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Fig. D
7. After the water has been drained, close the drain valve.
The air compressor can now be stored.
nOTE: If drain valve is plugged, release all air pressure. The
valve can then be removed, cleaned, the reinstalled.

WARNING: Blow dirt and dust out of all air vents with
clean, dry air at least once a week. To minimize the risk
of eye injury, always wear ANSI Z87.1 approved eye
protection when performing this.

WARNING: Never use solvents or other harsh
chemicals for cleaning the non-metallic parts of
the tool. These chemicals may weaken the plastic
materials used in these parts. Use a cloth dampened
only with water and mild soap. Never let any liquid
get inside the tool; never immerse any part of the tool
into a liquid.

WARNING: To assure product SAFETY and
RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance and adjustment
(including brush inspection and replacement, when
applicable) should be performed by a CRAFTSMAN
factory service center or a CRAFTSMAN authorized
service center. Always use identical replacement parts.

WARNING: Risk of Unsafe Operation. Unit cycles
automatically when power is on. When servicing,
you may be exposed to voltage sources, compressed
air, or moving parts. Before servicing unit unplug or
disconnect electrical supply to the air compressor,
bleed tank of pressure, and allow the air compressor
to cool.
To Replace Regulator (Fig. A, E)
1. Release all air pressure from air tank. See To Drain Tank
in the Maintenance
2. Unplug unit.
3. Remove the console cover.
4. Using an adjustable wrench remove the safety valve 
from the regulator manifold 
5. Remove the hose by removing the hose clamp 
nOTE: The hose clamp is not reusable. You must
purchase a new hose clamp.
Fig. E
6. Remove three pump mounting screws securing pump.
7. Carefully lift pump up away from brackets and out of
the way.
8. Using an adjustable wrench remove the regulator
9. Apply pipe sealant to new regulator manifold and
assemble, tighten with wrench.
10. Reapply pipe sealant to safety valve.
11. Reassemble all components in reverse order of removal.
Make sure to orient gauges to read correctly and use
wrenches to tighten all components.
Before you store the air compressor, make sure you do
the following:
1. Review the Maintenance section on the preceding
pages and perform scheduled maintenance
as necessary.
2. Drain water from air tank. See To Drain Tank
under Maintenance.

WARNING: Risk of Bursting. Water will condense
in the air tank. If not drained, water will corrode
and weaken the air tank causing a risk of air
tank rupture.
3. Protect the electrical cord and air hose from damage
(such as being stepped on or run over). Wind air hose
loosely around the compressor handle. Wrap electrical
cord onto the cord wrap.
4. Store the air compressor in a clean and dry location.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents