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Vegas - Panasonic AJ-SDX900 Software Manual

Support in vegas and dvd architect software
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Vegas has always been able to edit 24p, but previously did not offer reading or writing 24p DV format files. The
4.0b update added 24p support to the AVI / DV format, including specific support for the Panasonic 24p cameras, as
well as a new ruler format and project frame rate to make workflow even smoother. The external monitor and print-
to-tape features have also been updated for 24p DV support.
Project settings
When pulldown is removed, 24p in NTSC runs at about 23.976 fps. Vegas software added this frame rate to the list
of frame rates in the Project Properties dialog, although you could also just type it in with previous versions. It's
called "23.976 (IVTC Film)." IVTC is an abbreviation for Inverse Telecine (a telecine machine converts film to
video and inserts pulldown), and is more or less synonymous with pulldown removal.
New project templates called "NTSC DV 24p" and "NTSC DV 24p Widescreen" have been added for working with
24p DV projects.
Ruler settings
A new "SMPTE Film Sync IVTC (23.976, Video)" ruler format has been added. It is to "SMPTE Film Sync (24 fps,
Film)" as "SMPTE Non-Drop (29.97 fps, Video)" is to "SMPTE 30 (30 fps, Audio)." In other words, it runs about
0.1% slower than wall-clock time but has perfect frame number alignment with 23.976 fps media frames and project
frames. You should use this ruler format if you will be transferring to film, as it will show film run time accurately.
Use one of the wall-clock synchronized formats (such Film Sync or SMPTE Drop) to see video project run time.
Reading DV with 24p
When you select a 24p clip captured from a Panasonic 24p camera (or rendered from Vegas) in the Vegas Explorer
or in the "File > Open" or "File > Import Media" dialog boxes, it will show the frame rate of 23.976 in the display of
the file's properties. The pulldown method is shown after the codec name (e.g., "DV (removing 2-3 pulldown)").
To turn off the ability to decode 24p DV, there is a switch on the General tab of the Preferences dialog called "Allow
pulldown removal when opening 24p DV" which defaults to on. If you turn this switch off, Vegas will read 24p DV
footage as 60i without removing the pulldown. You would want to turn this preference off if you are editing in 60i
Writing DV with 24p
When rendering a 24p project, there are four 24p AVI / DV templates: "NTSC DV 24p (inserting 2-3 pulldown)"
and "NTSC DV 24p (inserting 2-3-3-2 pulldown)" as well as "NTSC DV Widescreen 24p (2-3 pulldown)" and
"NTSC DV Widescreen 24p (2-3-3-2 pulldown)" for widescreen 24p. These will insert pulldown during rendering,
creating a standard DV file that may be printed to tape and played back on any DV device. You should use 2-3
pulldown when the file will be used for playback or other use and the 2-3-3-2 pulldown if the file is intended to be
brought back into Vegas as source material (since the pulldown removal will be more efficient).
In the AVI "Custom" template editing page, when the "Video format" is "NTSC DV" or "NTSC DV Widescreen,"
you can choose the 23.976 frame rate and pulldown method in the "Frame rate" combo box.
24p and Panasonic AG-DVX100 and AJ-SDX900 camcorder support in Vegas and DVD Architect Software



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