"What' s my next meeting?"
"Set a reminder to check schedule at 6pm. "
• Weather
"What' s the weather?"
"What' s the weather on tomorrow?"
"What' s the weather in New York?"
• Music
"Play the music. " "Next song. "
"Previous song. " "Pause the music"
• Availability
"How many calories in a hot dog?"
"How do I get to Ocean Beach?"
"How do you say hello in Korean?"
"Talk to Best Jokes. "
• Internet
"What movies are showing this weekend?"
"Why is the sky blue?"
"What is the smallest country in Europe?"
"How much sugar is there in a Coke?"
• Subscriptions
"What are the latest headlines?"
• Smart Home
"Turn up the thermostat. "
"Set the thermostat to 22 degrees"
"Dim the lights in the kitchen. "
"Is the light on in the living room?"
• For more information on the voice
commands, refer to the "Google Home"
app screen or visit the web site. https://
• If you're having problems with Voice
recognition or this product, suggest your
feedback by saying "Ok Google, feedback".
It is helpful to Google Service quality

Bluetooth Connection

Step 1. Connect the Wi-Fi
Make sure the speaker connects to Wi-Fi by using
"Google Home" app.
Bluetooth function is inactive before
connecting to Wi-Fi.
Step 2. Change Function
Select the Bluetooth function by pressing F
Step 3. Find and Select your speaker
Select speaker name that was set on "Google Home"
app on the device list of your smart device. When
successfully connected Bluetooth, "PAIRED" will
appear on display window.
Comfortable Function
With the Google Assistant built in, you can control
compatible smart home devices such as TV' s , lights,
switches, plugs, thermostats and more by simply
using your voice.
For more information, visit the below web
• Set up, Usage and more: https://support.
• Compatible LG appliance models: Visit and then search the
Download LG Wi-Fi Speaker Application
You can manage the speaker settings and control the
speaker by using "LG Wi-Fi Speaker" .
Download "LG Wi-Fi Speaker" on the App Store or
Google Play Store.



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