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Customize And Use; Everyday Use; Install A Faceplate; Choose The Camera From The Home Screen - RCA HSDB1 User Manual

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Install a faceplate

Choose the included faceplate that you
want to use and place it over the doorbell
camera's body. Insert one of the security
screws into the bottom of the doorbell
camera and screw it into place with the
security screwdriver.
Set Screw

Choose the camera from the home screen

In the home screen for the
RCA Doorbell Camera App,
choose the camera you just
activated, and press Start
Live View at the bottom of the
The Live View screen is your
gateway to total control of
your Doorbell Camera from
virtually anywhere.
The next section gives you a
tour of the features available
from this screen.


Live View
Launch the RCA Doorbell Camera App and press Start
Live View.
Who's There? (Video Intercom)
you get a push notification on your phone or tablet. Press the
notification to go to the App, then press Start Live View get a live
view from the doorbel camera. From the live view screen you can...
Talk to the visitor (press
Take a snapshot of the visitor (press
Record video (press
Set Automatic Motion Alerts
(Settings) to access the Settings menu. Then choose Alarm
Notification and set it to Enabled. The doorbell camera will
automatically record video on its pre-installed micro-SD card and
send you a notification when it detects motion.
To see the video captured from any alarm messages, press the
Messages icon at the bottom of the device list screen.
In the App, choose a connected device and press
(Micro-SD Card) to play back any images or videos stored in that
device's memory card.
When a visitor rings the doorbell,
In the Live View screen, press



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