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Craftsman CMXGPAM1080053 Instruction Manual page 10

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Never operate the chipper shredder without chipper chute lowered into the
operating position.
Branches up to three inches in diameter can be fed into the chipper chute. Observe
the following guidelines when chipping branches:
Keep both hands firmly on the branch as you feed it into the chipper chute.
Never feed more than one branch into the chipper chute at a time.
Never feed anything other than branches (or wood) into the chipper chute.
Apply intermittent pressure (force, in short pulses) while feeding larger
branches into the chipper chute, to avoid bogging or stalling the engine.
IMPORTANT: Never feed branches with a diameter greater than three (3)
inches into the chipper chute. Doing so can result in serious damage to your
unit's chipper blades, flails or impeller.
NOTE: For best performance, always operate the unit with sharp chipper
blades. If a noticeable loss in performance is encountered while chipping
branches, the chipper blades should be replaced.
Emptying the Bag
Stop engine.
Squeeze the locking buckle to release the bag's drawstrap before loosening
it from the chute deflector. See Figure 5.
Empty the bag and reattach to the chute deflector opening. Refer to the
ASSEMBLY section of this manual.
Figure 5