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Power supply ics, led driver ics
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For both analog and digital systems,
SANYO multifunction regulator IC products,
support our customers' creation of the new wave
of next generation in electronic products
by providing extensive functionality
and high reliability for all electronic devices.
• DC-DC Converter (Control) ICs ------------------ 3
[Synchronous Rectification Type]
• Power Supply ICs -------------------------------- 4
for Single Lens Reflex Digital Cameras
• Power Supply ICs for Panels -------------------- 4
• System Power Supply ICs ----------------------- 5
• System Power Supply ICs ----------------------- 5
• Series Power Supply ICs ----------------------- 6 to 9
• Power Supply Switching ICs ---------------------- 9
• Dual-Protection ICs -------------------------------- 10
• Dual-Protection ICs ---------------------------- 10, 11
• Dedicated Reset Function ICs -------------------- 11
• LED Driver ICs -------------------------------------- 11
Contemporary electronic equipment requires a wide range of high-level technologies to remain viable in today's
competitive market. For example, cell phones require technologies that achieve stable operation at low input
voltages, improved efficiency, and further miniaturization in the power supply system. Similarly, digital home
appliances not only requires low-power/low-voltage operation and improved efficiency, but also low power
consumption in standby mode to meet energy usage requirements and the ability to meet high-frequency radiation
We at SANYO Semiconductor makes a point of grasping these needs as early as possible and developing ICs
contributing to achieve improved system development and high level of integration based on our rich experience in
general-purpose product technologies.
* The outer dimensions in this brochure are only reference values (typical values). They may change without notice due to modifications or improvements.
At the time of product design or delivery, be sure to check with the delivery specifications or external dimension drawings of each device.
Any and all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein are, with regard to "standard
application", intended for the use as general electronics equipment (home appliances, AV equipment, communication
device, office equipment, industrial equipment etc.). The products mentioned herein shall not be intended for use for any
"special application" (medical equipment whose purpose is to sustain life, aerospace instrument, nuclear control device,
burning appliances, transportation machine, traffic signal system, safety equipment etc.) that shall require extremely high
level of reliability and can directly threaten human lives in case of failure or malfunction of the product or may cause harm
to human bodies, nor shall they grant any guarantee thereof. If you should intend to use our products for applications
outside the standard applications of our customer who is considering such use and/or outside the scope of our intended
standard applications, please consult with us prior to the intended use. If there is no consultation or inquiry before the
intended use, our customer shall be solely responsible for the use.
Specifications of any and all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein stipulate the
performance, characteristics, and functions of the described products in the independent state, and are not guarantees of
the performance, characteristics, and functions of the described products as mounted in the customer ' s products or
equipment. To verify symptoms and states that cannot be evaluated in an independent device, the customer should always
evaluate and test devices mounted in the customer ' s products or equipment.
SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values
that exceed, even momentarily, rated values (such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges, or other parameters)
listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein.
SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. strives to supply high-quality high-reliability products, however, any and all semiconductor
products fail or malfunction with some probability. It is possible that these probabilistic failures or malfunction could give
rise to accidents or events that could endanger human lives, trouble that could give rise to smoke or fire, or accidents that
could cause damage to other property. When designing equipment, adopt safety measures so that these kinds of
accidents or events cannot occur. Such measures include but are not limited to protective circuits and error prevention
circuits for safe design, redundant design, and structural design.
In the event that any or all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein are controlled under
any of applicable local export control laws and regulations, such products may require the export license from the
authorities concerned in accordance with the above law.
No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,
including photocopying and recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, or otherwise, without the prior written
consent of SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
Any and all information described or contained herein are subject to change without notice due to product/technology
improvement, etc. When designing equipment, refer to the "Delivery Specification" for the SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
product that you intend to use.
Information (including circuit diagrams and circuit parameters) herein is for example only; it is not guaranteed for volume
Upon using the technical information or products described herein, neither warranty nor license shall be granted with
regard to intellectual property rights or any other rights of SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. or any third party. SANYO
Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. shall not be liable for any claim or suits with regard to a third party's intellectual property rights
which has resulted from the use of the technical information and products mentioned above.


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