Samsung SNS-100/400 User Manual

Samsung network device user's manual.
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User's Manua
Thanks for purchasing the SNS-400/100.
Before attempting to connect or operate this product,
please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use

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  • Page 1

    Expansion into Digital SNS-400/100 User’s Manua Thanks for purchasing the SNS-400/100. Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use...

  • Page 3: Preface

    A brand that is integrated into Samsung's network products, (Police) through Samsung's superior network performance(Internet protocol). With transmitted over the internet, real-time monitoring is possible anywhere with an internet connection. Easy remote control functions and the use of existing networks minimize installation costs. With connected anytime, anywhere.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Product Warranty and Limitations ... 5 Warning Symbols ... 5 Warning ... 5 Caution ... 6 Ch1. SNS-100/400 Network Server Overview ... 7 1.1. Introduction... 7 1.2. Features ... 7 Ch2. Product Description ... 8 2.1. Components and Accessories... 8 2.2.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    4.2.10. Time...29 4.2.11. LOG ...30 4.2.12. Upgrade...30 4.2.13. System Reboot ...31 Ch5. Troubleshooting ... 32 Before Calling for Malfunctions...32 Specifications...34 For more information on network manager program, please see network manager quick guide and manual Note file enclosed with CD. Contents...

  • Page 6: Note To User, Fcc Compliance Statement

    If in the case of wrongful purchases, please exchange the product for a home use product. Samsung Techwin cares for the environment at all product manufacturing stages to preserve the environment, and is taking a number of steps to provide customers with more environment-friendly products.

  • Page 7: Product Warranty And Limitations, Warning Symbols, Warning

    Product Warranty and Limitations The manufacturers of this product are not liable for anything related to sales of this product and do not consign third parites with any authorities that would make them held responsible instead of the manufacturer. The product warranty does cover accidents, negligence, abuse, or improper use for the product in whole or in any parts. Additionally, the manufacturer does not provide warranty for any additional parts or pieces that were not supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Page 8: Caution

    SNS-100/400 Network Server During Use When opening the product cover, there is a risk of electric shock. Only a professional should open the cover. Please use only in an environment with standard temperature and humidity. Please do not plug in multiple products to a power source; it is often the cause of fires.

  • Page 9: Ch1. Sns-100/400 Network Server Overview, Introduction, Features

    Ch1. SNS-100/400 Network Server Overview 1.1. Introduction The SNS-100/400 is a high-tech network server that uses MPEG-4 codec technology to allow high compression rates and clear picture quality by allowing for high frame rates to be transmitted through the network.

  • Page 10: Ch2. Product Description, Components And Accessories, Part Names, Front

    SNS-100/400 Network Server Ch2. Product Description 2.1. Components and Accessories Server Main Frame N ETW OR K VID EO Users Manual / CD / Quick Guide Cross Cable 2.2. Part Names 2.2.1. Front ① POWER Shows whether server power is connected.

  • Page 11: Bottom

    2.2.2. Bottom SNS-100 ⑥ WALL BRACKET Connection Use this when fixing the product to the WALL BRACKET. Use the WALL BRACKET as seen in the below figure. Remove the Foot on the bottom and connect the support to the WALL BRACKET. SNS-100 Bottom Connection Diagram With Wall Bracket attached The Wall Brackett is provided together with the server.

  • Page 12: Back

    SNS-100/400 Network Server 2.2.3. Back ⑦ Video Input Server’s BNC video input connection terminal. ⑧Video Output Server’s BNC video output connection terminal. ⑨ Audio Input/Output IN: Audio input terminal where sound is entered to the network server. Accessories such as microphones can be connected here.

  • Page 13: Recommended Pc Specifications

    For the sake of safe activation, we recommend to use a grounding cable and connect the grounding terminal Note and cables at the back of the product. 2.3. Recommended PC specifications Items Pentium IV 3.0GHz or higher processor Main Memory 1GB or higher RAM More than 120GB when recording 128M or higher recommended...

  • Page 14: Ch3. Installation And Setting, Power Input, Connecting To Monitor

    SNS-100/400 Network Server Ch3. Installation and Setting 3.1. Power Input DC Power Only DC12V power may be supplied to this product. When using an adapter different from the one supplied by us (DC12V/4A), make sure that it is DC12V/2A or higher.

  • Page 15: Connecting To External Control Terminal

    3.3. Connecting to External Control Terminal The input sequence of the terminal from the left is TERM, RS-485/422, RS-232C, SENSOR IN and RELAY OUT. Use a ‘-‘ driver to loosen the I/O connection terminal and remove the wire covering. After pushing in the removed portion, fixate it by tightening the screw.

  • Page 16

    SNS-100/400 Network Server RS-232C/SENSOR IN Connection Connect the RS-232C/SENSOR IN terminal and use as shown below. DC 12V VIDEO IN MONITOR AUDIO IN AUDIO OUT ETHERMET TERM RS-232C SENSOR IN RELAY OUT RS-485 I 422 ○ 1 ○ 2 ○ 3...

  • Page 17: Network Configuration And Connection Method, Configuration/connection Using Web

    Relay Out 1, 2 3.4. Network Configuration and Connection Method 3.4.1. Configuration/connection using Web page 1. Please connect user’s PC to SNS-100/400 network server using cross cable. To configure network, the internal IP must be registered in the user’s PC. Note After pressing internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties, press the ‘advanced’...

  • Page 18

    The initial ID and password is ID: admin, PW: 11111111 Note 4. Please configure according to the network environment where SNS-100/400 network server will be installed and push <Save> button to save the configuration. ① LAN / xDSL/ DHCP Configuration...

  • Page 19: Port Configuration

    Item When network product is connected to normal local LAN or when connected to static IP, the network data LAN Use to be allotted to the IP is configured. xDSL When using xDSL dynamic IP, enter the ID and PW. When automatically receiving IP through DHCP server, the DHCP functions are activated.

  • Page 20: Ch4. How To Use Web Viewer, How To Use Web Viewer, Login, Web Viewer Screen

    4.1. How to Use Web Viewer 4.1.1. Login To connect to the login page, click the ‘move to Webpage’ button on Network Manager or enter SNS-100/400 network server IP address on the internet web browser and press the enter key.

  • Page 21

    Controls Flip Image Vertical reversal of channel screen Stretch Image When selecting resolution with Half D1 and CIF, stretches channel screen to resolution D1 size. Save Image Saves channel screen to ‘JPEG file’. Channel Compression Resolution Frame Rate Quality Pause Stops image temporarily.

  • Page 22

    SNS-100/400 Network Server Deinterlace is a function to adjust the video quality softly by eliminating the border line which was made by an Note interlace function. The interlace function draws an even line and an odd line of the Image one after the other.

  • Page 23: Using Administration, Initialization Screen After Connecting

    4.2. Using Administration Page PTZ Control PTZ Control Functions Screen where camera PTZ control window is displayed - The left/right slide bar can control focus (left slide bar) / zoom (right slide bar) - The “+” displayed in the middle can be pressed using the mouse as the base point of the Pan / Tilt and it will Pan /Tilt according to that point.

  • Page 24: Live, Basic

    SNS-100/400 Network Server 4.2.2. Live Goes to Web Viewer Page. In order to set detailed user menu, press the above setup menu button. Note 4.2.3. Basic Configures basic information for the network server. The boxes shown in red are configured only in SNS-400.

  • Page 25: Network

    Item no amplifying function. (In case of Line-In signal, configure Low) Product Information Item Model Displays model name of the network server. Mac Address Displays MAC Address of the network server. Camera Name Configures name of the network server and it helps to classify several network servers. Network server’s channel name can be set and when it is 4 channels, there are up Channel 1, 2, 3 and 4 Channel 1 Name names.

  • Page 26: User

    SNS-100/400 Network Server 4.2.5. User This sets password change for administrator or user registration. Item Administrator Password Change Change password of administrator(The initial administrator password is 11111111) User clicks ‘Guest’ button to decide whether allowing guest to connect to Main Viewer from Guest Setup the login page.

  • Page 27: Pan / Tilt / Zoom

    ※ Compression, Resolution, Framerate, Quality set up icon is inactivated. 4.2.6. Pan / Tilt / Zoom Configures items for the network server’s PTZ functions. Pan / Tilt / Zoom Setup ◊ PTZ Camera Configuration Item Channel Select channel where camera is installed (applied only to 4 channel servers) PTZ Display Set whether to display PTZ control tool on screen OSD Display...

  • Page 28: Motion Detection

    SNS-100/400 Network Server ◊ RS485/422 Setup Item Baud Rate Set the data transmission speed per second Data Bit Set the data transmission bit Parity Bit Select error-check method when data is displayed Stop Bit Set insert bit when data transmission is completed When RS-485/422 setup configuration is incorrect, the PTZ camera motion may not work.

  • Page 29: Alarm/sensor

    After setting is complete, click the Set button to apply the settings. Note 4.2.8. Alarm/Sensor This sets up necessary information when using alarm function by attaching sensor to network server. For SNS-100 Alarm/Sensor Setup ◊ Digital In (Sensor) Setup Item Sensor Type Types of sensors are ‘Normal open’...

  • Page 30: Record

    SNS-100/400 Network Server ◊ E-mail Setup Item Recipient E-mail Address 1 You can designate up to two e-mail address receiving data when alarm occurs. Recipient E-mail Address 2 SMTP Server Name In case you use outside e-mail server, enter the name of the outside e-mail server.

  • Page 31: Time

    USB memory must be attached before operating the system. USB 2.0 memory sticks are recommended. Caution Number of users possible for simultaneously using Record is limited to 1. During initial operation of the product, USB memory initialization begins and during initializing, the record function cannot be used.(1Gb: 2~3 minutes) USB save function method.

  • Page 32: Upgrade

    Clear Delete logs. When checking Send Log to Administrator E-mail, logs are sent to the administrator e-mail at 04:00 Note 4.2.12. Upgrade Upgrade program of SNS-100/400 network server. System Upgrade Configuration. Item Firmware Upgrade firmware of SNS-100/400 network server. Upgrade methods are as shown below.

  • Page 33: System Reboot

    4.2. Using Administration Page Factory Mode Setup If you click <Reset> button, server is returned to initial value when shipped from the factory after confirmation procedure by administrator. 4.2.13. System Reboot Server is rebooted after confirmation procedure of administrator. Click <OK> button to reboot server.

  • Page 34: Ch5. Troubleshooting, Before Calling For Malfunctions

    Please check the video signal line connection. Check if there is anything wrong with the video signals entered to the network server. Open MS-DOS window to check whether SNS-100/400 network server is connected to the network. In case of ping, replace it with IP address set up at server ※...

  • Page 35

    Problem Video may not be viewed since Divx codec is not installed in user’s PC. Divx codec can Image transferred to FTP or by E-mail cannot be decode video compressed with MPEG4. Download and install the latest Divx codec, and check viewed video.

  • Page 36: Specifications

    SNS-100/400 Network Server Specifications Specifications Video Input BNC(X4) Video Output BNC(X1), Quad Display Output Video Format MPEG4 / MJPEG Selectable NTSC : 704 x 480(D1), 704 x 240(Half D1), 352 x 240(CIF) Output Resolution PAL : 704 x 576(D1), 704 x 288(Half D1), 352 x 288(CIF)

  • Page 38

    P/No. : Z6806082501B November. A. 14...

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