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JVC LT-32C695 Instruction Manual Page 63

32" led smart hd tv with built-in dvd player.
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There is a problem in PC mode.
The signal is out of range (Invalid
Vertical bar or stripe on background
& horizontal noise & incorrect
Screen colour is unstable or shows a
single colour
Smart TV isn't working
Can't access Smart TV
Smart TV is very slow to activate
Some of the Apps have disappeared
or changed
The DVD function does not work.
DVD will not read the disc
DVD does not have the signal
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Why have I lost some / all of my
Why do I get 'blocking' on my digital
Can I watch Freeview using a
portable set-top aerial?
What type of aerial do I need?
JVC 32' LED Smart HD TV with built-in DVD player LT-32C695_696 Manual.indd 63
• Adjust the resolution, horizontal frequency, or vertical frequency.
• Use Auto configure or adjust clock, phase, or H/V position.
• Check the signal cable.
• Reinstall the PC video card.
• Check you are connected to your router and that the router is switch on and
• Your router may be to far away from your TV, move your router closer to your TV.
• Try connecting your TV to your router using an ethernet cable.
able to access any smart functionality on your TV.
• Your internet speed may be very slow, check your speed with your internet provider.
• The Apps on your TV may have been updated or even removed this can happen at
any time. Its normal and not a fault of your TV.
• Check if the disc is correctly inserted.
• Check that the disc is clean.
• Check if there is any obvious damage to the disc.
• Try to play the disc on another DVD player to check whether it has content.
• Check if the TV is in DVD mode.
• It happens sometimes if you have a weak signal. Usually it just means you'll need to
re-tune your TV. Don't worry, it is easy to do. And once you've done it, you should
get all the Freeview channels available to you. If problems persist you may need to
get your aerial checked. Talk to your retailer or contact your local aerial installer.
• In most cases, blocking is caused by a reception problem – either the signal is too
weak or there is some kind of interference. Talk to your retailer or contact your local
aerial installer.
• Blocking can also be caused by a digital signal that is too strong. If you are still
experiencing blocking and the signal is strong, consult your local aerial installer
for advice.
• Some, but only a few, homes may be able to use a set top aerial. However, for a
much better reception, we strongly recommend that you use a rooftop aerial.
• If you do not have access to a rooftop aerial – for example, if you rent a flat and
the aerial is the responsibility of your landlord, or if you're using a second TV in
the bedroom and don't want the hassle and expense of using extension cables,
a set top aerial may be your only option.
• If you are installing a new aerial, we recommend a wideband rooftop aerial rather
than a loft aerial. Loft aerials generally receive a weaker digital signal and are more
likely to get interference from other electrical devices at home. We suggest you
have an aerial survey done before getting an aerial upgrade.
• Talk to your retailer or contact your local aerial installer.
Technical Information and Help
23/11/2018 11:03


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