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Making A Call From The Recent Call Logs; Making A Call From Contacts; Speed Dialing; Pause Dialing - Samsung SPH-A960 User Manual

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Call functions
Making a call from the recent call
The phone stores up the calls you have dialed,
received, or missed chronologically. The last call is
saved in the first position.
To recall any of these numbers:
1. In Standby mode, press the SEND key to access
call logs. The list of recent calls displays.
2. Press the Navigation keys, or the Volume keys
on the left side of the phone until you find the
number you want.
3. Press the SEND key to dial the highlighted

Making a call from Contacts

You can store the phone numbers you called
regularly in the phone's memory, which is called
"Contacts". You then simply recall the number by
pressing the OK key and selecting from the
Contacts list.

Speed dialing

Once you have stored phone numbers from your
Phonebook list, you can set up speed dial entries
and then dial them easily whenever you want,
simply by pressing the associated numeric key.
To speed dial, in Standby mode, enter a speed
dialing number you have set and press the SEND
key to dial the number. You can also press the first
digit briefly, then hold down the second digit of the
speed dialing number.

Pause dialing

When you call an automated system, like a
banking service, you are often required to enter a
password or account number. Instead of manually
entering the numbers each time, you can store
the numbers in your Contacts, separated by
There are 2 kinds of pauses that can be entered
on your phone:
• P pause: A hard pause stops the dialing
sequence until you press the SEND key.
• T pause: A 2-second pause stops the dialing
sequence for two seconds and then
automatically sends the remaining digits.
Storing pauses in a Contacts entry
To store a number in your Contacts that contains
1. In Standby mode, enter a phone number you
want to store, such as the bank's teleservice
phone number.
2. Press the Options soft key.
3. Select the required pause type and press the
OK soft key.
• P Pause. The letter "P" displays, meaning
that a hard pause will occur at that point in
the dialing sequence.
• T Pause. The letter "T" displays, meaning
that a "2-second" pause will occur at that
point in the dialing sequence.
4. Enter the digits that need to follow the pause,
such as your account number.
Call functions


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