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Samsung RS20 series Owner's Manual And Installation: Troubleshooting

Side by side refrigerator.
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The freezer/refrigerator does not work at all or it
does not chill sufficiently
Check that the power plug is properly connected.
Check that the power plug fuse has not blown.
Is the temperature control set to the proper tem-
Is the freezer/refrigerator in direct sunlight or
located near a heat source?
• Is the back of the freezer/refrigerator too close to
the wall?
The food in the refrigerator is frozen
Is the temperature control set to the proper tem-
Is the temperature in the room too low?
Did you put food with a high water content near
the coldest part of the refrigerator.
You can hear unusual noise or sounds
Check that the floor is level and stable.
Is the back of the appliance too near to the wall?
Has anything dropped behind or under the appli-
Is the noise from the compressor in the appli-
A "ticking" sound may be heard from inside the
appliance, but this is normal. It is caused when
the various accessories contract or expand.
The front corners and sides of the freezer /
refrigerator are hot.
Heat pipes are installed in the front corners of
the refrigerator to prevent condensation.
Condensation can result from leaveing the unit's
door open for too long or storing unwrapped food
with a high water content when outside tempera-
ture and humidity levels are high.
You can hear water babbling in the refrigerator
• The babbling is caused by the refrigerant circulat-
ing in the unit.
There is a bad smell in the freezer/refrigerator
• You did not wrap food with a strong smell proper-
ly, or you have left something in the refrigerator
for too long.
• Always wrap food with a strong smell so that it is
airtight. Always throw away food that has gone
Frost forms on the wall of the freezer
• Is the air inlet/outlet blocked?
• Always allow sufficient space between the food
items for air to circulate efficiently.
• Is the door closed properly?


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  • syed hamid Dec 02, 2015 04:50:
    My doble door RS20NASW DOES not work properly ie freezer temerature is not up to the mark for iceing water.