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  • Page 1 Dect Phone BD-300 User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents What the symbols mean ...3 The Handset and Base Unit...4 Setting up your telephone...5 Installation ...6 Important safety information ...7 Phone Book ...8 Call Logs...9 Handset Setting ...10 Base Setting ...12 Resetting the system ...14 Handset registration ...15 Intercom and transfer ...16 Troubleshooting ...16...
  • Page 3: What The Symbols Mean

    What the symbols mean Batteries charge level Whenever this shows ‘nearly empty’ ( batteries. While the batteries are being charged, the level shown will keep changing. Outside call You are connected to an outside call. Intercom call You are connected to an intercom call. Phone book Show the names and numbers of stored record.
  • Page 4: The Handset And Base Unit

    Press to end the call. IN USE light The IN USE light comes on when you have a connection to the telephone line. HANDSET LOCATOR button Press this to make the handset ring, if you cannot remember where you put it.
  • Page 5: Setting Up Your Telephone

    The mains adapter plug will reach a 230-V AC switched mains supply socket; never try to lengthen the mains power cable. The telephone cable will reach your telephone line socket or extension socket. It is not close to another telephone, this can cause radio interference.
  • Page 6: Installation

    1. Choose a suitable site for the handset unit Make sure it is not near to another telephone, nor to other electrical equipment. 2. Plug the mains power lead into the power jack on the base unit and plug the telephone line cord into the telephone port.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Information

    NEVER use your phone during a thunderstorm. Unplug the base unit from the telephone line and the mains socket when there are storms in your area. Damage caused by lightning is not covered by the Guarantee.
  • Page 8: Phone Book

    Note: You can dial the number after you press the CALL button if you need, but you won't be able to correct any mistakes if you do it in this way. When you dial the outside line access digit (e.g. 9) then the telephone number, press and hold the "#" button about 2 seconds for a pause.
  • Page 9: Call Logs

    To store new number into phonebook 1. Press the OK button, the display shows ADD 2. Press the OK button again, then key in the name and the number 3. Press the OK button to confirm 4. Press the CLEAR button twice to return to standby mode, or you can continue to store number.
  • Page 10: Handset Setting

    2. Press the OK button, then press UP/DOWN button to the locations MISSED, RECEIVED, or DIALED calls. 3. Press the OK button, then press UP/DOWN button to scroll the records To save a number in call logs When you received a new number, you want to store in phonebook. The following is for your reference.
  • Page 11 Ringer Volume (EXT / INT) You can adjust the ringer volume following the below instruction. 1. Press the MENU button, then press UP/DOWN button to the location HANDSET 2. Press the OK button, then press UP/DOWN button to the location EXT VOL / INT 3.
  • Page 12: Base Setting

    4. Press the OK button, then UP/DOWN button. The display shows one of the numbers from 1 to 5 (The maximum call barring numbers you can set), and then key in the telephone number you want to set call barring 5. Press OK button, then the display shows HS? Key in the handset number that you want to set call barring 6.
  • Page 13 4. Press UP/DOWN button to change the volume 5. Press the OK button to confirm the volume level you chosen Least cost route (LCR) function (Optional) With the LCR function, the phone will automatically replace a long number (up to 11 digits) with a comparative short number (up to 3 digits), to simplify the process of dialing a long number.
  • Page 14: Resetting The System

    You need to register the handset to the base unit again. While you are resetting the system, you should disconnect the telephone line cord from the back of the base unit, so you won't be interrupted by incoming calls. To reset the system...
  • Page 15: Handset Registration

    1. Disconnect the power lead from the back of the base unit 2. Press and hold the HANDSET LOCATOR button in the base unit, at the same time connect the power lead into the back of base unit. Release the LOCATOR button after you hear “beep”...
  • Page 16: Intercom And Transfer

    Check that the base unit’s mains power adapter is plugged in and power is switched on. The base unit needs mains power for normal operation of the phone-not just charging the batteries. Make sure you are using the telephone line cable that was supplied with your phone. Other telephone line cables might not work.
  • Page 17 Check that you have set the ringer volume to off. See the user manual for more information. Check that the total REN value of all equipment connected to your telephone line is no more than 4. Disconnect one or more telephones and see whether that helps.
  • Page 18: Technical Details

    You need to subscribe to the Caller Display feature from your service provider. The caller may have withheld their number, or they may be calling from a network that does not transmit the Caller ID (for example, it may be an international call). The handset’s battery is running low within an hour or two.

Table of Contents