Orton Sentry Xpress Sentry Xpress 4.0 Manual

Single-speed / ramp-hold version digital temperature controller.
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Single-Speed / Ramp-Hold Version
Sentry Xpress
Digital Temperature Controller
°C Display Dot
Temperature Display
display is in °F.
perature display is in °C.
See page 13 for instructions on
selecting °F or °C.
Time Display
: Sepa-
rates hours from minutes. Ex-
ample: Display shown above
is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
When Lit
Starts and stops a firing.
Press after each
programming step. It works like the
Enter key on a computer.
Up Arrow Key
. Press
to select Single-Speed or
Ramp-Hold. Pages 6, 8
During a
Ramp-Hold firing, press the
will appear. Press
. The current segment ramp
or hold number will appear. To
skip, press
again. Page 8
During a
Ramp-Hold firing, press
repeatedly until
. Each time you press
, the hold time for the
current segment will increase by 5
minutes. Then press
Page 8
*These features are new with the Sentry Xpress 4.0. If your controller does
not have these features, it is an earlier controller.
Skip Seg.
Add Hold
Change Temp.
T/C Offset
The Sentry Xpress 4.0 micro processor is manufactured by the
Orton Ceramic Foundation and displays the CE mark.
During a Ramp-Hold firing,
appears. Press
the arrow keys to change the target
temperature for the current seg-
ment. Then press
appears. Press
the arrow keys to change the alarm
temperature. Press
lence the alarm, press any key.
Page 9
At the
row keys to adjust the controller to
fire hotter or cooler. Press
to return to
When Off
When Lit
Down Arrow Key
gram you have selected
will appear one step at a
time. When
pears, press
repeatedly until
Page 4
. Use
. Page 9
Enter delay time. Press
During a firing,
repeatedly until
. Use
During firing, press
. To si-
entered will appear one
step at a time. Page 4
display, press
will appear. Use ar-
. Page 12
Light is
on during pro-
Light is
on during pro-
gram review.
blinks during firing.
. The pro-
twice. Page 4
. The program you

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   Summary of Contents for Orton Sentry Xpress Sentry Xpress 4.0

  • Page 1

    Single-Speed / Ramp-Hold Version Sentry Xpress Digital Temperature Controller °F °C °C Display Dot Temperature Display Temperature display is in °F. Tem- perature display is in °C. See page 13 for instructions on selecting °F or °C. START/STOP Key Time Display : Sepa- programming step.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The easiest way to learn to operate your controller is to read this manual while you are sitting in front of your kiln. Press the keys as you read the instructions. Do not worry if you hear a clicking noise during operation.

  • Page 3: Time And Temperature Display, Operation Begins From The Idle Display, Thermocouple Inspection

    The warranty on your Sentry Xpress controller does not cover damage from overfiring, regardless of the circumstances. It is the operator’s responsibility to make sure the kiln turns off at the proper time. When the kiln is not in use, disconnect the power.

  • Page 4: A Rapid Way To Scroll Numbers, Program Review & Repeat Firing, Delay, Power Failures

    A Rapid Way to Scroll Numbers During programming, hold an arrow key down several seconds, and numbers will begin to scroll rapidly. Ordi- narily, you would press to lower it. But sometimes it is faster to press the opposite key. This is because the numbers scroll below 0000 to the highest number, and vice versa.

  • Page 5: Rate, Hold, Two Firing Modes: Single-speed And Ramp-hold

    Operation The temperature you are firing to is called the target temperature. After the controller reaches the target tem- perature, it can also hold that temperature. The controller fires at a controlled heating rate. The rate is figured in degrees per hour. If you selected a rate of 100° per hour, it would take 10 hours for the kiln to reach 1000°.

  • Page 6: Temperature Over-shoot, Single-speed Programming Instructions

    Ramp-Hold programs in memory. Programs are numbered Pro1 - Pro4. Type of Firing Suggested Firing Mode Enameling Single-Speed Silver Clay Single-Speed Glass Bead Annealing Ramp-Hold Glass Fusing Ramp-Hold Glass Slumping Ramp-Hold Lost Wax Ramp-Hold Selecting a Firing Mode From display, press Press the key several times.

  • Page 7: Ramp-hold Mode, Programming A Cooling Segment

    Mode You can make your own firing programs and store them in the controller’s memory. A firing program tells the kiln how fast to fire, and to what temperature. The simplest pro- gram is one segment. You can use up to 8 segments with your controller in Ramp-Hold mode.

  • Page 8: Ramp-hold Programming Instructions, Skip Segment, Add Hold Time

    Ramp-Hold Programming Instructions Note: You have up to 8 segments available in Ramp-Hold. If you don’t need all 8, zero out the unused segments. (See step 6 below.) From , press Press the key (not the Ramp-Hold programs. When the one you want appears, press will appear.

  • Page 9: The Alarm, Lost Wax Burnout, Overview

    Editing the Target Temperature While the kiln is firing, you can change the target tem- perature of the current segment. (Ramp-Hold: You can edit only the segment that is firing. So if the first segment is the current one, you can edit only the first segment. To edit other segments, wait until the firing has progressed to those segments.) Even if the current segment has already started its hold...

  • Page 10: Burnout Instructions

    Segment 3 lowers temperature to 800°F/426°C, the typi- cal casting temperature for silver. (Most types of gold cast at 900°F / 482°C.) Note: Casting temperature depends on the size of the mold. The temperatures above are only a guide. See your jewelry supply dealer for temperature recommendations.

  • Page 11: Badp / Bad Programming, Eth / Electronics Too Hot, Fail / Thermocouple Failure, Thermocouple Offset

    are Ramp-Hold programs stored in memory. etc. (Rate) (page 8) This appears in Ramp-Hold programming for each segment. 1, 2, etc. are segment numbers. Enter the rate of temper- ature change for that segment. Rate is figured in de- grees of temperature change per hour. Example: A temperature rise of 100°...

  • Page 12: Error Messages, Fe Error Messages, Ftl / Fired Too Long, Htde / High Temperature Deviation

    FE Error Messages FE 1 Memory Read/Write Failure FE 2 RAM Failure FE 3 OEM Factory Data Corruption FE 4 Thermocouple “Noise” FE 5 Software Error To return to from an FE code Try pressing any key. If that doesn’t work, turn the power off for 10 seconds.

  • Page 13: Controller Display Is Blank. No Heat In Kiln

    °C Display The controller can display temperature in either °F or °C. If your controller shows a small display dot in the lower right corner of the display, the temperature shown is °C. No dot means °F. To change temperature display: UNPLUG kiln or disconnect power.

  • Page 14: Controller Display Turns On. No Heat In Kiln

    (in AC mode) to both INPUT connections (the white and orange wires). (See photo on previous page.) CAUTION: Do not let the back of the board touch a grounded object. Make sure the voltmeter is in the AC mode when placing the probes on INPUT connections. Controller Power Input Test Result: No voltage UNPLUG kiln.

  • Page 15: Kiln Switch Box ½ Amp Fuses Keep Blowing

    Problem: Kiln switch box ½ amp fuses keep blowing. What size fuse are you using? Correct fuse: AGC ½ A 250V AC If the fuse is the correct size, perform the following test: Kiln Switch Box ½ Amp Fuse Power Test UNPLUG the kiln/disconnect the power.

  • Page 16

    These instructions may be confusing until you have read more detailed instructions on Single-Speed, page 6, or Ramp-Hold, page 8. Read the safety guidelines, page 3. After pressing the keys in left column, the center message will appear. Keys to Press (Not Down Arrow) Select rate Enter temperature Enter hold time...

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