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GE Ultra Pro Hover HD 250 User Manual page 3

Amplified antenna bar
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Antenna Assembly & Installation:
1. After removing Antenna from package, select the
mounting method you prefer and place the antenna in the
desired location.
a. Mount above TV or to wall.
b. Lay the antenna flat.
c. Use the TV mount (as shown below).
Note: When mounting to your HD television, in order to
get the antenna to fit properly, please adjust the
television mounting bracket by opening it enough so
that the antenna sits flush on the television. When
moving the bracket you should hear a click when
opening or closing the mount to know that it is working.
Note If you want to lay the antenna flat on a surface
you can remove the antenna stand with a Philips head
2. Connect the coax cable from the antenna to the low
noise amplifier.
3. Connect the low noise amplifier into the TV.


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