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Siemens CC-5 Installation Instructions Manual page 3

System cardcage
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Siemens Industry, Inc.
Building Technologies Division
"IN" or "OUT" of the enclosure to perform this installation procedure. If the Mount-
ing Plate is located "IN" the enclosure you will have to gain access to it by opening
the enclosure Inner and Outer doors. If the Mounting Plate is located outside of the
enclosure, place it in front of you so that the word "TOP" is at the top and away from
Each row of studs in the backbox or each Mounting Plate can hold a maximum of
two CC-5 cardcages. There are three possible locations for mounting the CC-5.
Flush left in the backbox or on the Mounting Plate in positions 1-2.
In the center of the row in the backbox or on Mounting Plate in positions 2-3.
Flush right in the backbox or on the Mounting Plate in positions 3-4.
The CC-2 is most effectively used to add two more card slots in a row that already
has one CC-5 and another 1-position module (i.e., PSC-12). It is best installed in a
position adjacent to the CC-5.
When only one CC-5 cardcage is to be installed, it is normally installed on the left
side of a row in the backbox or on the Mounting Plate.
There is a top and bottom to the Mounting Plate. The top is where the word "TOP" is
stamped on the Mounting Plate. When the cardcage is mounted correctly on the
Mounting Plate it will be flush on the top, bottom, and left with the Mounting Plate
and the two screw holes in the center of the cardcage motherboard will be over
threaded posts.
Install four 10-32 screws in the threaded posts at the top left of Position 1,
top right of Position 2, bottom left of Position 1, and the bottom right of
Position 2 on the Mounting Plate. Screw each of the 10-32 screws into the
threaded posts 5-6 turns. (Refer to Figure 3.)
Place the cardcage over the four screws on the Mounting Plate and slide it
down or towards you to rest on the four screws. (Refer to Figure 4.) When
the cardcage is in the correct position it will be flush with the top, bottom,
and left side of the Mounting Plate.
Install the two 10-32 screws in the center of the cardcage motherboard
near the left and right edge.
Tighten the six screws.
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