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Sony BRAVIA 4-159-943-12 (1) Operating Instructions Manual

Sony lcd digital colour tv operating instructions.
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Printed in Spain
© 2009 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-159-943- Printed in Spain © 2009 Sony Corporation 4-159-943-...
  • Page 2: Trademark Information

    Please refer to the illustration that actually equipped with the product. Introduction Thank you for choosing this Sony product. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. The manufacturer of this product is Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Start-up Guide Safety Information ... 8 Precautions ... 9 Remote and TV Controls/Indicators ... 10 Watching TV Watching TV... 14 Instruction Manual Instruction Manual ... 16 Navigating through the Instruction Manual ... 16 Additional Information Installing the Accessories (Wall-Mount Bracket) ... 17 Specifications ...
  • Page 4: Start-up Guide

    Start-up Guide Before Use To check the accessories Mains lead (Type C-6)* (1) (Except for 37/32 inches) Stand (1) and screws (4) RM-ED020 Remote (1) RM-ED018 Remote (1) (KDL-46/40/37/32W5820/ 5830/5840 only) Size AA batteries (R6 type) (2) * Do not remove the ferrite cores. To insert batteries into the remote Push and lift the cover to open.
  • Page 5 2: Connecting an aerial/Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) Connecting a Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) with SCART Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) • Screw the satellite connector softly with hand, do not use any tool. • TV must be switched off when connecting satellite antenna.
  • Page 6: Performing The Initial Set-up

    “Quick Scan”, try “Full Scan” (though it may take some time). For a list of compatible cable providers, refer to the support web site: DVBC/ • You can also tune channels manually. Programme Sorting: If you want to change the order of analogue channels, follow the steps in “Programme Sorting”.
  • Page 7: Adjusting The Viewing Angle

    Adjusting the viewing angle of the TV This TV can be adjusted within the angles shown below. Adjust the angle left and right (swivel) Top view Front Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV • Remove the screws guided by the arrow marks of the TV.
  • Page 8: Safety Information

    • Leave space around the TV set as shown below. • It is strongly recommended that you use a Sony wall-mount bracket in order to provide adequate air-circulation. Installed on the wall 30 cm 10 cm...
  • Page 9: Precautions

    If the following problems occur... Turn off the TV set and unplug the mains lead immediately if any of the following problems occur. Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it checked by qualified service personnel. When: –...
  • Page 10: Remote And Tv Controls/indicators

    (Info/ changes as follows: Text reveal) In digital mode: Details of the current programme (only for Sony Guide) In analogue mode: Current channel number and screen mode In Text mode: Reveals hidden information (e.g. answers to a quiz) (page 15).
  • Page 11 Press F/f/G/g to move the on-screen cursor. Press to select/confirm the highlighted item. When playing a photo file: Press start a slideshow. Press F/G to select the previous file. Press f/g to select the next file. When playing a music/video file: Press pause/start the playback.
  • Page 12 • When you change the “Scene Select” setting, Theatre Mode turns off automatically. • “Control for HDMI” (BRAVIA Sync) is only available with the connected Sony equipment that has the BRAVIA Sync or BRAVIA Theatre Sync logo or is compatible with Control for HDMI.
  • Page 13 Indicators Indicator Description Do not put anything over the sensor, doing so may affect its function. 1 Light sensor Receives signals from the remote. 2 Remote control Do not put anything over the sensor. The sensor may not work properly. sensor Lights up in green when you select “Picture Off”.
  • Page 14: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Watching TV Press 1 on the TV to turn on the TV. When the TV is in standby mode (the 1 (standby) indicator on the TV front panel is red), press "/1 on the remote to turn on the TV.
  • Page 15 To access Analogue Text In analogue mode, press /. Each time you press /, the display changes cyclically as follows: Text and TV picture t Text t No Text (exit the Text service) To select a page, press the number buttons or To hold a page, press To reveal hidden information, press •...
  • Page 16: Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual Instruction Manual Displays the instruccion manual on the screen. Navigating through the Instruction Manual Press HOME to display the XMB™. Category Object Bar Press G/g to select Settings. Press F/f to select Instruction Manual, then press Press F/f to select topic from the Table of Contents, then press Use the corresponding coloured button to go to next or previous page and to return to Table of Contents.
  • Page 17: Additional Information

    TV’s weight. Be sure to entrust the attachment of this product to the wall to Sony dealers or licensed contractors and pay adequate attention to safety during the installation. Sony is not liable for any damage or injury caused by mishandling or improper installation.
  • Page 18 TV installation dimensions table Screen centre point Display dimensions Model Name KDL-52V58xx 126.2 KDL-52W58xx 126.2 KDL-46V58xx 112.3 KDL-46W58xx 112.3 KDL-40V58xx 98.7 KDL-40W58xx 98.7 KDL-37V58xx 91.7 KDL-37W58xx 91.7 KDL-32V58xx 79.8 KDL-32W58xx 79.8 Figures in the above table may differ slightly depending on the installation. WARNING The wall that the TV will be installed on should be capable of supporting a weight of at least four times that of the TV.
  • Page 19 Screw and Hook locations diagram/table Model Name KDL-52V58xx KDL-52W58xx KDL-46V58xx KDL-46W58xx KDL-40V58xx KDL-40W58xx KDL-37V58xx KDL-37W58xx KDL-32V58xx KDL-32W58xx Screw location When installing the Mounting Hook on the TV. Screw location Hook location d, g d, g d, g d, g d, g d, g d, g d, g...
  • Page 20: Specifications

    Specifications System Panel system LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel TV system Analogue: Depending on your country/area selection: B/G/H, D/K, L, I Digital: DVB-T/DVB-C Satellite: DVB-S/DVB-S2 Colour/video system Analogue: PAL, PAL60 (only video input), SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43 (only video input) Digital: MPEG-2 MP@ML/HL, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC MP/HP@L4 Channel coverage Analogue: VHF: E2–E12/UHF: E21–E69/CATV: S1–S20/HYPER: S21–S41 D/K: R1–R12, R21–R69/L: F2–F10, B–Q, F21–F69/I: UHF B21–B69...
  • Page 21 Model name KDL- 52V58xx, 52W58xx Power and others Power requirements 220 V – 240 V AC, 50 Hz Screen size (measured 52 inches / Approx. 132 cm diagonally) Display resolution 1,920 dots (horizontal) × 1,080 lines (vertical) Power in “Home”/ 156 W (KDL- consumption “Standard”...
  • Page 22 PC input signal reference chart for Resolution Signals Horizontal × Vertical (Pixel) × × × SVGA × × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 × WXGA 1280 × 1280 × 1280 × 1280 × 1360 × SXGA 1280 × HDTV 1920 ×...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    For example, the indicator may flash three times, go off for two seconds, then flash again three times. Press 1 on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the mains lead, and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (number of flashes).
  • Page 24 Condition No picture from the connected equipment appears on the screen. You cannot select the connected equipment on the Home Menu or you cannot switch the input. Sound The picture is good, but there is no sound. Channels You cannot select your desired channel.
  • Page 25 Condition Explanation/Solution Changes on the server are not • Sometimes changes are not applied to displays on the TV even though being applied or displayed content differs from content on the server. Photo, music and/or video files do not appear or icons are not displayed.
  • Page 26 • If you have connected any audio system that is compatible with Control for HDMI, you cannot select “Off” in this menu. If you want to change the audio output to the TV speaker, select “TV Speaker” in the “Speaker” menu. • Check the support website for cable provide information.
  • Page 27 Keep this Instruction manual safe you’ll need it Television in the UK is going digital, bringing us all more. Please see overleaf to find out when your area switches to digital. Digital UK is the independent, non-profit organisation leading the process of digital TV switchover in the UK.
  • Page 28 If you are missing any channels, it may be that they are not available in your area, or that your aerial needs upgrading. If you have any questions, please contact Sony on 08705 111 999 or call Digital UK on 0845 6 50 50 50 or visit †Calls charged at BT rate of 3p per minute daytime and 1p per minute evenings and weekends.

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