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XtremeMac SOMA BT User Manual page 8

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Turning the Soma BT On or Off
1. Turn on the unit by sliding the Power switch
y, the orange will be visible in the switch
and the LED indicators will cycle and then
light to indicate the battery power (if one LED
is lit, then battery is low, up to all four LEDs lit
indicating full battery).
NOTE: If the unit has been paired previously and the
paired unit is close by, the right-most LED indicator
will light and a beep will sound to indicate it has
been paired.
2. Turn the unit off by sliding the power switch y,
the LED indicator will cycle and then turn off.
To Charge the Soma BT
1. With the unit on or off, plug the included cable
from the USB jack on your computer to the micro
USB jack v on this unit. While charging, the
battery level will be shown by the LED indicators
with the current level LED blinking. When all
the LED indicators light solid, then the unit
is fully charged.
2. If the power level is less than 10%, the left-most
LED indicator will start blinking, which means
that the Soma BT needs to be charged.
Using the Soma BT with a Bluetooth Device
1. Turn on the unit as shown above.
2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button U for
approximately three seconds until a beep
sounds and the right-most LED starts blinking.
3. Within five minutes, select Soma BT from the
Bluetooth List on the external device. See
external device's owner's manual for details.
When paired successfully, the Soma BT will beep
twice and the right-most LED will light solid.
NOTE: If the unit is not paired within five minutes,
the LED will stop blinking.
4. Audio played through the external device will
now be heard through the Soma BT.
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