Cautions On Handling And Storing Discs - Samsung AH68-01008B Instruction Manual

Digital home theater system
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Is the TV power turned on?
Are the video cables properly connected?
• The disc revolves but no
Is it the player in PAUSE mode?
picture appears.
Is your TV's video format (NTSC/PAL) set correctly?
Press the NTSC/PAL button once again to change the current selection.
• Picture shows interference
Is there any dirt on the disc, or is the disc damaged?
and quality is poor.
It may not be possible to play some DVD discs due to poor manufacture.
When a dark scene changes to a bright scene during playback, the
screen may flicker vertically. Some disturbance is normal.
Is the remote control being used within the appropriate distance
Remote control unit does
and angle of operation for the unit?
Are there any obstacles between the remote control unit and the
not operate.
remote control sensor?
Are the batteries dead? Is it time to replace the batteries with new ones?
Audio or subtitle language
The audio or subtitle language features does not operate with
does not operate.
DVDs that do not include multiple audio or subtitle languages.
Is the remote control being used within the appropriate distance
The Menu button is
and angle of operation for the unit?
pressed but the Menu
Are the batteries dead?
screen does not appear.
Does tje disc have a Menu?
You can play 16:9 wide DVDs in 16:9 WIDE mode or 4:3 LETTER
The screen ratio cannot
BOX mode or 4:3 PAN-SCAN mode; but 4:3 encoded DVDs only
be changed.
show in 4:3 ratio. Refer to the DVD disc jacket and then select the
appropriate function.
The desired radio station
Is the antenna installed properly?
cannot be tuned in.
When the antenna's input signal is weak, install an external FM
antenna in an area with good reception quality.
The system is
While the player is in the stop mode, hold the Stop (
malfunctioning (the
down on the main unit for over 5 seconds."INITIAL" appears on the
display and all settings will return to the Factory Preset condition.
system does not work or
The RESET function erases all settings; do not use this
no sound).
function unless necessary.
) button

Cautions on Handling and Storing Discs

Small scratches on the disc may reduce sound and picture quality or cause breaks
in playback. Be especially careful not to scratch discs when handling them.
Handling and Storing Discs
When you get fingerprints or dirt on the
disc, clean it with a mild detergent diluted
in water and wipe with a soft cloth.
When cleaning, wipe gently from the inside to the
outside of the disc.
Condensation may form if warm air comes into
contact with cold parts inside the player. When
condensation forms inside the player, the
player may not operate correctly. If this occurs,
remove the disc and let the player stand for 1
or 2 hours with the power on.
Disc Storage
Do not keep in direct
Keep in a cool
ventilated area
Do not allow the discs to become contaminated
with dirt.
Do not load cracked discs or discs that are
Keep in a clean
Protection jacket.
Store vertically.

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