Beko BD 220 User Manual
Beko BD 220 User Manual

Beko BD 220 User Manual

Beko cell phone user manual
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    KEYS POSITION ... 3 LCD DISPLAY ON HANDSET ... 4 MENU OPTIONS ... 5 QUICk REFERENCE GUIDE ... 6 INSTALLATION PRECAUTION ... 7 What is in the box ... 7 Connection and condition for use ... 7 Choosing a site for the Base ..7 Radio signal between handset and base.
  • Page 3: Keys Position

    The display lights up every time a keypad button is pressed and when you receive an incoming call. Speaker phone / Handsfree Press to use the phone in handsfree mode. Redial / Up / Pause Use to redial any of the last 10 numbers called. Press and hold to enter a pause in a number.
  • Page 4: Lcd Display On Handset

    Symbol Explanation Always displayed when your handset is on, shows the battery status. All bars filled - battery fully charged. Empty and you hear a warning tone (during a call) - batteries are low and need charging. In Use indicator Illuminate when the phone is in use.
  • Page 5: Menu Options

  • Page 6: Quick Reference Guide

    Function Button press Switch handset off until display goes off. Switch handset on until display comes on. Adjust earpiece volume During a call, press Make a call / preparatory call , enter number / Enter number, End a call or place handset on base / charger. Receive a call Phone rings, Make a handsfree call...
  • Page 7: Installation Precaution

    Plug the mains AC adaptor into the AC mains socket. The base will beep. Radio signal between handset and base To use your cordless telephone, you must be able to establish a radio link. It is therefore noted that: Placing the base unit as high as practical will give a better result.
  • Page 8: Charging The Batteries

    Charging the batteries Your handset needs battery to operate. During the first use of your phone, it is recommended that the handset is left over on charge overnight to ensure maximum in-use time. 1. Only use the rechargeable batteries supplied with your phone.
  • Page 9: Starting Up

    STARTING UP Connecting the mains power supply to the unit - Plug the mains power adapter lead into the rear base. - Now plug the mains power adapter into the power socket and switch the power on. Inserting the handset battery - Remove the battery compartment cover from the rear hand.
  • Page 10: Standby Mode Display

    Standby mode display When the handset is not in use, the handset is in the standby mode. The LCD will display as: 1 DECT 10:37 Where: Handset assigned number DECT: Handset name 10:37: Time of the day ( 10 AM, 37 minutes) (ex : 23:37 : 11 PM, 37 minutes) Note that, the clock and date should be set.
  • Page 11: Using Your Phone

    USING YOUR PHONE To make and end calls Press Talk-On button and wait for dial tone. The In Use indicator and EXT icon will appear in the display, and the LCD backlight will go on. Dial your desired number on handset. Speak into the microphone when the party answers.
  • Page 12: Re-Dialing

    Using Handsfree to make a call Press Speakerphone button. When you hear the dial tone, dial the number you require. The number appears on the LCD screen and you hear it being dialed. 3) To end the call, press TALK-OFF button, or replace the handset in the base.
  • Page 13: Switching Your Handset On Or Off

    Switching your handset On or Off Press and hold TALK-OFF button to power off the handset. Press TALK-OFF button to power on the handset again. Page function If you lose or misplace your handset you can press the Page on base to relocate it.
  • Page 14: Reviewing The Phonebook

    If you make a mistake while entering the name or number, press CANCEL to delete the last character entered. Repeat for any earlier incorrectly entered characters and then re-enter the required characters. Press OK/Menu button to confirm. NUMBER? is displayed. Input phone number (max.
  • Page 15: Editing An Entry In The Phone Book

    Editing an entry in the phone book * You can amend the name and number of any entry stored in your phonebook: Press OK/Menu button. PHONEBOOK is displayed. Press OK/Menu button again. ADD is displayed. Press DOWN button to scroll to the option EDIT. Press OK/Menu button.
  • Page 16: Caller Id

    CALLER ID Caller Identity Delivery (CID) is a feature of Telephone system that will let you see who is calling on the line. will also let you know who calls you in your absence and you can use the VIP function to tell an incoming call from your VIP person.
  • Page 17: To Store A Cid Entry In The Phonebook

    Press OK/Menu to view the number if the name is displayed first. Press OK/Menu to see the remaining digits if the number is more than 12 digits. Press OK/Menu to see the call time. Use UP and DOWN button to see other records in Calls list. Note: while scrolling the calls log, and appear ---------------, this indicates the bottom/upper end of Call Logs.
  • Page 18: Call Back From The Calls List

    If the CID entry has not been stored in the phone book: 1) Press DOWN button. The most recently received CID is displayed. 2) Use UP and DOWN button to scroll through the Calls list. 3) Press OK/Menu to view the number if the name is displayed first.
  • Page 19: Personalizing Your Setting

    PERSONALIZING YOUR SETTING Selecting Handset Ringer melodies for External or Internal Calls Press OK/Menu button. PHONEBOOK is displayed. Press DOWN button. HANDSET is displayed. Press OK/Menu button. Use DOWN button to scroll to the option EXT MELODY or INT MELODY. Press OK/Menu button.
  • Page 20: Setting Handset Earpiece Volume

    Setting Handset earpiece Speakerphone Volume Press OK/Menu button. PHONEBOOK is displayed. Press DOWN button. HANDSET is displayed. Press OK/Menu button. Use DOWN button to scroll to the option EAR VOL. Press OK/Menu button. The display will show EAR VOL: X (X=earpiece volume level from 1 to 5).
  • Page 21: Naming The Handset

    Naming the Handset Press OK/Menu button. PHONEBOOK is displayed. Press DOWN button. HANDSET is displayed. Press OK/Menu button. Use DOWN button to scroll to the option HS NAME. Press OK/Menu button. Use CANCEL button to delete the original name and the Enter your desired handset name from the keypad (max 5 characters).
  • Page 22: Expanding Your Dect System

    EXPANDING YOUR DECT SYSTEM Adding new handset Your HM base can register up to 5 HM handsets or any GAP compatible handsets. (Note: However, the HM features of real time clock, VIP and other special features of NTLD1300 may not be available when using different GAP DECT Phone of different brand).
  • Page 23: Register Another Dect Gap Compatible Handset

    When the NTLD1300 handset find the base in registration mode, it will acquire registration and once finished the registration process, it will go to the standby mode. You can press the page key of the base - the newly registered handset should emit the paging tone.
  • Page 24: Three Way Conference Call

    Three way conference call If you have more than one handset registered to your DECT phone base, you can have 3-way simulataneous conversation. You should know the number of the other handset registered to your DECT phone base. 1. When you engaged in an external (EXT) call, press the CANCEL/INT followed by the handset number where you wish to transfer the call.
  • Page 25: Advance Features

    ADVANCED FEATURES Programming The following will describe some features of your HM DECT phone for users who want to do more than simply make and answer calls. If you have only one handset and base unit, and if you do not need to prevent unauthorized use of your HM DECT phone, you probably do not need the Advanced Features.
  • Page 26: Pause Time Selection

    Pause time selection If your phone is intended to be connected to a PABX, the PAUSE duration may be required. Your phone has a 4 preset Pause time as: 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 sec. Press OK/Menu button. PHONEBOOK is displayed. Use DOWN button to scroll to BASE.
  • Page 27: Default Setting Parameters

    Default setting parameters This default setting take into effect when you perform DEFAULT on the handset. (It may vary from customer preferences). CID : EMPTY LNR : EMPTY PHONEBOOK : EMPTY PIN CODE : 0000 TIME : 00:00 DATE : 01-01 (January 01) EAR VOL : SPKR VOL :...
  • Page 28: Use In Business

    USE IN BUSINESS USE YOUR DECT PHONE IN BUSINESS? Your DECT phone can be plugged into an extension socket on most PABX. It cannot, however, be guaranteed that it will work satisfactory with all type of PABXs, if you have problems, please consult the authorized maintainer of your PABX.
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Guid

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problems Possible Cause Programming display RF Interference occur NOT AVAIL. during programming. Interference during Out of range or close to other communications other electrical appliance New entries is not Phonebook is full accepted in phonebook. Time reset to12:00 The base power was removed or the base was reset.

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