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Behringer VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P User Manual

Behringer virtualizer pro user's manual dsp2024p
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User's Manual
Version 1.1
February 2002



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  Summary of Contents for Behringer VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P

  • Page 1 User’s Manual Version 1.1 February 2002
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that which is described in the operating instruc- tions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and mainte- nance instructions in the accompanying literature.
  • Page 3 It is an important part of our philosophy to share our gratification with you, since you’re the most important member of the BEHRINGER team. With your highly competent suggestions for new products, you’ve contributed immensely to the development and success of our company. In return, we bring you uncompromising quality (manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system) as well as excellent technical and audio specifications, at an extremely favorable price.
  • Page 4 100 factory presets plus 100 user memory locations Extensive MIDI implementation Precise 8-segment LED level meters Internal power supply for professional applications Servo-balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P ®...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    4.4 Using the VIRTUALIZER PRO as an effects device for instruments ... 27 4.5 Using the VIRTUALIZER PRO in a MIDI setup ... 29 5. MIDI FUNCTIONS OF THE DSP2024P ... 29 5.1 Saving data via MIDI ... 29 6. INSTALLATION ... 30 6.1 Mains connection ...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    The DSP2024P’s dynamic and psycho-acoustic effects allow you to do without a number of additional pieces of equipment. The DSP2024P also offers you a series of distortion and amplification sounds that are combined with a speaker simulation. Thus, as a guitarist in recording situations, you can achieve an excellent sound on tape or hard disk, even without a speaker cabinet.
  • Page 7: Before You Get Started

    If the unit is damaged, please do not return it to BEHRINGER, but notify your dealer and the shipping company immediately. Otherwise, claims for damage or replacement may not be granted.
  • Page 8 Fig. 1.3: Function keys, controls and jog wheel Every preset in the DSP2024P allows you to edit at least four effect parameters. The EDIT-LED-CHAIN indicates which parameters are adjusted by the four EDIT CONTROLs. If the top LED lights up,...
  • Page 9 By turning the MIX/BYPASS CONTROL the effect levels of most effect algorithms are set in the range from 0 to 100%. If you select 0%, the signal at the inputs of DSP2024P is transferred directly to the outputs without adding any effects (the signal is completely dry). If you select 100%, only the effected signal is sent to the outputs (the signal is completely wet).
  • Page 10: Effects Algorithms

    D/A converter. You can edit up to seven parameters for each preset in the VIRTUALIZER PRO. The changes you make will influence the sound in different ways. An overview of the DSP2024P’s various effects algorithms follows. VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Fig.
  • Page 11: Reverb Algorithms

    REVERB: As the term suggests, a “reverb” is a reverberation effect. The reverb can be considered as the most important effect in a mix-down or a live event. The DSP2024P offers 12 different reverberation programs so that you have a suitable reverb for every situation. Cathedral simulates the dense, long reverberation of a large cathedral, which is appropriate for solo instruments or vocals in slow pieces.
  • Page 12: Modulation And Pitch Shifter Effects

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P PING PONG: A delay effect with changing stereo positioning, where the time intervals between the repetitions can be changed. Tab. 2.2: Functioning of the delay effects’ parameters 2.3 Modulation and Pitch Shifter effects FLANGER: The word “flange” means “tape spool”, and this explains the characteristics of the effect. Originally the flanger effect was generated with two tape recorders which ran synchronously.
  • Page 13: Dynamic Effects

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P AUTO PANNING: This sound effect, which was very popular in the beginnings of stereo technique, is achieved by allowing a sound source (often the lead guitar or a synthesizer) to wander from one end of the stereo image to another or by just letting it wander repeatedly.
  • Page 14: Psycho-Acoustic Effects

    ULTRAMIZER: The ultramizer function divides the sound spectrum into two frequency bands and, as a result, allows inaudible but extremely effective compression. This is especially helpful during mix-down. The DSP2024P analyses the received audio material and automatically adjusts input gain and compression parameters.
  • Page 15: Filter/Eq Effects

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P ULTRA BASS: This awesome combination of sub-harmonic processor, bass exciter, and limiter adds a final touch to your music production. STEREO IMAGER: This effect is used to process stereo main signals. The signal is first subdivided into middle and side signal (MS Matrix).
  • Page 16: Distortion Effects And Amp Simulations

    This trend is known as Lo-Fi (instead of Hi-Fi). We have taken this tendency into account and included the relevant effect in the DSP2024P. Your recordings sound like 8-bit audio, complete with noise and humming like the old days! A true drum loop in TR808/TR909 style really gets going when it sounds thick and dusty.
  • Page 17: Special Effects

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Tab. 2.7: Parameter functions of distortion effects and amplification simulations 2.8 Special effects VINYLIZER: This effect adds clicks and/or noise to your audio signal, simulating old vinyl records and tape recorders. SAMPLER: This sampler allows you to record up to five seconds of program material. Use Edit A for recording and Edit B for playback of the sampled material.
  • Page 18: Effects Algorithm Combinations (Multi-Effects Programs)

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P VOICE CANCELER: The voice canceler is a very effective Karaoke effect. It allows removal of mono vocal parts in stereo recordings. The bass part, however, remains untouched. RESONATOR: A resonator simulates an oscillating system that amplifies a specific frequency. The resonator implemented here has a resonance frequency that can be modulated with positive and negative feedbacks of up to 100%.
  • Page 19 TREMOLO & DELAY: A fast or slow, intensive variation of volume, which is additionally processed with a panorama effect. Tab. 2.9: Parameter functions of multi-effects programs For an overview of the parameters available in the individual programs refer to chapter 7.1. VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 2. EFFECTS ALGORITHMS...
  • Page 20: Operation

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 3. OPERATION 3.1 Effects structure Fig. 3.1: Effects structure, part 1 3. OPERATION...
  • Page 21 VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Fig. 3.2: Effects structure, part 2 3. OPERATION...
  • Page 22 VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Fig. 3.3: Effects structure, part 3 3. OPERATION...
  • Page 23: Calling Up Presets

    3.3 Editing programs (edit mode) Programs can be edited easily and quickly with the DSP2024P. The list on the right side of the LED DISPLAY gives you an overview of the effects algorithms that the VIRTUALIZER PRO can generate. To select these basic algorithms, press the EFFECT key and rotate the JOG WHEEL.
  • Page 24: Comparing An Edited Preset With The Corresponding Factory Preset (Compare Function)

    SETUP key again. 3.6.1 MIDI control The DSP2024P’s MIDI editing options are shown on seven pages. Enter SETUP mode (see chapter 3.6). With the help of the 1st EDIT CONTROL, you can select seven different MIDI functions. Data input is always carried out with the JOG WHEEL.
  • Page 25: Input Mode

    3.6.2 INPUT mode With the help of the 2nd EDIT CONTROL, you can specify whether your DSP2024P works as a mono (“MONO”) or a stereo unit (“STER”). In mono mode, input 1 is used exclusively. Since the VIRTUALIZER PRO is a real “True Stereo”...
  • Page 26: Restoring The Factory Presets

    4.2 Using the VIRTUALIZER PRO in the aux bus Using the DSP2024P in the aux bus lets you feed signals from one, several or all channels of your console into the VIRTUALIZER PRO. When miking a drum kit, for example, you can use the aux controls to adjust the reverberation independently for each channel.
  • Page 27: Using The Virtualizer Pro In The Insert Path

    Switch off the devices that you want to connect to one another until plug connections have been completed as described. Let’s assume you want to operate the DSP2024P in a live situation in connection with a mixing console, and use a chorus to enhance the guitar sound.
  • Page 28: Using The Virtualizer Pro As An Effects Device For Instruments

    For this purpose, most of the guitar amplifiers offer an effects loop, which allows the preamp signal of your amplifier to pass on to the audio input stage of the DSP2024P. Then, in the VIRTUALIZER PRO, the preamp signal is processed and sent back to its amplifier through the amplifier’s return jack (Power Amp In).
  • Page 29: Using The Virtualizer Pro In A Midi Setup

    All MIDI data that are sent to the DSP2024P (sequencer, MIDI foot controller, etc.) are received at the MIDI IN port. If you want to use the DSP2024P as an effects unit in a guitar rack, you can connect a MIDI foot controller to the MIDI IN socket, and use it to change the program presets.
  • Page 30: Installation

    “GO” in the DISPLAY. To load the data back into the DSP2024P, select “DR.EN” in SETUP mode (see chapter 3.6.1). Turn the JOG WHEEL until “DR.EN” blinks. Now, start your MIDI sequencer and the preset data is automatically transferred to the DSP2024P.
  • Page 31: Midi Connections

    Program data and status information are transmitted for signal processing. 6.4 Selecting the operating level The BEHRINGER VIRTUALIZER PRO allows you to switch the internal operating level with the OPERATING LEVEL switches on the rear panel of the unit. Thus, you can choose between the homerecording level (-10 dBV) and the professional studio level (+4 dBu).
  • Page 32: Appendix

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 7. APPENDIX 7.1 Parameter overview Tab. 7.1: Overview of the individual parameters of effects types (continued on next page) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 33 VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Tab. 7.2: Overview of the individual parameters of effects types (continuation) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 34: Midi Implementation

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 7.2 MIDI implementation Tab. 7.3: MIDI implementation chart Tab. 7.4: Controller functions with MIDI 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 35: Default Settings

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 7.3 Default settings Tab. 7.5: Parameter default settings of effects algorithms (continued on next page) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 36 VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Tab. 7.6: Parameter default settings of effects algorithms (continuation) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 37: Parameter Range Of Effects Algorithms

    VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P 7.4 Parameter range of effects algorithms Tab. 7.7: Parameter range of effects algorithms (continued on next page) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 38 VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P Tab. 7.8: Parameter range of effects algorithms (continuation) 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 39: Specifications

    Shipping Weight BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or illustrated.
  • Page 40: Warranty

    5. Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized personnel (user included) will void the warranty. 6. If an inspection of the product by BEHRINGER shows that the defect in question is not covered by the warranty, the inspection costs are payable by the customer.