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Use Series 61 and 62 Modutrol IV Motors for standard Series
60 operation (drive open, hold, drive closed). Series 62 motors
can also be used with the feedback potentiometer as an input
to the controller.
See Table 6 for details on motor response to controller signals.
NOTE: Reverse the wires at either the motor or controller.
To reverse the rotation direction of a non-spring return motor:
• Reverse the wires at terminals W and B.
Table 6. Modutrol IV Motor Operation.
Terminal Connection
Motor Type
Series 61 Series 62
Non-Spring Return
ccw (closed)
or Spring Return
cw (open)
Non-Spring Return None
stops (none)
Spring Return
spring return


After the installation and linkage adjustment, check the entire
motor and control hookup. Proper checkout ensures that:
• The motor operates the load (damper or valve) properly.
• The motor responds properly to the controller as the input
varies. See Table 6.
• The auxiliary switch, if used, operates at the desired point of
motor rotation.
1. Inspect motor, linkage, and valve or damper to ensure all
mechanical connections are correct and secure.
NOTE: In damper installations, the pushrod should not
extend more than a few inches past the ball
2. Ensure that there is adequate clearance for the linkage
throughout the entire motor stroke without binding or
striking other objects.
3. Drive the motor fully open and fully closed. See Table 6.
NOTE: Refer to controller or system instructions for
additional checkout procedures.
4. For spring return motors, ensure that the valve or
damper returns to its normal position when power is
5. Return controller to the desired setting before leaving the


Damper Application
1. Turn off power and remove wiring from the old motor.
2. Remove the crank arm from the shaft of the old motor
and remove the old motor.
3. Determine mounting bracket necessity. If the linkage can
reach the new motor shaft position and the crank arm
has clearance for the necessary rotation, the bracket is
not required. Use the 220738A Adapter Bracket or the
221455A Crank Arm if the crank arm must rotate through
the bottom plane of the motor.
a. If no bracket is required, mount the new motor
directly to the equipment and refer to the
Installation, Settings and Adjustments, and the Oper-
ation and Checkout sections.
b. If the bracket is required, refer to the Adapter Bracket
section and Fig. 3 in addition to the
Installation, Settings and Adjustments, and the Oper-
ation and Checkout sections.
4. Use No. 12 or 1/4 inch machine screws or bolts to mount
the new motor.
5. Mount damper crank arm and linkage to the new motor
6. Use the Checkout procedures to test the crank arm and
linkage adjustment.
Valve Application
When replacing a motor in a valve application, the linkage type
determines the necessity for the 220738A Adapter Bracket.
With Q100, Q601 or Q618 Linkages, it is necessary to use the
220738A to raise the motor shaft to the appropriate height.
Valve applications with a Q5001 Linkage do not require the
220738A Adapter Bracket. To operate Honeywell V5011 Two-
way or V5013 Three-way Valves through full stroke, use a 160°
stroke motor.
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