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D-Link COVR-2202 Reviewer's Manual

Tri-band seamless wi-fi system
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Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi System



Summary of Contents for D-Link COVR-2202

  • Page 1 COVR-2202 Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi System...
  • Page 2 Covr your Entire Home in Seamless Wi-Fi C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C Introducing Covr-2202, the high-powered, seamless Mesh Wi-Fi System that takes MORE COVERAGE whole-home networking to a whole new level. It blankets every square inch of your home...
  • Page 3: Smart Roaming

    Smart Roaming Smart Backhaul C100 M0 Y19 K23 C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C Pantone 3145C Other Home Wi-Fi Gone are the days of only being able to Enjoy higher performance from your Covr devices with dedicated 5GHz Smart Backhaul. It frees up use Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home: Wi-Fi capacity so you can enjoy more reliable connections even with multiple devices connected.
  • Page 4 Mesh Wi-Fi. A Whole Lot Better. C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C Whether it’s 4K streaming, Covr-2202’s Smart Backhaul feature automatically Traditional Wi-Fi Routers Covr Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi System VR-gaming or file-sharing, Covr optimises the signal between the Covr Points, no matter where you place them around your home.
  • Page 5 MU-MIMO Technology C100 M0 Y19 K23 Smart Steering Pantone 3145C Like having multiple routers in your home, Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) sends data to multiple If you don’t know your 2.4’s from your 5’s, don’t worry. Smart steering selects the best band for devices simultaneously to increase speed and efficiency.
  • Page 6 Powerful. And Flexible. C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C The Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System comes pre-paired and works straight out of the box, so you just need to plug in the Covr Points and get started. The best part? It’s flexible enough to cover almost every housing type.
  • Page 7: Simple Setup

    Pantone 3145C Covr Points – use the free D-Link Wi-Fi app for iOS and Android devices, or use the intuitive web-based setup wizard on your computer. Please see the following pages for further details on how to set up your Covr Tri-Band Seamless Wi-Fi System using these two methods.
  • Page 8 Set Up Using the D-Link Wi-Fi App C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C D-Link Wi-Fi Download the free Open the app and tap and use your Follow the instructions When the LED on your D-Link Wi-Fi will attempt Set a Wi-Fi network...
  • Page 9 COVR LED, go to ‘Settings’ on the strong connection to your whole instructions. D-Link Wi-Fi app, then Management > home network. System > LED OFF.
  • Page 10 Configure your network in no time using the intuitive web-based Extenders interface or with the free D-Link Wi-Fi You can check the status of each Covr app for your Android or iOS mobile Point by clicking this icon. Click on the device.
  • Page 11 Parental Control and Scheduling C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C Return to the home screen and click The Parental Control feature can be used to restrict network access to client on the Connected Clients icon in devices. Schedules can also be set to give client devices access to the whole the network map.
  • Page 12: Specifications

    Specifications C100 M0 Y19 K23 Pantone 3145C COVR-2202 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports 6 Internal Antennas Wi-Fi Radios Up to 866Mbps (5GHz) x 2 / Up to 300 Mbps (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ac/n/g/b 90 x 100 x 200 mm Dimensions...
  • Page 13 For more information, visit Copyright © 2018 D-Link Corporation/D-Link Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. D-Link, the D-Link logo and Covr are trademarks or registered trademarks of D-Link Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.