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JVC LT-32C655 Quick Start Manual

32'' led smart hd tv with built-in dvd player
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Quick Start Guide
32" LED
Smart HD TV
with built-in DVD player
Thank you
for purchasing your new JVC TV.
Your new TV incorporates the latest technology to enhance your
viewing experience. We would suggest that you allow about 20
mins for initial setup.
Please follow this guide for a successful first time installation.
The latest eco-friendly power-saving technology will switch
off the TV if it is left on and idle for 4 hours. Please refer to
"Auto Standby" under the "Time Settings" section of the
instruction manual for more detail.
Remove all packaging from the unit. Retain the packaging. If you dispose of it please do so according to any local regulations.
Remote Control/
AAA Batteries x2
TV Stand
Screws x 4
Wi-Fi Dongle + Extender
YPbPr Cable
Please inspect your TV for damage after unpacking. If you do notice any damage please consult your dealer.
Operating Your Remote Control
1. Slide open the battery compartment on the back of the remote control.
2. Insert two AAA size batteries. Make sure to match the (+) and ( - )
ends of the batteries with the (+) and ( - ) ends indicated in the battery
3. Slide the battery compartment cover back into place. Make sure it clicks
into place.
LT-32C655_QSG.indd 1
Need More Help!
If you need help setting up your TV then please call:
UK: 0344 561 1234
Ireland: 1890 818 575
Lines are open 24/7
FAV Cable
Instruction Manual
Quick Start Guide
Installing the TV Stand
1. Ensure the TV is switched off and not connected to the
mains power supply.
2. Lay the TV down on a flat surface ideally on the edge of a
table so the base of the TV slightly overhangs the edge of
the table, with the back side facing up. Please make sure a
soft cushioned material (such as a dry bath towel or thick
piece of foam) is placed beneath the screen.
3. Slide the stand under the lip, the neck will fit snugly over
the screw holes. Then screw the stand to the TV using the
4 screws supplied.
The LCD display is very fragile, and must be protected at
all times when installing and removing the base stand. Be
sure that no hard or sharp object,
or anything that could scratch or damage the LCD display,
comes into contact with it. DO NOT exert pressure on the
front of the TV at any time because
the screen could crack.
Connecting the Aerial, Wi-Fi Dongle and Turning on the TV
1. Connect one end of the RF coaxial cable to the aerial socket on the wall and the other end of the cable to the ANT socket on the back of your TV.
2. Connect the Wi-Fi dongle to one of the USB sockets on the back of your TV.
3. Plug the TV into a mains socket and switch on at the mains.
4. In standby mode, press the
button on the remote control to turn the TV on. The LED indicator will flash for a few seconds then the TV will switch on.
Optional -
If you want to connect to the internet via a wired connection then connect your ethernet cable to the LAN socket.
• Do not connect the TV to the mains supply until you have completed all the connections.
• Always disconnect the TV from the mains socket when not in use for a long period of time.
• The
button on the remote control is only used for switching the TV into standby, it does not disconnect the TV from the mains power.
To completely disconnect the mains power, please remove the mains plug from the mains socket.
TV stand (supplied)
Slide under
the lip
RF coaxial cable
Max. 500mA
(not included)
Max. 500mA
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