Beko E5 Operating Instructions Manual

Beko tv dvd combo operating instructions
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  Summary of Contents for Beko E5

  • Page 1 DVD COMBO COLOUR TELEVISION Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    List of contents Special features ...2 Set-Up and Safety ...3 Getting started ...4 Aerial connection ...4 Battery fitting ...4 Control unit ...5 Remote control...5-7 Front and side panel...8 Using the TV ...9 TV controls...9 Tuning the television...10 Manual tuning...10-11 Automatic tuning...11 Fine tuning...11 Childlock...12 Program organising...12...
  • Page 3: Special Features

    Television Thank you for buying this television which is designed to give you many years of satisfactory service. You may already be familiar with using a television but do please take time to read these instructions. They are designed to familiarise you with the unit’s many new features and to ensure you get the very best out of your purchase.
  • Page 4: Set-Up And Safety

    Set-Up and Safety Please note the following information when setting up your television set. This television set is designed to receive and display video and audio signals. Any other use is expressly prohibited. The ideal viewing distance is 5 times the screen diagonal. External light falling on the screen impairs picture quality.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Connection and Preparation Connecting the antenna and the mains cable 1 Plug the antenna cable of the rooftop antenna into the antenna socket on the television. 2 Plug the mains cable into the wall socket. VIDEO A/L COAXIAL Inserting batteries in the remote control 1 Open the battery compartment by removing the lid.
  • Page 6: Control Unit

    Overview The remote control DVD SETUP TV operation Sound on/off (mute). Switches off the television set (stand-by). 0…9 Switches the television on from stand-by mode. Selects channels directly. Selects the AV channels and the most recently viewed television channel. -/-- Switches between single- and double-digit preset channels.
  • Page 7 Overview DVD SETUP • Moves back a page in text mode • Green Moves to the next page in teletext mode • Yellow Sleep timer button Selects a chapter in teletext mode. • Normalization button Blue Selects a topic in teletext mode. •...
  • Page 8 Overview MENU P100 SUB-T AUDIO DOUB REPEAT HOLD A - B UPDATE / - -- TITLE ZOOM DVD SETUP PROGRAM (*) Depends on the DVD in use. DVD mode During playback, opens the disc menu* on a DVD. MENU SUB-T For selecting and displaying subtitles* of the DVD during playback.
  • Page 9: Front And Side Panel

    Overview Front panel TV/DVD PROG/VOL – MENU VIDEO R AUDIO L External Connections: (Side) Audio Video Switches the television into and out of standby mode. Compartment for CD media. Switches the device from TV mode to DVD mode and back. Interrupts all drive functions.
  • Page 10: Using The Tv

    Using the TV TV controls Program selection Press the »PR buttons on the TV or remote control or press a Numeric button to select a programme. T o select a programme whose number is greater than 9 using the numeric buttons, press the -/-- button first and then press the two Numeric buttons.
  • Page 11: Tuning The Television

    Press the AV button to select your input as follows: 1 AV1 when using SCART socket 1. 2 AV1 S-VHS for S-Video equipment to scart 1 (S-VHS / Scart adapter is needed). 3 AV2 when using the RCA sockets of the TV.
  • Page 12: Automatic Tuning

    Enter the desired program number by using the Ten key program buttons Use the buttons to select » «/» « the program number. Use the button to select »PR « STORE. Press the OK button and STORED will appear on the STORE line.
  • Page 13: Childlock

    Child lock (Optional) Childlock switches off the programme you are watching when you select it. All other programmes are unaffected. If you go back to the programme with childlock on you will see a black screen with the OSD showing ( ) .
  • Page 14: Tv Setup

    TV set up The TV set up is accessed through a menu system. Once you have stored your set up, this is the set up the TV will default to when you switch it on. Please note If you do not press any buttons for 18-19 seconds the TV will exit the menu system.
  • Page 15: Sleep Timer

    b) Sleep Timer The sleep timer automatically switches the set to stand-by after the preset time has elapsed. You can select the time from 15 to 120 minutes with 15 minutes steps. There are two ways to set the sleep timer; 1- Select the SLEEP TIMER in the FEATURES menu.
  • Page 16: Using Teletext

    Using Teletext T eletext is an information system that displays text on your TV screen. Using the teletext control buttons you can view pages of information that are listed in the teletext index (Teletext reception is optional). Please Note No on screen display is available in text mode.
  • Page 17 To select a sub page If the page of text you are viewing contains sub pages, the number of the sub page you are on and the total number of sub pages is displayed on the right of the screen i.e.
  • Page 18: Dvd Mode

    DVD Mode Special DVD features Your DVD player provides you with perfect digital video playback of studio quality. It also provides superb cinema-quality audio playback – in stereo or with digital multi-channel sound – depending on the type of DVD and audio system or stereo television.
  • Page 19 DVD Mode DVD features You can recognise a DVD by the logo on the label. Depending on the content of the DVD, the discs contain one or more titles. Each title may contain one or more chapters. Titles and chapters can be selected easily and conveniently.
  • Page 20 DVD Mode MP3 DISC features MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 and arises from the Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG) Standard which was developed for compressing film data. The MP3 format enables audio files to be saved on a computer with a sound quality similar to that of a CD.
  • Page 21 DVD Mode Using a DVD, Video CD, DivX Disc or Audio Disc Depending on the disc being used, some functions may not be available. Playing back a title 1 After the disc compartment closes and the disc is scanned, playback starts automatically. 2 To pause playback (freeze-frame), press »...
  • Page 22: Additional Functions

    DVD Mode Selecting chapters in steps (SKIP) 1 To select the next chapter, press » playback. 2 Press » « to select the previous chapter. – Playback of the selected chapter begins. P a u s i n g a n d r e s u m i n g p l a y b a c k The playback of a DVD can be interrupted at any point and then resumed from the same place.
  • Page 23: Changing The Camera Angle

    DVD Mode Switching the dubbed language or the audio format These settings switch away from the preset dubbed language, if the DVD offers any alternatives. 1 P r e s s » A U D I O « d u r i n g p l a y b a c k . –...
  • Page 24 DVD Mode Additional JPEG DISC p l a y b a c k f u n c t i o n s Adjusting the picture display The pictures can be rotated or reversed. 1 During playback, press »GOTO« to rotate the pictures by 90°.
  • Page 25: Dvd Settings

    DVD Settings No settings are necessary for operating the DVD unit of the television set. However, in the »DVD SETUP« menu you can change the language, select audio, video, features and adjust many other settings. Selecting the menu 1 Press »DVD SETUP« to call up the menu. –...
  • Page 26: Dvd Settings

    DVD Settings Picture Installation Picture Sound Child Lock TV Format 4:3 PS TV Standart JPEG View Original JPEG Interval 5 Seconds Last Memory Sound Installation Picture Sound Child Lock Dijital Output LPCM 48k DS Child Lock Installation Picture Sound Child Lock Code ----- Access Level...
  • Page 27: Using External Devices

    Using external devices Decoder or satellite receiver A decoder is needed if the television receives encoded programs from a privately operated station. Connecting a decoder or satellite receiver Decoder PAY-TV 1 Connect the »AV1« socket on the television set and the corresponding socket on the decoder using a EURO-AV cable.
  • Page 28 Using external devices Video recorder or set-top Connecting a video recorder or set-top box VIDEO A/L 2 EXTERNAL / DEC. - AV 2 AUDIO 1 EXTERNAL / EURO - AV 1 Connect the »AV1« socket on the television to the corresponding socket of the video recorder or set-top box using a Euro-AV (Scart) cable.
  • Page 29: Information

    Information Technical data Mains voltage: Power consumption: Sound output: Reception range: Preset channels: Ambient temperature: Playback norm: Disc formats: Media formats: Service information for dealers The product complies with the following EU directives: 73/23/EEC directive for electrical equipment to be used within defined voltage ranges.
  • Page 30 Information TV operation Fault Screen lit (snow), but no station Poor picture contrast Interference to picture and/or sound Ghosting, reflection No colour Inappropriate colour, colour spots Picture but no sound Teletext missing or faulty Remote control does not work The picture is unrecognisable after switching on the television Possible cause...
  • Page 31 Information Fault The disc compartment will not open, picture/sound problems. Distorted picture DVD/CD cannot be played No sound No sound at the digital output. Cleaning discs Wipe the dirty disc with a cloth from the centre outwards in a straight line. Do not use any solvents such as benzene, thinners, conventional cleaner or anti-static spray for vinyl records.