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    Traxxas Corporation Corporate Headquarters 1100 Klein Road Plano, Texas 75074 Phone: 972.265.8000 Toll-free 1-888-TRAXXAS Traxxas U.K. P.O. Box 1128 Winterbourne, Bristol BS17-2SH England Phone: 44.117.956.1002 Internet E-mail: Entire contents ©2002 Traxxas Corporation. Traxxas, T-Maxx, TRX 2.5, TQ-3, Top Fuel, EZ-Start, and ProGraphix are trademarks or registered trademarks of Traxxas Corporation.

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    Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro Monster Truck. Traxxas engineers have loaded your T-Maxx with innovative features and incredible “drive-over-anything” performance that you won’t find anywhere else! Your T-Maxx combines automatic, two-speed shifting in forward and reverse, with powerful four-wheel disc braking. The patented transmission design and three-channel TQ-3 radio system put these functions right at your fingertips.

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    Before You Proceed Carefully read and follow all instructions in this and any accompanying materials to prevent serious damage to your T-Maxx. Failure to follow these instructions will be considered abuse and/or neglect. Before running your T-Maxx, look over this entire manual, and examine the truck carefully.

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    Safety Precautions All of us at Traxxas want you to safely enjoy your new T-Maxx. Operate your T-Maxx sensibly and with care, and it will be exciting, safe, and fun for you and those around you. Failure to operate your T-Maxx in a safe and responsible manner may result in property damage and serious injury.

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    Tools, Supplies, and Required Equipment For more info on Your T-Maxx comes with a set of specialty metric tools. You’ll batteries, see Use need to purchase other items, available from your hobby dealer, the Right Batteries to operate and maintain your model. on page 13.

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    Anatomy of the T-Maxx Pressure Line EZ-Start Motor Fuel Line EZ-Start Plug Bumper Mount Body Mount Half Shaft Header Fuel Tank Lid Shifting Servo Fuel Steering Tank Servo Slipper Shift Chassis Clutch Spur On/Off Gear Switch Battery Pipe Hanger Antenna Mount Filter Transmission...

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    Quick Start: Getting up to Speed The Quick Start Guide is not intended to from opening the box to breaking in and tuning your engine. replace the full operating Refer to the pages indicated for details on each step. Look for the instructions available in Quick Start logo on the bottom corners of Quick Start pages.

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    Gluing The Tires The tires on your T-Maxx must be glued to the rims using CA tire glue to prevent the rims from spinning inside the tires. You can glue the tires without removing the wheels from the truck. For clarity, these instructions show the process with the wheels removed.

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    Decorating Your T-Maxx Applying The Decals The ProGraphix painted body is covered with a protective film for shipping. You must remove this film before applying any decals. To remove the film, lift a corner of the film and carefully pull it off the body in one continuous piece.

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Your T-Maxx (model 4910) is equipped with the TQ-3 Radio System. The TQ-3 is a 3-channel system that provides high- power output up to a quarter mile and control for up to three servos. Throttle Neutral Adjust Antenna Steering Wheel Throttle Trim...

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Radio System Terminology Learn terms related to the TRX 2.5 Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these radio- engine beginning system terms. They will be used throughout this manual. on page 23. Channel - The 27 MHz frequency band is divided into 6 channels so that up to six models can be operated simultaneously.

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    Installing Transmitter Batteries Your TQ-3 transmitter uses 8 AA batteries. The battery compartment is located at the base of the transmitter. 1. Remove the battery compartment door by pressing the tab and lifting the door up. 2. Install the batteries in the correct orientation as indicated in the battery compartment.

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Installing Receiver Batteries Direct the battery wires through the The radio receiver in your T-Maxx uses 4 AA batteries. The battery slot in the battery holder for the receiver batteries is located underneath the battery cover.

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    Setting Up the Antenna You must install the antenna mast (tube) before you operate your T-Maxx. You’ll find the plastic antenna tube and tip in the bag with your manuals and documentation. 1. Locate the black antenna wire that exits the receiver cover. The T-Maxx receiver cover is mounted on the top of the chassis, near the front.

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System TQ-3 Radio System Controls SHIFT REVERSE ACCELERATE BRAKE NEUTRAL SHIFT FORWARD...

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    Other TQ-3 Radio System Adjustments In addition to the electronic throttle and steering trim controls, your radio system features throttle neutral adjustment and servo reversing switches. Throttle Neutral Adjustment The throttle neutral adjustment is located on the transmitter face and controls the forward/reverse travel of the throttle trigger.

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System TQ-3 Radio System Rules Remember, always turn the TQ-3 Each time you prepare to run your transmitter on first T-Maxx, you must clear your frequency and off last to avoid to be sure no one else in the area is damage to your T-Maxx.

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    Using the TQ-3 Radio System The TQ-3 Radio System was pre-adjusted at the factory. The adjustment should be checked, before running the model, in case of movement during shipping. Here’s how: 1. Fully extend the chrome antenna mast on the transmitter and turn the switch on.

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    The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Range-Testing the TQ-3 Radio System Don’t attempt to Before each running session with your T-Maxx, you should range- operate your T-Maxx if there are test your radio system to ensure that it operates properly. any problems with your radio system or radio 1.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine Introduction There’s nothing like the TRX 2.5 engine in your new T-Maxx. The TRX 2.5 engine is vastly superior to typical R/C engines and belongs in the category of specialty high-performance racing engines. It’s the result of years of focused engineering development, and thousands of hours of controlled testing and rigorous real-world running.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine TRX 2.5 Illustrated Pressure Line Exhaust Pipe Filter Idle Speed Screw High-Speed Needle Fuel Intake Air Intake Carburetor Flywheel Clutch Bell Crankshaft Throttle Low-Speed Needle Ground Wire Glow Plug Wire Negative Positive Wire Fuel Tank Head Protector Head (Cylinder head) EZ-Start...

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    Terms to Know You’ll find these Nitro R/C engine terms throughout this section of the manual. .15 - .15 or “15” refers to the size of the engine. The TRX 2.5 is .15 cubic inches or 2.5 cubic centimeters (cc). The name “TRX 2.5” is derived from the cc measurement.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine Flame-out - Occurs when the engine stops running at high RPM. Usually the fault of an excessively lean fuel mixture or glow plug failure. Fuel - (10% 20%) The TRX 2.5 must have model engine fuel to run.

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    Priming - Manually causing fuel to move from the fuel tank up to the carburetor. This is sometimes necessary after the engine has been sitting for a long period of time and all the fuel has drained back to the tank. On a Traxxas model this is done by holding your finger over the exhaust tip for one or two seconds while the engine is starting.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine You may use higher The Fuel nitro percentages Use the Right Fuel than 20% in certain It’s imperative that you use the correct fuel in circumstances. Call 1-888- your TRX 2.5 for maximum performance and TRAXXAS for more engine life.

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    The Air Filter The TRX 2.5 air filter is carefully designed to deliver maximum performance while protecting your engine from dust and dirt. Use only the supplied filter. You will not improve engine performance by switching to an aftermarket filter, and you may risk engine damage due to poor filtration.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine See page 35 for The Carburetor more information Understanding the Carburetor adjustments on how air density The carburetor performs several functions. It controls the affects engine tuning. engine’s speed by restricting the intake of air and fuel into the engine.

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    Water Valve (Controls Overall Flow) High Speed Needle Water Nozzle (Controls Fine Flow) Low Speed Needle pulled completely away from the needle seat leaving it fully open. At that point, fuel metering is entirely controlled by the high-speed needle. Again, using our water hose example, when the spray nozzle at the end of our garden hose is fully open, then the main water valve can be used to adjust how fast the water flows.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine The Traxxas EZ-Start Electric Starting System Use the Right Charger The Traxxas EZ-Start brings the convenience of push-button The most convenient electric engine starting to your T-Maxx. The EZ-Start consists of a type of charger is an AC peak- handheld control unit and an on-board motorized starter.

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    Using the EZ-Start Your EZ-Start controller plugs into a 4-prong receptacle in the center of the pickup bed on your T-Maxx. When the red button on the controller is depressed, the EZ-Start motor begins to spin the engine, and power from the control unit heats the glow plug.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine Breaking in Your TRX 2.5 Racing Engine See Important Points to Remember The TRX 2.5 uses a ringless, aluminum-brass-chrome (ABC) on page 5 for other piston/sleeve construction.This type of engine design relies on a precautions. very precise running fit between the piston and sleeve for cylinder sealing.

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    Tank 1 1. Drive the model with the body off. 2. Driving procedure: Gently pull the throttle trigger to 1/4 throttle over a 2-second count. Then gently apply the brake to stop. Count the two seconds out while accelerating: one thousand one, one thousand two, and then stop.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine Tuning Your TRX 2.5 Engine for Best Performance When adjusting the low speed fuel The engine’s performance depends on the fuel mixture. Turn the mixture, it is very mixture needles clockwise to lean the fuel mixture and important to make several counterclockwise to richen it.

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    Low-Speed Fuel Mixture Adjustment The low-speed mixture is always set after the high-speed needle is correctly adjusted. The low-speed mixture will be set using the pinch test. 1. Once the engine is warm, do several high-speed runs to confirm that the high-speed needle is set correctly. 2.

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    The TRX 2.5 Racing Engine Tuning The Engine By Temperature The following procedures require an optional infrared temperature probe or on-board temperature gauge (Traxxas on-board digital temperature gauge, part#4090). Engine temperature can be used as an effective tuning aid when you understand the relationship between engine temperature and ambient temperature.

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    Driving the T-Maxx Introduction Your TRX 2.5 engine is broken in, the fuel mixture is balanced, and the idle is set…now it’s time to have some fun! This section contains instructions on forward/reverse shifting, and making adjustments to your T-Maxx. Before you go on, here are some important precautions to keep in mind.

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    Adjusting Your T-Maxx Once you become familiar with driving your T-Maxx, you might need to make adjustments for better driving performance. Adjusting the Slipper Clutch The T-Maxx features an adjustable slipper clutch on the spur gear to help protect the drive train from sudden shock loads (such as landing off of jumps with the engine at full throttle).

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    Adjusting the Toe-in Your T-Maxx comes from the factory with zero degrees of toe-in in the front, and one degree of toe-in in the rear.You can adjust the toe-in on the front and rear of the truck. Set the steering trim on your transmitter to neutral.

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    Adjusting Your T-Maxx For easier access to Adjusting the suspension the rear-most shock The T-Maxx has adjustable suspension so that it may be mounting screw, optimized for different kinds of terrain and driving styles. remove the one end of the rear turnbuckle.

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    Ride height decreases as the lower shock mounting position is moved from position (1) to position (4). Each pair of lower shock mounting holes (1,2 and 3,4) has equal ride height. Use lower ride height for high-speed cornering and flat terrain, and when racing on relatively smooth tracks.

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    Troubleshooting Your T-Maxx The following section addresses some very basic engine and radio questions you may have about your T-Maxx. Most questions arise from simple user errors or minor adjustments that are easy to correct. If you can’t find a solution for your T-Maxx here, then visit our Web site at and click on the Customer Support menu.There you will find a much more extensive and detailed online troubleshooting area.

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    shudder when taking off. It is most apparent during the break-in process when you are driving in a gentle manner. Accelerating slightly faster will virtually eliminate any visible shuddering. Engine spins but will not start: If the engine is spinning but will not start, first check to make sure that both the motor and glow plug LEDs on the EZ-Start controller light when the button is depressed.

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    Maintaining and Storing Your T-Maxx Your T-Maxx requires timely maintenance in order to stay in top If the engine is running condition. Neglecting the maintenance could allow dirt, worn or damaged enough to require deposits, and moisture to build up inside the engine leading to replacing the piston, internal engine failure.

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    After-run Procedure You must perform after-run maintenance on your Traxxas engine whenever the model will be stored for longer than a few hours. Taking the time to prepare your engine for storage will reward you with longer engine life, easier starting, and better performance.

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    Index ABC 23 After-run maintenance 21, 44, 45 After-run procedure 45 Air density 28, 35 Air Filter 7, 22, 23, 27, 35, 44, 45 Cleaning 21, 27 foam 23 maintenance 43 oil 6, 27 Air Intake 22 Air temperature 36, 43 Air/fuel mixture 28 Air/fuel ratio 28, 29, 32 Airflow 36...

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    Jumping 37 Pressure Line 7, 22 Lean 24, 29 Primary gear shaft 38 leaning the mixture 24 Priming, see Engine; priming maximum safe lean setting 34-35, ProGraphix 10 Punch 25 Lubrication 29 Quick Start 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 18, Maintenance 44 19, 20, 26, 30, 31, 32, 34, 37, 44 Maintenance schedule 21...

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