Safety Instructions - Craftsman 151.98833 Operator's Manual

60v max lithium-ion battery pack
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Read and understand all instructions. Failure
to follow all instructions listed below may
result in electric shock, fire and/or serious
personal injury:
For Use Only With 60LFC01-ETL or
60LFC02-ETL Charger.
■ Recharge only with the charger specified
by the manufacturer and listed in the Product
Specifications in this manual. A charger that
is suitable for one type of battery pack may
create a risk of fire when used with another
battery pack.
■ Keep battery pack away from children.
■ Do not expose the battery to water or salt
water. You should place the battery in a cool
and dry environment.
■ Do not charge battery in a damp or wet
location. Following this rule will reduce the
risk of electric shock.
■ Do not place the battery in high-
temperature locations, such as near fire or
■ Do not place battery powered tools or their
batteries near fire or heat. This will reduce
the risk of explosion and possibly injury.
■ Do not dispose of battery packs in fire.
They will explode or leak and cause injury.
Liquid ejected from the battery may cause
irritation or burns.
■ Do not disassemble the battery.
■ Do not open or mutilate the batteries.
Released electrolyte is corrosive and may
cause damage to the eyes or skin. It may be
toxic if swallowed.
■ Do not reverse the positive terminal and the
negative terminal of the battery.
■ Do not connect the positive terminal and
the negative terminal of the battery to each
other with any metal objects.
■ Do not solder directly onto the battery or
pierce the battery with nails or other edge
■ Do not knock or strike the battery, nor step
on it.
■ Do not crush, drop or damage the battery
pack. Do not use a battery pack that has
been dropped or received a sharp blow. A
damaged battery is subject to explosion.
Properly dispose of a dropped or damaged
battery immediately.
■ Batteries can explode in the presence of
a source of ignition, such as a pilot light. To
reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
never use any cordless product in the
presence of open flame. An exploded battery
can propel debris and chemicals. If exposed
flush with water immediately.
■ Under extreme usage or temperature
conditions, battery leakage may occur;
liquid may be ejected from the battery: avoid
contact. If liquid comes in contact with your
skin, wash immediately with soap and water,
then neutralize with lemon juice or vinegar.
If liquid gets into your eyes, do not rub eyes.
Flush eyes with clean water for at least
10 minutes, then seek immediate medical
attention. Following this rule will reduce the
risk of serious personal injury.
■ When battery pack is not in use, keep ot
away from other metal objects like: paper
clips, cons, keys, nails, screws, or other small
metal objects that can makes a connection
from one terminal to another. Storing the
battery terminals together may cause sparks
burns, or a fire.
■ Immediately discontinue use of the battery
if it emits an unusual smell, feels hot,
changes color, changes shape, or appears
abnormal in any other way.
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