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Sanyo dvd player user manual
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1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` a

DVD Player

Please Read This Manual.

Because DVD is a new technology, we recommend that you read this manual
carefully before connecting your DVD video player and operating it for the first time.
Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.
Progressive Scan



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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo DVD-DX501

  • Page 1: Dvd Player

    Because DVD is a new technology, we recommend that you read this manual carefully before connecting your DVD video player and operating it for the first time. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. 1AD6P1P2011--A (CA) DVD-DX501 Progressive Scan English...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ... 2 FEATURES ... 5 ABOUT DISCS ... 6 BEFORE OPERATION... 8 PREPARATIONS BEFORE OPERATION. 10 Front Panel ... 10 Rear Panel ... 11 Display... 12 Names and Layout of Remote Controls ... 13 CONNECTIONS ...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

  • Page 4 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 3 This set has been designed and manufactured to assure personal safety. Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated in this unit will protect you if you observe the following procedures for installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 5 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This will prevent damage to the unit due to lightning and power line surges. 14 DISC TRAY Keep your fingers well clear of the disc as it is closing. It may cause serious personal injury.
  • Page 6: Features

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 5 FEATURES Thank you for choosing SANYO. Please read this manual carefully to obtain maximum benefits from your product. OUTSTANDING SOUND QUALITY Dolby Digital developed by DTS Inc., features high quality surround sound which can be played in DVD or CD disc at home, to reproduce high quality sound effects.
  • Page 7: About Discs

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 6 ABOUT DISCS PLAYABLE DISCS DVD-video DVD-R/+R DVD-RW/+RW DVD-ROM CD-G CD-DA CD-R/ CD-RW CD-DA/JPEG/MP3 CD-ROM NONE PLAYABLE DISCS DVD-video DVD-ROM CD-ROM CD-MP3 DVD-RAM STRUCTURE OF DVD DISC TITLE CHAPTER TITLE The images or music of a DVD are divided into some units, among which title is the biggest one.
  • Page 8 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 7 CHAPTER It is smaller than title among the units of a DVD. A title is made up of several chapters , and each chapter has a number for search. But some discs may not have numbered chapters.
  • Page 9: Before Operation

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 8 BEFORE OPERATION SECURITY • Before operation, check if the voltage of the unit is in line with the local voltage. • Hold the plug to disconnect it from the AC outlet. Do not pull the power cord. •...
  • Page 10 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 9 CHECK ACCESSORIES Check if you have all the accessories after the carton is opened. Remote control AAA batteries USE REMOTE CONTROL 1 Open the battery compartment. 2 Insert two AAA batteries, make sure to match "+" and "-" of the batteries to the marks in the battery compartment.
  • Page 11: Preparations Before Operation

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 10 PREPARATIONS BEFORE OPERATION FRONT PANEL ! STANDBY/ON button To switch the unit On or Off when connected to AC power outlet @ OPEN/CLOSE button To open or close the disc tray. # PLAY button To play the loaded disc.
  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 11 REAR PANEL & ^ ! AUDIO OUT (L/R TRACK) Two phono sockets for analogue 2 Channel audio in order to a TV or stereo amplifier. @ VIDEO OUT Connects composite video signal to input AV or PHONO sockets of TV or monitor to achieve high fidelity colour reproduction.
  • Page 13: Display

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 12 PREPARATIONS BEFORE OPERATION Display ! Recognized DISC TYPE indicator : DVD @ PLAY indicator # DISC LOAD/PLAY indicator This indicator is lit up after recognizing the disc. $ DVD/CD/MP3 indicator Indicates the chapter or track number. % DVD/CD indicator Indicates the hour.
  • Page 14: Names And Layout Of Remote Controls

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 13 NAMES AND LAYOUT OF REMOTE CONTROLS * After setting the mode by using SETUP menu (for example, NTSC select in NTSC/PAL/AUTO setup), the setting is kept though you switch the unit off and turn it on. POWER BUTTON SETUP BUTTON ANGLE BUTTON...
  • Page 15: Connections

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 14 CONNECTIONS Turn off all equipment before operation. The unit has many kinds of output modes like A/V output, S-VIDEO output and digital signal output (COAXIAL, OPTICAL). You may select as you need. CONNECTED TO A TV AND AN AUDIO AMPLIFIER Connects either !+ A , @+ A , #+ A , !+ B , @+ B , #+ B , !+ C , @+ C , #+ C , !+ D , @+ D o r #+ D .
  • Page 16: Basic Operations

    • Each amplifier is different from another, please cancelled if you refer to the manual for the amplifier. (e.g., do not connect the audio output of the DVD player to connect it to the the DVD audio input of an amplifier.) amplifier.
  • Page 17: System Setting

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 16 BASIC OPERATIONS SYSTEM SETTING (NOT ON ALL MODELS) According to the system of the TV to be connected, set the system of the unit to make it match the TV. Press SYSTEM button on the remote control, then choose TV TYPE. •...
  • Page 18: Fast Play

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 17 FAST PLAY When playing disc, you may play it forward fast or reverse it fast to find what you need. N ote: Press Press PLAY to play time you press the button, the speed of normally when picture changes like the right sides.
  • Page 19: Select Audio Language

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 18 BASIC OPERATIONS SELECT AUDIO LANGUAGE You can choose the language according to your choice when playing multi- language DVD. Press “AUDIO” button, select different languages. AUDIO *Attention: Please select the AUDIO language in SETUP menu to keep the setting!!! SELECT CHANNELS (VCD) You may select the right channel or left channel or stereo from a multi-channel.
  • Page 20: Microphone Control

    Select either the Left, Right, Mixed or Stereo mode, using channel button on the remote control. Adjust to a comfortable volume using the volume (+/-) button on the remote control of the DVD player and the volume on the Monitor/TV. (not supplied)
  • Page 21: Playing A Desired Scene

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 20 PLAYING A DESIRED SCENE TO SKIP SCENES IN A DISC Press √ √ to move to the next chapter (or track). The current chapter (or track) moves to the next chapter (or track). Press œ...
  • Page 22: Playing A Disc Containing Mp3 Files

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 21 PLAYING A DISC CONTAINING MP3 FILES When a MP3 disc is loaded, MP3 menu screen is displayed automatically depending on MP3 disc’s folder structure. Use the direction button to select the folder you want to play and press the [PLAY] button.
  • Page 23: Repeating A Defined Period From A To B (Dvd)

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 22 PLAYING A DESIRED SCENE REPEATING A DEFINED PERIOD FROM A TO B You may press A-B to enjoy some parts repeatedly when playing a disc. 1. Press “A-B” to set a starting point A. 2.
  • Page 24: Searching

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 23 SEARCHING SEARCHING D SEARCHING D You may directly enter a title or chapter number to search fast on a disc. The unit plays from the point. Press the [SEARCH] button to play at a desired Title, Chapter or Time. Press the [SEARCH] button to select SEARCH mode.
  • Page 25: Play Discs In Various Ways

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 24 PLAY DISCS IN VARIOUS WAYS SELECT ANGLE Some discs have images with different screen angles, you may select among them. For example, when you watch a running train, you may select to watch it from the front, the left window or the right window without stopping it.
  • Page 26: Book Mark

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 25 Book Mark Press MARK button , the screen will show the following frame: Moving direction button to select the saving position on the screen. Press PLAY button to save the time tag. Press MARK button when you need book mark function, then choose the item you want to resume playing, then press PLAY button to continue playing from the saving point.
  • Page 27: Program Play (Dvd)

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 26 PLAY DISCS IN VARIOUS WAYS PROGRAM PLAY (DVD) You may program the title and chapter on a disc and play them in the programmed order. N ote: Press "PROGRAM" button, the screen shows: •...
  • Page 28: Program Play (Vcd)

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 27 PROGRAM PLAY (VCD) You may program the track on a disc and play them in the programmed order. Press "PROGRAM" button, the screen shows: Input the sequence number you want to program playing. After the programming is finished, move cursor to “START”...
  • Page 29: Play Mp3, Cd, Jpeg Or Picture Cd

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 28 PLAY DISCS IN VARIOUS WAYS PLAY MP3, CD, JPEG OR PICTURE CD SELECT TRACKS The screen will display as right after the disc is loaded Each time you press the PROGRAM button, FOLDER and FILE LIST appear one by one.
  • Page 30 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 29 SELECT REPEAT PLAYBACK MODE (MP3/CD) Press "REPEAT" button, you can select "Single", "Repeat One", "Repeat Folder” and "Repeat Off". • Single mode: the player will stop after finished playing the current item • Repeat One mode: repeat the current item •...
  • Page 31: Function Setting

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 30 FUNCTION SETTING MENU SETTING According to the recorded information and external equipment, set the following functions for DVD to obtain the best playing status. Press "SETUP" button to set the main menu. Language OSD Lang English Spanish...
  • Page 32: Basic Navigation

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 31 BASIC NAVIGATION To navigation through the setting on the screen, use the direction buttons to scroll through the list of settings and use “PLAY” button to select the high lighted function. SETUP MENU Press the SETUP button to enter the On Screen Display and to exit at any time.
  • Page 33: Language

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 32 FUNCTION SETTING LANGUAGE OSD LANG. N ote: “OSD” means When select a language, the screen show this language. “On Screen For example, if you select ENGLISH, the OSD is in English. Display”. SUBTITLE •...
  • Page 34 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 33 NORMAL/LB This is selected when the unit is connected with a normal TV. Wide-screen images are shown on screen, with black belts on the top and bottom. 16:9 WIDE This is selected when the unit is connected with a wide-screen TV.
  • Page 35: Audio

    Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG DVD is played, the optical or coaxial port will output in PCM 2-channel format. • LPCM Select this when the DVD player is connected with a TV or a power amplifier through audio cord. Down Mix...
  • Page 36: Preference

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 35 PREFERENCE PASSWORD Select "PASSWORD" in PREFERENCE SETUP menu to setup password, input a password. Enter a password according to the screen. N ote: • The password is 3308 when the unit is turned on initially or you forget the password. •...
  • Page 37: Others

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 36 OTHERS TROUBLESHOOTING If you experience the following problems while using the unit, this troubleshooting guide can help you. • NO SOUND - Check if the unit is connected securely. - Make sure you operate the TV or amplifier correctly. •...
  • Page 38: Technical Specifications

    1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 37 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Laser Video Frequency response Signal/noise ratio Channel separation Dynamic range Analog Output Audio Digital Composite Output Video S-video Component Power Body (W x H x D) Dimensions Packing Weight (Gross/ Net) Notes : Design and specifications in this instruction manual are subjected to change without prior notice to improve quality and function.
  • Page 39 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 38...
  • Page 40 1005DVD-DX501 2005.10.5 5:37 PM ˘ ` 39 P/N:97P95600D0- (1E 10/05) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Printed in China...