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Troubleshooting - Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HM09NA-U1 Service Manual

Indoor unit split-type air conditioners.
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1. Before troubleshooting, check the following
1) Check the power supply voltage.
2) Check the indoor/outdoor connecting wire for miswiring.
2. Take care of the following during servicing
1) Before servicing the air conditioner, be sure to turn OFF the unit first with the remote controller, and then after confirm-
ing the horizontal vane is closed, turn OFF the breaker and/or disconnect the power plug.
2) Be sure to turn OFF the power supply before removing the front panel, the cabinet, the top panel, and the P.C. board.
3) When removing the P.C. board, hold the edge of the board with care NOT to apply stress on the components.
4) When connecting or disconnecting the connectors, hold the connector housing. DO NOT pull the lead wires.
3. Troubleshooting procedure
1) First, check if the OPERATION INDICATOR lamp on the indoor unit is flashing ON and OFF to indicate an abnormality.
To make sure, check how many times the OPERATION INDICATOR lamp is flashing ON and OFF before starting ser-
vice work.
2) Before servicing check that the connector and terminal are connected properly.
3) When the P.C. board seems to be defective, check the copper foil pattern for disconnection and the components for
bursting and discoloration.
4) When troubleshooting, refer to 9-2, 9-3 and 9-4.
4. How to replace batteries
Weak batteries may cause the remote controller malfunction.
In this case, replace the batteries to operate the remote controller normally.
Remove the back lid and insert batteries.
Then reattach the back lid.
Insert the negative pole of the
batteries first. Check if the polarity
of the batteries is correct.
NOTE: 1. If RESET button is not pressed, the remote controller may not operate correctly.
2. This remote controller has a circuit to automatically reset the microcomputer when batteries are replaced.
This function is equipped to prevent the microcomputer from malfunctioning due to the voltage drop caused by the
battery replacement.
3. Do not use the leaking batteries.
Lead wiring
Connector housing
Press RESET button with a thin instrument, and
then use the remote controller.


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