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Important; Safety - Philips HTL1100 User Manual

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1 Important

Read and understand all instructions before you
use your product. If damage is caused by failure to
follow instructions, the warranty does not apply.


Risk of electric shock or fire!
Never expose the product and accessories
to rain or water. Never place liquid
containers, such as vases, near the product.
If liquids are spilt on or into the product,
disconnect it from the power outlet
immediately. Contact Consumer Care to
have the product checked before use.
Never place the product and accessories
near naked flames or other heat sources,
including direct sunlight.
Never insert objects into the ventilation
slots or other openings on the product.
Where the mains plug or an appliance
coupler is used as the disconnect device,
the disconnect device shall remain readily
Disconnect the product from the power
outlet before lightning storms.
When you disconnect the power cord,
always pull the plug, never the cable.
Risk of short circuit or fire!
Before you connect the product to the
power outlet, ensure that the power
voltage matches the value printed on the
back or bottom of the product. Never
connect the product to the power outlet if
the voltage is different.
Risk of injury or damage to the SoundBar!
Never place the product or any objects
on power cords or on other electrical
If the product is transported in
temperatures below 5°C, unpack the
product and wait until its temperature
matches room temperature before
connecting it to the power outlet.
Parts of this product can be made of
glass. Handle with care to avoid injury and
Risk of overheating!
Never install this product in a confined
space. Always leave a space of at least four
inches around the product for ventilation.
Ensure curtains or other objects never
cover the ventilation slots on the product.
Risk of contamination!
Do not mix batteries (old and new or
carbon and alkaine, etc.).
Danger of explosion if batteries are
incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
Remove batteries if they are exhausted or
if the remote control is not to be used for
a long time.
Batteries contain chemical substances, they
should be disposed of properly.
Risk of swallowing batteries!
The product/remote control may contain
a coin/button type battery, which can be
swallowed. Keep the battery out of reach
of children at all times! If swallowed, the
battery can cause serious injury or death.
Severe internal burns can occur within two
hours of ingestion.
If you suspect that a battery has been
swallowed or placed inside any part of the
body, seek immediate medical attention.
When you change the batteries, always
keep all new and used batteries out of
reach of children. Ensure that the battery
compartment is completely secure after
you replace the battery.
If the battery compartment cannot be
completely secured, discontinue use of the
product. Keep out of reach of children and
contact the manufacturer.



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