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Samsung CDR10018 User Manual

F-pass reader


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F-Pass Reader
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  • Page 1 F-Pass Reader (CDR10018) User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    7. Setting Network ........16 Before Use ..........2 8. Using USB ..........17 1. Cautions for Safety........3 9. Viewing ..........18 2. F-Pass Reader (CDR10018) ...... 5 2.1. Device Exterior Guide ......5 2.2. Button data..........5 Other Information ........ 19 1. Check Before Arming!......20 User Manual (CDR10018)....
  • Page 3: Before Use

    Before Use...
  • Page 5: Cautions For Safety

    1. Cautions for Safety Warning Failure to follow these instructions may lead to death or serious injuries. Do not modify or reinstall the product Do not disassemble, repair or alter on your own. the product on your own. • It may cause breakdown, electric •...
  • Page 6 Caution Failure to follow these instructions may lead to serious injuries or property damages. Do not scribble or keep cards and Please contact S1 (+82-2-1588-3112) wireless devices scratch dirty. first when you experience breakdowns or other problems related to the •...
  • Page 7: F-Pass Reader (Cdr10018)

    2. F-Pass Reader (CDR10018) The device enforces arm or disarm, or open the door by using user data such as face recognition, BLE or card. 2.1. Device Exterior Guide Camera LCD Touchscreen · Displaying current conditions and other data · Touch input ·...
  • Page 8: User Manual (Cdr10018)

    User Manual (CDR10018)
  • Page 9: Things To Know Before Enrolling Users

    1. Things to Know Before Enrolling Users CDR10018 can enroll up to 200,000 users. 1.1. Authentication Methods by User Authentication Method Notes This is for users who don't want to register their Card Auth. faces. Register your card for authentication.
  • Page 10: Enrolling Users

    3. Enrolling Users 3.1. Enrolling Face Auth. Users "2. Going to Menu" Select [Register Users] in Selecting users with or without admin authentication, and user menu to go to glasses and then touch [Next] then touch [User] menu to enroll users menu. button to proceed.
  • Page 11: Viewing Users

    4. Viewing Users You can view, edit and delete already enrolled users. Only admins and s1 personnel can edit and delete users. ※ Authentication methods available for viewing users View Method Authentication data Available for Viewing Card Auth. All Users Face Auth.
  • Page 12: Viewing Users By Face Auth

    4.2. Viewing Users by Face Auth. "2. Going to Menu" Select [Check the User] in user Select [Face Only] to proceed. admin authentication, and menu to view users. then touch [User] menu to go to user menu. Authenticate the face you want to view and confirm the result.
  • Page 13: Viewing User Groups

    Enter the Customer Number you want to view and confirm the result. 5. Viewing User Groups "2. Going to Menu" Select [Check the group You want to view and confirm admin authentication, and of user] in user menu to the result. then touch [User] menu to view user groups.
  • Page 14: Setting User Environment

    6. Setting User Environment You can arrange various settings such as Face Auth., Voice or Device Restart required for you to use CDR10018 reader. 6.1. Setting Face Auth. Item Notes For face authentication, 4 options for images can be selected...
  • Page 15: Setting Display

    6.2. Setting Display Item Notes You can adjust screen brightness between 10% and 100%. Brightness Higher numbers mean brighter screen. You can change auto light on according to the user security settings. Light Option As it is closely related to external security, please contact S1 (+82-2-1588-3112) for settings.
  • Page 16: Setting Sound

    6.3. Setting Sound Item Notes You can adjust the volume between 0% and 100%. Volume Higher volume means bigger sound. Alarm Sound You can select the alarm sound among 3 different options. You can select the alarm sound among 4 different options including Auth.
  • Page 17: Device Restart

    6.4. Device Restart "2. Going to Menu" Touch [Restart device] Once you see the popup, admin authentication and then to proceed. touch [OK / Cancel] depending touch [User Environment] to go on your choice on whether to to user environment menu. restart the device.
  • Page 18: Setting Network

    7. Setting Network Network setting and communication testing items to connect Cles Manager. Item Notes TCP/IP Settings Setting product IP to connect Cles Manager. SW Communication Testing communication status of Cles Manager. Testing Testing the communication status between the applicable PING Testing IP and the product.
  • Page 19: Using Usb

    8. Using USB You can export log data from the device to USB, and upgrade firmware. Item Notes Export Log Data Saving log data of the device onto USB. Firmware Upgrade Applying firmware file of USB to the device for upgrade. Refresh Update data.
  • Page 20: Viewing

    9. Viewing You can view device info, authentication methods registered in the device. Item Notes Device Info Showing the version info, of the device. Upper Level Device Info Showing the information of the upper level device connected. Key Data Info Showing the card key and mobile key info.
  • Page 21: Other Information

    Other Information...
  • Page 22: Check Before Arming

    1. Check Before Arming! Before arming, please check the following to prevent unexpected accidents and other risks. Can you see any movement inside? Is the safe detector installed in front of the safe door? (Where the safe detector • Check whether people still occupy the is installed) premises.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting For Emergency Situations

    3. Troubleshooting for Emergency Situations? In event of fire or theft, please remain calm and follow the following instructions. The screen displays messages for abnormal A thief breaks in! situations and the alarm activates! •Press the emergency button. S1 emergency staff will visit your premises and the situation is also commu- •In such cases, you hear a sudden alarm sound of nicated to the police station.
  • Page 24: Convenient And Safe Voice Mailing System (Vms)

    5. Convenient and Safe Voice Mailing System (VMS) VMS (Voice Mailing System) is a service that allows you to monitor the system via phone and it automatically informs you when arming has not activated as per pre-defined time limits. 5.1. Security Check Please contact +82-2-1588-3122 to check your security conditions.
  • Page 25: Other Information

    6. Other Information 6.1. General Cautions and Instructions It is not allowed to copy or reproduce this guide without prior written consent of S1. Product specification may change without notice for improved quality or change in functionality. Please contact S1 with the following information for any questions related details about the product. •...
  • Page 26 Do you have any questions about us? Contact +82-2-1588-3112 S1 offers 24/7 customer service to promptty respond to your questions or complaints. We offer detailed counseling services for your questions or complaints in a fast manner. It is not allowed to reproduce this guide without written consent of S1. Product specification may change without prior notice for improved quality or change in functionality.

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