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Voice Recorder; Record Voice - Sanyo 1180 User Manual

Portable mp3/wma/smv player
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DMC 1180/DMC 2020 series MP3/WMA/SMV Player User Guide
The MP3 Player allows you to play video files. You can "transcode" AVI, WMV and MPG video files to the SMV video
format using the software on the product CD. (Note: Only SMV video files can be played on this MP3 player.)
1. Insert the product CD into the computer.
2. Click " transcoder " button on the CD autorun background to open transcoder.
(Note: You may also copy the folder "transcoder" bundle on the CD to your computer and click the file "video2smv.exe"
which is in the folder, "transcoder" to open the transcoder.)
3. Select the video quality and click Convert.
4.After transcoding, copy the SMV file to the MVIDEO folder of the MP3 Player.
5.Press the Menu button.
6.Select Video to play.

Voice Recorder

Record voice

Select Record in the Main Menu list and press the Enter or A-B/Menu button to enter Record menu, select Start
Record and press the Play or A-B/Menu button to begin recording.
Press the Stop or A-B/Menu button to stop the recording and enter Voice mode.
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Table of Contents

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