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Siemens 540-716 Installation Instructions Manual Page 2

Room pressurization controller pneumatic output.
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Document Number 540-1032
Installation Instructions
May 3, 2017
Figure 1. Room Pressurization Controller – Pneumatic Output without Autozero Modules.
3. Mount the enclosure on the screws and tighten
them down with either the drill or hex nut driver.
4. Remove the appropriate knockouts.
5. Place the ESD wrist strap on your wrist and
attach it to a good earth ground.
6. Connect the Local Area Network (LAN) trunk
(Figure 4). Run the wiring through knockout.
Do not connect an earth ground to
the Shield (S) terminal.
7. Connect the point wiring for the appropriate
application. See Figure 7. See Table 1 for
application descriptions. Run the wiring through
The Controller's Digital Outputs (DOs)
control 24 Vac loads only. The
maximum rating is 12 VA for each DO.
For higher VA requirements, 110 or
220 Vac requirements, separate
transformers used to power the load,
or DC power requirements, use an
interposing 220 V 4-relay module
(TEC Relay Module P/N 540-147).
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NOTE: Each DO provides a Normally Open
(NO) and a Common (C) terminal. Terminate
both connections of a 24 Vac load directly to the
controller board.
NOTE: The 24 Vac "H" terminal is switched
through a TRIAC to the NO terminations when
the associated DO is energized.
8. If using a pressure mode switch, then follow the
Room Pressurization Controller (RPC) Pressue
Mode Switch nstallation Instructions (540-719)
included with the switch.
9. After the pressure mode switch is installed, wire
the switch to DO8 and AI3 as described in the
10. Plug the Room Temperature Sensor cable into
the RTS port on the controller board. See
Figure 1. Run the cable through knockout.
11. Connect the power trunk as shown in Figure 5.
DO NOT apply power to the controller. Run the
wiring through knockout.
12. Replace the enclosure cover and tighten the
cover screws.
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