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Features And Operation - Craftsman 50102 Operator's Manual

2 ton aluminum / steel service jack


Handle Assembly
• Refer to picture 1 when performing this step.
Take off the screw located on handle piece 1.
Attach handle piece 1 and 2 making sure to
align the holes on both pieces. Reinsert the
screw and tighten it.
• Carefully remove the Retaining Clip (Picture 3)
from the handle socket. CAUTION: The socket
will tend to spring upward when the clip is removed.
To prevent possible injury, place one hand on
top of socket to control its upward motion when
removing clip with other hand.
• Sufficiently loosen the Handle Socket Screw to
insert the assembled handle (Picture 2).
• Line up the square hole located at the bottom
of the handle over the square bolt inside the
Handle Socket.
• Lower the handle onto the bolt. Secure the handle
in place by tightening the Handle Socket Screw.
Pump Plunger
Raising the Jack
• Block the vehicle's wheels for lifting stability.
• Refer to the vehicle manufacturer owner's
manual to locate the approved vehicle lifting
• Position the jack so that the saddle will firmly
contact the vehicle lifting point.
• Close the release valve by turning the handle
clockwise until it stops.
• Pump jack handle until saddle nears contact
with vehicle lifting point. Check to see that the
saddle is centered and will contact lifting point
• Continue to pump jack handle to lift vehicle to
desired height.
• After lifting, support the load with appropriately
rated vehicle support stands before working on
Lowering the Jack
• Carefully open the release valve by slowly
turning the handle counterclockwise.
Socket Screw
Retaining Clip



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