Sequence Of Operation; Cooling-Cooling Only Or Heat Pump; Heating-Electric Heat Only; Heating-Heat Pump - Whirlpool WMAHM Installation Instructions Manual

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Cooling—Cooling Only or Heat Pump
When the thermostat calls for cooling, the circuit between R and
G is completed, and the blower relay is energized. The normally
open contacts close, causing the indoor blower motor to operate.
The circuit between R and Y is also completed; this circuit closes
the contactor in the outdoor unit starting the compressor and
outdoor fan motor. Circuit R and O energizes the reversing valve,
switching it to the cooling position. (The reversing valve remains
energized as long as selector switch is in the COOL position.)
Heating—Electric Heat Only
When the thermostat calls for heat, the circuit between R and W
is completed, and the heat sequencer relay is energized. A time
delay follows before the heating elements and the indoor blower
motor come on. Units with a second heat sequencer relay can be
connected with the first sequencer to W on the thermostat
subbase or connected to a 2
Goodman 6
Disconnect ALL power before servicing.
Multiple power sources may be present.
Failure to do so may cause property damage,
personal injury or death.
IMPORTANT: Do not operate system without a filter. A filter is
required to keep excessive dirt and dust from the coil, blower,
and internal parts. The filter is placed in the supply air return duct
by the installer.
If you need further assistance, you can write to the below
address with any questions or concerns:
Home Cooling and Heating
14610 Breakers Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32258
Please include a daytime phone number in your correspondence.


stage on the subbase.



Heating—Heat Pump
When the thermostat calls for heat, the circuits between R and Y
and R and G are completed. Circuit R-Y energizes the contactor
starting the outdoor fan motor and the compressor. Circuit R
and G energizes the blower relay starting the indoor blower
If the room temperature should continue to fall, the circuit
between R and W1 is completed by the 2
thermostat. Circuit R-W1 energizes a heat sequencer relay. The
completed circuit will energize supplemental electric heat (if
available). Units with a second heat sequencer relay can be
connected with the first sequencer to W1 on the thermostat or
connected to a second heating stage W2 on the thermostat
Inspect air filters at least once a month and replace or clean
as required. Dirty filters are the most common cause of
inadequate heating or cooling performance.
Replace disposable filters. Cleanable filters can be cleaned
by soaking in mild detergent and rinsing with cold water.
Install new/clean filters with the arrows on the side pointing in
the direction of airflow.
Do not replace a cleanable (high velocity) filter with a
disposable (low velocity) filter unless the return air system is
properly sized for it.
If water should start coming from the secondary drain line, a
problem exists which should be investigated and corrected.
Contact a qualified person.


To order accessories, contact your Whirlpool
Heating dealer.
Electric Heat Kits
Refer to the accessory kit label on the front panel of the air
handler for electric heat kit accessory options and applications.
stage heat room
Home Cooling and


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