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Listen To Fm Radio - Sanyo 1180 User Manual

Portable mp3/wma/smv player
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DMC 1180/DMC 2020 series MP3/WMA/SMV Player User Guide
The voice recording will be saved as a file named Vxxx.WAV in the Voice folder.
Note that the LCD display will read MEMORY FULL when all available memory has been used.
Playback voice
This operation is similar to the playback of music.
Select Voice in the Main Menu to enter Voice mode.
Select a recording to listen to by pressing the Skip buttons.
Press the Play button to play back the recording.
FM Tuner
The MP3 Player allows you to listen to FM radio with the built-in digital FM tuner.
Note: The earphone must be connected to the MP3 Player; otherwise, the FM tuner cannot find any FM stations.
Start the FM Tuner
To switch to FM radio mode, please select FM from the Menu list and
press the A-B/Menu button.
Note: When using the MP3 Player Tuner for the first time, the MP3
Player will automatically start to seek all available FM radio stations
and save them into preset list. Please wait until the scan icon disappears
from the display.
To exit FM radio mode, press and hold the A-B/Menu button.
Exit to Main Menu from FM mode
Press and hold the A-B/Menu button for a while and release it. The MP3 Player will exit FM tuner mode and go back to
Main Menu.

Listen to FM radio

After the FM tuner finishes automatic seeking, the MP3 Player tuner will stop at the first FM station of preset 01 .
To listen to another FM radio station which the player seeked and saved automatically, press the Play or Stop button
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Table of Contents

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