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Installing App; Pairing Bluetooth - LG PD251W Simple Manual

Pocket photo
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Note on Smart sheet
When using Smart Sheet, it should be used
with photo papers in the same pouch.
y Using smart sheet from other pouch may
result in low quality.
y If print quality is abnormal or low, print
out the smart sheet 3-5 times repeatedly.
y Reuse the smart sheet until use up the
photo papers from same pouch.
, Use exclusive photo paper for LG Pocket Photo.
Otherwise, the print quality cannot be
guarranteed, and it may cause damage of
Pocket Photo.
Note on Photo paper
y Do not damage or bend the papers.
y Using soiled paper may result in malfunction.
y Ensure to use the papers within its valid date.
y Once unpacked, the papers may begin to
curl up or change the color after a period of
time. It is recommended to use them as soon
as possible.

Installing App

Search for "LG Pocket Photo" from Play Store (Android
market) / App Store (iPhone)/ Windows Phone Store.

Pairing Bluetooth

1. Turn on the Pocket Photo device.
2. Search for the device to pair through Bluetooth.
ex ) LG PD251 (XX : XX)
3. When you find the device, touch the model name of
Pocket Photo on the screen.
In case of iPhone/iPad, the last paired iPhone/
iPad is paired to Pocket Photo automatically when
you turn on Pocket Photo if the Bluetooth on your
iPhone/iPad is on.



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