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Mobile Communications Equipment; Export Unique Options - Ford Fiesta 2019 Owner's Manual

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interference with or even damage to
vehicle systems. We do not recommend
or endorse the use of aftermarket plug-in
devices unless approved by Ford. The
vehicle Warranty will not cover damage
caused by an aftermarket plug-in device.
WARNING: Driving while
distracted can result in loss of vehicle
control, crash and injury. We strongly
recommend that you use extreme
caution when using any device that may
take your focus off the road. Your
primary responsibility is the safe
operation of your vehicle. We
recommend against the use of any
hand-held device while driving and
encourage the use of voice-operated
systems when possible. Make sure you
are aware of all applicable local laws
that may affect the use of electronic
devices while driving.
Using mobile communications equipment
is becoming increasingly important in the
conduct of business and personal affairs.
However, you must not compromise your
own or others' safety when using such
equipment. Mobile communications can
enhance personal safety and security when
appropriately used, particularly in
emergency situations. Safety must be
paramount when using mobile
communications equipment to avoid
negating these benefits. Mobile
communication equipment includes, but
is not limited to, cellular phones, pagers,
portable email devices, text messaging
devices and portable two-way radios.
2019 Fiesta (CCT) Canada/United States of America, KE8J 19A321 AA enUSA, Edition date: 201806, Second-Printing


For your particular global region, your
vehicle may be equipped with features and
options that are different from the features
and options that are described in this
Owner's Manual. A market unique
supplement may be supplied that
complements this book. By referring to the
market unique supplement, if provided,
you can properly identify those features,
recommendations and specifications that
are unique to your vehicle. This Owner's
Manual is written primarily for the U.S. and
Canadian Markets. Features or equipment
listed as standard may be different on units
built for export. Refer to this Owner's
Manual for all other required
information and warnings.


Table of Contents